April 8, 2008
By Jose Torres, Chicago, IL

I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t take the image out of my mind. As I waited there I started to remember how he looked as he laid dead in the middle of the street. His skin was very pale and anger ran trough my body as I stood over his him. It all started on September 16, 2007 in my hometown of Chicago. I lived in the south side with most of the guys I had known while I was growing up. Among those was the coolest guy I knew. His name was Francisco and he lived about two blocks away from my house. We were really close friends ever since I was about six. Even though I was a year younger than he was, we got along just fine. He was taller, with brown eyes and hair and had a white complexion. At school, it was the opposite. We were in different classes and hanged out with different people. Later when we graduated from grammar school we went to the same high school. After a few days, Francisco stopped talking to me and ignored me. It wasn’t long before he dropped out and parted his way and I parted mine. I remembered when he would tell me that “ we were friends forever and that it was always going to be like that.” But I guess he was wrong.

Everyday when I came from school I would see him bustin out with the boys. I began to hear rumors one day that Francisco was out to get me. I wondered why cause I still taught of him as a friend but I wasn’t going to back down either. So that same day I took my little brother to the store to get some chips. On our way my little bro tells me that someone was following us. I turned around but spotted no one just a van that was passing by so I ignored it. As we kept walking, I see the same van pass again and I stopped in my tracks. As I turn to look at my brother I hear somebody shout something. As I turned around, I see Francisco and five of his boys jump off the van. I grab my brother by the arm and start dragging him as I ran with all my might. Suddenly, I feel someone pull me back and so I turned around and was face to face with Francisco. I looked behind him and saw my little brother on the ground. His skull was cracked open and there was a puddle of blood around him as he was staggering to breath. I took a glance at Francisco’s hand and saw him grasping a bat. I was mad and was going to take a swing at him when I felt something hit me in the back of my head. I fell to the floor and was about to get up when someone kicked me across my face and from there I passed out. When I woke up, I was in the hospital. I was informed that my brother had died minutes after being brought to the hospital and that I had been in a coma for two weeks. I felt sad and mad at the same time because my brother was just a child. After recovering from my wounds I decided that I was going to avenge my brothers death. My parents had given up hope and did not want to live on like this.

Two weeks later as I was about to get on my car to go to school, I saw Francisco in the block. I jump inside my car and turned it on. I shifted the car to forward and stepped on the accelerator. In that instant Francisco saw me and started running away. I didn’t want to lose sight of him and kept driving. As he ran towards an alley I chased him until I lost sight of him. I was mad at myself for letting him getaway and so I kept driving around for a while and there he was. He was catching his breath by a stop sign. I suddenly felt a rush and as if something had come over me. I drove towards him without stopping and dodging cars on the way. This time he looked up but it was too late. With the impact made his head smashed the windshield and was sent backwards. As I grasped the steering wheel, I thought about what I had done but nothing came to my mind. I shifted the car to park and opened the door. There were pieces of glass all over my shirt but I soon dusted them off. I walked towards the body and noticed that he wasn’t breathing. He had lost a lot of blood and his head was completely messed up. I heard sirens in the distance and I tried to run but my legs wouldn’t move. Instead of feeling proud for avenging my brothers death I was angry at myself.

“Are you ready?” I turned around in my cell and saw the warden screaming at me. I had forgotten that it was the day of my execution.

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