On September 4, 2007...

April 9, 2008
By Mihee Kim, Havertown, PA

On September 4, 2007 exactly at six am, my annoying cell phone alarm went off telling me to get out of the bed I was sleeping on that was a cloud. (This is personification because I am giving the living quality of the yell of my cell phone. This is also a metaphor because it compares two unlike things, bed and a cloud, without using ‘like’ or ‘as.’) As soon as I got out of my bed and went to go get dressed. Since it was first day of my high school life, also the important picture day, I had to pick out a great outfit. It was a special day so I decided to wear my new clothes. After I got dressed into my wonderful new clothes, I had to do my hair. I didn’t know how I wanted to do my hair, so I tried many hair styles. First, I tried putting my hair up, but didn’t succeed. Second, I tried to my hair in a bun, but it didn’t look right, so that also failed. So I ended up just putting my hair down, which didn’t look half as bad. As soon as my hair commotion was over, I went out to eat my breakfast which my lovely mom made for me. Since I have an older brother who can drive, he drove us to school.
When I went into the new high school, I felt a knot in my stomach. I felt a breeze on my leg since I was wearing shorts. It felt like I was in a new Ice Age. (This is hyperbole because Ice Age couldn’t really happen in the school.) My brother was helping me to look for my homeroom and as I was looking for it, and I found out that it was an art room in the art hallway. As soon as I got there, my eyes couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It felt like I was in heaven. The walls of the art hallway was covered with such beautiful art works that students made. On of the picture had a beautiful flower painted with water color, it looked so real, touchable, and so fragile. Even though I saw it everyday, it would never get old. (This is imagery because the description of the art hallway paints a vivid picture of heaven.) My homeroom teacher, I won’t mention any names, but she was the weirdest teacher I’ve ever met. As soon as the bell rang for homeroom to start, she tells us to say sally sells seashells by the seashore instead of trying to learn our names. (This is alliteration because I am repeating the same consonant sound of s three times in a row.) She gave us assigned seats and I ended up sitting next to my friend. Since my homeroom teacher started the whole alliteration thing, my friend started saying elegant elephants elevated themselves well. (This is assonance because I am repeating the same vowel sound of E three times in a row.) Then it was for the ninth graders to take the school picture. I didn’t know how to pose for the picture meaning as which smile that would look best, so my friends and I tried many smiles. We were doing and almost peed in our pants because other people there were looking at us weird. When I got there, I met my other friends there and it felt really good. I was still cold but I wasn’t nervous anymore. After my school picture, we went in a tour. It was long and boring but while we were taking our tour, I met more friends and we had our hellos. After our homeroom tour, we had to go check out our blocks. I went to my history class first and it was nice. Couples of my friends were in that class. The teacher was nice too. I had gym second block and I liked that class too. I met new friends and my old friends were in the class so I wasn’t going to die there especially because I don’t like gym. My third block, I had French. The teacher was kind of weird but he seemed like a good intelligent teacher. This class, I didn’t have any of my friends in it, but I made new friends. Lunch eventually came and I was really happy. My friends were in my lunch and at that point I was hungry. Then my fourth block came, it was science, I personally don’t like science, but the teacher didn’t look too bad, and the same people from my history class were in that class so, it wasn’t too bad. My high school life started out weird, but I liked it. I hope for more days like this one to happen in the near future.

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