The Light

April 7, 2008
I was in a bed. It was a very nice, comfortable bed with clean linen and white sheets under me. I could feel the fabric softener in my hands as I clenched the sheets in my hands. The sweet aroma of an unfinished steak that my mother had apparently brought into my room was making its way up into my nostrils, filling my head with sensations that was the equivalent of flying through the clouds. After all, steak was my favorite food. There were about 6 or 7 people in the room, all of them family members or friends. All of them had a sad expression on their faces, almost to the point of tears. I could hear a faint beeping beside me. Slowly decreasing in rhythm with every beat.
As it became slower, I fell deeper and deeper into a sleep that would probably never end. This sleep enveloped me in it’s arms and started to carry me away from the world that I once knew and loved. As this world disappeared into a haze, I started to question the situation. I started to wonder why did this happen to me? It’s not like I had done anything in particular to anyone. I was just living my normal life in suburbia and going to school and making new friends. This wasn’t how it was supposed to end.
As I fell into this deep, dark pit of despair, I felt this sudden warmth that leapt into my heart and mind. I opened my eyes and stared into a glimmering spectacle that was unlike anything else. It got brighter and hotter as it swallowed me up. I had no idea what it was. Was it “The Light” that I heard so much about? Was it “The Light” that signified the end to everyone’s journey? Was it “The Light” that would take me away from everyone I once knew or loved?
As I stared straight into this light that slowly dragged me forwards, a deep, booming, yet comforting voice rang out, “Don’t worry. Everything will be answered in due time. Your answers lie ahead.” It really was “The Light”, and it was ready for me.

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