I Want an iPod

April 9, 2008
By Mihee Kim, Havertown, PA

I want an i-pod. Yes, part of the reason why I want an i-pod is because everyone has it, but mainly my reason for wanting an i-pod is it’s easy, comfortable, and simple. Music is my passion. Why carry around a CD player everywhere with me, with all those CDs when you can just have a small, simple, and easy to carry around an i-pod! You can download as many songs as the gigabit can hold. The best part is, this i-pod isn’t going to be one of those “toys” that you get and after few weeks you lose interests in. Maybe for some people, but for me it won’t be. I personally think ipod was the best technology ever made, even better than computers.

The reasons why I deserve an i-pod is because I have been waiting for an i-pod very patiently. Also the reason why I deserve an i-pod is because I never got anything like this before. I never got an mp3 or mp4 player. I do well in school so I can’t find any reason why I can’t get an i-pod. It would mean the world to me if I got an i-pod.

After I get an i-pod, I am going to listen to music on it. I wouldn’t toss it away couple days after instead I would still be using it. I would carry around with me everywhere. Not during school of course, but whenever I have a free time, I would listen to music on my i-pod. Whenever I’m alone not having anything to do, I would listen to my i-pod. I would take good care of it. I would be extra careful with it so I wouldn’t break it!

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