The Apple Tree

April 9, 2008
By jackie cohen, Havertown, PA

It was another normal April spring day in Liverpool England, home of 17-year-old Juliet Anderson. It was 11:30 on a Saturday morning, and the day was still young. Juliet walked across her bedroom and cranked up the volume on her stereo; she hummed to the beat of the catchy pop song. She brushed her long, thin, jet-black hair until there was no hair out of place. Juliet carefully slipped her tattered tie dyed long sleeve shirt over her head, being careful not to mess up her hair. Juliet was a very outgoing and outspoken girl, but she enjoyed some peaceful time to herself. She danced her way over to her jewelry box. Inside the large cherry wood box lay a uniquely different necklace. She picked up a necklace with small charms of animals and plants, which they were stung together on a thin leather strap. The centerpiece was a hand carved wooden peace sign. She gently clasped the hook together behind her neck.
Juliet sat on the chilly wood floor in front of a full-length mirror that was hung on her bedroom wall. The four walls were painted bright yellow with posters of her favorite bands and pictures of herself and friends taped all over the place. She gently moved the soft make up bush evenly across her cheeks. Her bright green eyes jumped out of her pail white skin. She grabbed her necklace tightly and thought to herself, “Will I ever see him again?”

The mystery of the man who had given her this extraordinary necklace stayed locked in her mind. Without a key to be found, she always thought about him and who he was. She wondered about his life and why he had left this precious necklace for her. She took one better look at herself before leaving her bedroom. “Goodbye, see you later,” Juliet shouted to her mother. “Be home before dinner”, Juliet’s mother shouted back. Juliet took in a deep breath and mumbled to herself, “I hope today will be the day.” “What did you say?” Juliet’s mother said. “Nothing mom”, Juliet called back. She grabbed her favorite brown zip-up jacket and her beat up old hippie bag with all the different hand sewn patches and walked out the door.
The most beautiful place around awaited her, the Ivory-Line Park. The luscious hilly green land had a perfectly round lake placed evenly in the center of the park. With the water so clear and blue, this was one of Juliet’s favorite places to be. Whenever she needed to get away from home, she was always found in the park, especially at one place particular, underneath the oldest apple tree at the peak of the park. With inviting shade and a perfect view of the whole park, this would be considered her secret hideout. Ivory-Line Park was located about four blocks from her house. With all the time in the world, she walked slowly towards the park. Juliet scrambled though her huge bag to find her ipod. She popped in her headphones, turned on her music, and walked to the park, feeling as if she were on the top of the world.
“Finally, today I’m going to finish this book”, Juliet thought to herself while looking down at the thick Alfred. S. Kingston novel. Even though she went to relax and read, she was secretly searching for the mystery man. The park was filled with small children, older residents, and young couples. Juliet observed the park as she made herself comfortable underneath the apple tree. “I got a head with wings, I can see so far away, I can see so clear”, she sang in her head. She took a deep breath in. “What a beautiful song, what a beautiful day”, she said quietly.
The day flew right by her. Before she knew it, she had finished her book, and it was just about time to start heading home. Knowing she had to make it home on time for dinner, she slipped the book back into her bag and once again searched to find her ipod. She put in her headphones, turned up the volume, and brushed the dirt off her pants. “How I wish I could never leave this place”, she said. Before Juliet left, she looked on the grounded to make sure she didn’t leave anything behind. Something interesting caught her eye. Juliet reached down and picked up a wood carved sparrow. The palm-sized piece of wood had such captivating details; it was beautiful. “How did this get here and why didn’t I notice this before?” thought Juliet. As confused as she was, she took the wooden sparrow with her and hurried home so she wasn’t late for dinner.
The next week it rained cats and dogs for five days straight. This storm trapped Juliet in side like a lion in a cage. Wanting to be out so bad, but stopped by an obstacle, Juliet felt as if the rain would never stop. All she wanted was to be able to go back to the apple tree and solve the puzzle to her mystery man.
It was now Friday, almost one week since she had last visited Ivory-Line Park. The sun began to slip out from behind the clouds. The chirping of birds ran through Juliet’s ears, this beautiful sounds brought a smile to her face; this meant the rain had stopped and she could return to her favorite spot. Juliet gathered her things together and made her way to the front door. In shock, her mother was standing there. “Oh geese, you scared me”, Juliet’s said. “Where do you think you’re going, did you finish your homework yet?” screeched Juliet’s mother. “Yeah yeah, I finished it, be home later”, said Juliet as she dashed out the door.
It was late, about 9:30 at night and the smell of pizza from pizza shops surrounded her. She jumped over the cracks in the sidewalk to entertain her during her walk. She reached the park in the matter of minutes. The reflection of the moon glistened on the lake; it was breath taking. She followed the dirt path up to the old apple tree.
Juliet sat underneath the tree and gazed up at the stars. Many thoughts raced through her mind, “I need to find this man, even if it’s the last thing I do,” said Juliet. “Who me?” this unfamiliar voice scared Juliet right out of her shoes. “Who are you?” Juliet said shakily. “I’m Terrence; I have been the one leaving you these gifts.” “Finally, I find him”, Juliet said in her mind. Terrence emerged out of the darkness.
A young boy looked to be about 18 years of age. Juliet saw that he had a beautiful face and he walked closer to her. Two lip piercing sat evenly spaced on his bottom lip, he had short dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He was thin and around 6”0 tall. “Please don’t be afraid”, said Terrence. “So it’s been you leaving me these things all this time, why me?” said Juliet. “I don’t think you remember me, but we meet a couple months ago right here in this park, you were in a rush and accidentally bumped into me. I thought you were beautiful and wanted to get to know you, but you vanished so quickly I never got a chance. I came back here every day but could never find you. One day I realized that you had been sitting up here, under this tree” Explained Terrence. “Oh yes, I remember you know” Juliet said with excitement.
Terrence offered his hand to her, she grasped it and they sat on the top of the hill under the stars and talked for hours. Juliet enjoyed his company and was so thrilled she had solved the mystery of her mystery man. They laughed and smiled, Juliet was so wrapped up in his company that she had no idea what time it was. She reached into her bag and pulled out her phone, it was 12:45. “Oh my god, I’m going too dead, it’s so late”, Juliet exclaimed. She said her goodbyes and ran home as fast as she could.
She opened her front door soundlessly to find her mother passed out on the couch with Law and Order on the T.V. She tip toed up the steps and got into bed. The daylight awoke. As soon as she was ready she ran back to the park to meet Terrence. Ever since that one night, they have spent every second together. It has been heard that if you every see them together the beat of their hearts are in a synchronized song. The story of Juliet and Terrence is every girl’s new fantasy.

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