Let Me Cry

April 8, 2008
By Carly Norris, Broomfield, CO

Let me cry
Wipe away my tears
Let me try
Help me conquer my fears

Listen to me yell
Scream back to me
Go away
But dont let me be

Hold my hand
Let me pull away
Walk with me in the sand
And feel on our legs the oceans spray

Grab my waist
Let me run
Keep our fingers laced
As we lay in the sun

Stare in my eyes
Kiss my lips
Forgive my lies
And my clutzy trips

Love my wrongs
Love my rights
Listen to those songs
That sound like you, just right

Hear my heart
Through my chest
Cupids dart
Got me blessed

I love you
All of you
What i need is you
All i see is you

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