Missing Love

April 9, 2008
By Athina Bouikidis, Havertown, PA

The year was 2006; it was a cold autumn night in Paris, France. Walking down the highway was a young woman with beautiful brown hair, tan skin, and vibrant clothing. Her name was Sarah Lovingheart. She wasn’t crying so people had assumed she was okay. Make it known, just because eyes do not always shed tears, does not mean everything is okay. That night Sarah’s heart cried out for love. Sarah was lost and confused; her thoughts tangled up like a web of wonder. A few questions needed to be answered. “What is life worth?” and “Is there such a thing as love?” Then she thought back to her high school years and the only name that came to mind was Johnny. Sarah then got to her car and began to drive, miles and miles on end.
The past few years had been rough for Sarah. In the summer of 2004 she had lost her parents due to a fire. She was also an only child, so Sarah had no one to turn to. She was left all alone in a cruel world. Sarah often felt sad and thought about her parents’ funeral. Times were very tough and in that same year of 2004 Sarah had been a junior. Keeping her mind on school work was difficult. In her math class she had been very quiet because she didn’t really know anyone in that class. One day there was a new student that came to the school and happened to sit right in front of her in class. When she first saw him she was soaring, Sarah was so happy and thought he was so cute. He was tall, dark, and handsome. He had brown buzzed hair and his light green eyes were heaven on earth.
The next day, Sarah introduced herself and things just clicked at that very moment. His name was Johnny and he had just moved here to France from America. Although he could not speak very clear and fluent French, things were still hard for him to understand. He explained how different America was and how beautiful France was. The two chatted about life, love and fate. Soon enough they became the best of friends. Eventually they began to hang out, and then started dating. It was as if fate had placed Johnny there with her. Sarah and Johnny were perfect for each other and never got into huge fights. They were the cutest couple in their school and continued dating through their freshman years in college. In 2006, all was well between the lovebirds until one day when the Johnny had to leave.
Johnny’s whole entire family was going to move back to America. Johnny’s dad had gotten an even better job back in California. His parents assured him that they were going to live in a mansion and have wonderful lives. None of that was good enough for him. Not even all the money in the world could replace his love for her. The two were mortified at the thought of not being able to see each other. Sarah couldn’t afford to move with him to America and also, Johnny’s parents would simply not allow him to stay in Paris with her. The two would to do anything in their power to be together, but there was just nothing they could do. Sarah was heartbroken, she had finally met the boy of her dreams and now he is being taken away. Sarah would be alone once more, what did she do to deserve this?
Regardless, the day came around when Johnny had to leave. He asked Sarah to come to the airport with him to say their final goodbyes. She reassured him that it would not be a goodbye, but a see you later. As he walked away towards the airplane Sarah felt something stinging in her stomach, something was not right. Right away she screamed over to him and told him to keep in touch and to never forget her. “I love you” was the last thing he said to her before they shut the plane door behind him. The next day, a news report said that a flight to America had crashed. Once Sarah heard the terrible news, she nearly died. She hoped and prayed that it was not Johnny’s flight.
She had no idea how she was going to find out if he made it or not. Sarah had not a clue what his cell phone number was in America not even his house number. The only thing she could do was sit and wait for a phone call or an email from her missing love. A year went by and Sarah had lost hope. She assumed Johnny was gone forever. “I will never find love again” Sarah thought. No one could ever replace or even describe the amount of love that they had for each other. She cried for days and felt so alone.
As a sophomore in college, Sarah had been aiming all of her time on her studies. One day, she received an email on her laptop. She had not recognized the email address and assumed it was junk mail. Although she didn’t delete it, she left it there thinking that maybe later on she will find out who that mystery e-mailer was. That next week she began getting very curious, should she open it? Thoughts and questions filled her mind. Finally she decided to open it and, when she saw whom it was from, she fainted from disbelief. The person’s name was written at the top of the email with bold lettering. It was Johnny! He was actually alive!
In the email he explained how he was the only person to survive the plane crash. Also, he explained why it had taken him so long to write to her. Johnny said that the crash caused him to go into a coma and once he woke from that coma he had not remembered anything at all. After a few months of therapy and recovery, everything came back to him! He knew that he had to get to a computer as fast as possible. At the bottom of the email it was wrote, “Darling, you have been with me always. I will love you forever, Johnny.” Sarah broke down. She knew that he really did care and wanted to be with him so bad. Right away she began to reply to him, the only thing she wrote was, “You are my world, and I’ve been lost without you. I need to be with you soon; Baby I am coming for you. Love always, your sweet Sarah.”
Over the next few days the two emailed each other back and forth. They created a plan, to finally see each other. Since Sarah didn’t have much money to travel all the way over to America, they came up with a plan for Johnny to come see her. Looking back on the crash and everything that had happened Sarah realized how much money insurance should have given Johnny. After his lawyers and such looked over it too, they helped Johnny get the money he deserved. He ended up getting 1 million dollars and it was because he lost both parents and had his own injuries. They couldn’t wait to finally get to be together again. A week after the settlement occurred, Johnny took a jet over to France and was greeted by his love.
As soon as Sarah saw him step out of the plane she ran over faster than a cheetah after it’s pray. He threw his bags down and held open his arms and caught her. They held on to each other with no intention of ever letting go again. Everything in the world seemed to finally be at peace again. Jonny then made it seem as though he was bending over to grab his bags but then pulled something else out, it was a little white box. The next thing you know, he opened it showing off a huge rock! The glistening of the ring had the intensity of the sun shining down on the ocean.
He got down on one knee and said “Sarah my love, you were lost and now you are found. My heart was cold and my love, missing. Now that we are together again, there is no doubt in my mind that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” She began to tear and immediately replied with a “YES OF COURSE! I would give everything and anything for you. There is no one in the world that will ever tear us apart again. Till death do we part.” They knew that the wedding would be the end to their fairytale lifestyle. They both would live happily ever after.
It is now June 22, 2014 and the two are living in a large mansion in the shores of California. They made it through and life was great. Sarah was a proud mother of two little girls and a bouncing baby boy. The oldest was named Hope, the middle was named Destiny, and the youngest was their little boy Hunter. The family of five was happy and lived a very peaceful life. Sarah was a stay at home mom and Johnny had a job as a lawyer. Sarah and Johnny don’t stress to their kids enough how important love is. Everything was perfect and every night before bed Johnny would repeat to his wife these lines: “Darling, you have been with me always. I will love you forever.” They say love makes the world go round. It is one of the craziest roller coasters with the lowest lows, and the highest ups. The only problem is that you never know when it’s going to turn everything around. Johnny and Sarah’s lives got a turn for the best.

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