Aghast, I Sunk Down to the Floor...

April 9, 2008
By Royal Pham, Westminster, CA

Aghast, I sunk down to the floor, unable to take the news I had just received. "How?" I asked myself. How could she be gone? One minute she was next to me, teaching me about life; the next, she had vanished as if a result of a magician's disappearing act.

She was beloved and well-known. You couldn't go anywhere without anyone asking of her. She was a guide, a mentor, and a best friend. She was someone you didn't want to let go of.

She was a prolific writer. Her magical words exploded like fireworks into the sky. They soared and touched the hearts of many. She reached into people's hearts and exhumed their true feelings - the feelings that are hidden in the tiny crevices of your heart. She was a brilliant girl, the first one you would go to for homework help. When you erred, she would help you mend your mistakes. She was so kind-hearted, always there to lend a helping hand. She did whatever she could to help and would never refuse to help someone in need. As they say, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Sometimes, if you were lucky, she would give you the answers to tests (shhhh..don't tell!).

A literary genius would admit her words are a true work of art. In fact, she was not only a writer, but also an artist. Her drawings were just as powerful as her words, for they spoke what words cannot completely express. You could not have found a more talented artist and writer.

One day, before I knew what was happening, she was gone. It was as if she realized she had finished her job, and it was time for her to leave. Without even saying goodbye.

I miss you, my dear pencil.

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