My Ordeal

March 13, 2012
By MONIKA RYAN BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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It was a marvelous vacation, 6 beautiful days in the sunny beaches of Cancun, Mexico.We had a room on the 6th story of the hotel, facing the pool and the crystal clear water of the beach. All was good and well until the plane ride home, thats when it all started. We were waiting for our last and final flight back to Las Vegas from Phoenix, Arizona, our plane was delayed about 1 hour. While waiting I started to notice my hand starting to swell and get an apple red look to it. I figured no big deal something just irritated my skin, but boy was I wrong! About 15 min into our departure my hand felt as if somebody was standing there and trying to light it on fire, it burned! I had no choice though, I had to sit there and deal with the pain. Lucky for me the plane attendance gave me a bag with ice. Later after a few hours we finally reached home, I remember when I got home I took a nice cold shower to ezz the pain of my hand and then immediately went to go lay down. I tried and I tried to sleep but nothing would help me get my mind of the now agonizing pain. I at this point tried all the methods, counting sheep, thinking up a story, singing a song, reading a book, but nothing helped. At this point I decided to go tell my parents that I think we should go to the doctors because its unbearable. I walked into my moms room and the time was now 2 am, I quickly woke her up and turned the light on. When we looked down at my hand we both sat there in shock of how quickly it swelled. It had looked as if my hand was supposed to be a balloon and it got pumped up by a pump.

My mom and I then quickly sped to the doctors office. When we got there, their of coarse had to be a gigantic wait! Now at this point I started to feel tears streaming down my cheeks because its just clicked in my head that whats the point of waiting hear in these small uncomfortable chairs for another 3 hours sitting around people who cant stop either throwing up or coughing all over you and on top of that my hand wasn't anything close to normal. We were told that there was a 30 min wait but that 30 minutes soon turned into an hour and 30 min, there for my mom had enough of it. My mom marched up to the desk and demanded to have me seen by a doctor. After about another 40 min of my mom arguing with the office lady we finally were sent back. The doctor came in and instead of helping me he starts accusing my mom she did this to me! The doctor questioned my mom “ what happened?” my mom explains “ We just came back from Cancun Mexico and her hand started to burn and get puffy” “ okay but how did this happen” my mom gives a puzzled response of “ i don't know” “ yes you do, your the mother of this child aren't you?” this is when i could see the steam beaming out of her ears as the anger grew inside her “ What do you mean i know what happened are you accusing me of hurting my child? Your the doctor and your supposed to fix her not accuse me falsely of something I would never do! So are you going to fix her because I have been waiting for 3 hours in this hospital and nobody yet has done anything to make my daughter feel better!” I was so tired at this point I wasn't even going to step into this argument my mom had with the doctor so I just let them argue for the next 40 min until he finally applied cream on my hand, wrapped it up, and sent me home. The fact that we finally got home was a relief because I no longer had to hear the bickering of the employes in the hospital.

The next morning I woke up at about 10 o’clock. I got up walked down stairs, thats when I remembered my hand. I must have been too languid to remember the countless hours I sat at the hospital in pain. As I walked down the stairs I saw my mom drinking her morning tea. As I sat down she asked me how I was feeling and she ordered for me to unwrap my hand. I unbuckled the two metal claw type hooks from the gauze and started to unravel. The first patch of skin to be shown was my thumb, there was a blister about the size of a penny. I of coarse started panicking because I have never had a blister of any size and I thought that it was gigantic. After my mom calmed me down I started to unwrap the rest. Once my hand was completely unwrapped you couldn't even notice my tiny thumb blister. My index finger had a blister about the size of my thumb but a little bigger, my middle and ring finger where connected by a blister about the size of two quarters then i had smaller ones up and down those two fingers, and lastly my pinky finger was an entire finger from nail to knuckle. At that point we dropped all of hour plans and rushed to the hospital again, but this time thankfully a different one.

We walked into the doctors office not knowing whats going to happen, we had already scheduled an appointment so there was no wait. The nurse took us back and did the usual weighed me, checked my tempeature, and asked what was wrong even though it was quite clear. The doctor came in shortly and he told me I boggled his whole day because never in his whole life/career has he seen anything like this. That is what scared me even more I thought to my self “What is wrong with me that even a specialized person doesn't know whats wrong I must really be some creep!”. He then told me and my parent that he suggests popping and cutting out the blisters.Of coarse i started to panic so my mom and dad were ordered to pin me down to the bed and then the doctor called in an assistant. i was now being forced still laying on my back and all i see is the assistant grab a big scapula and head towards my hand. the first slit was so excruciating i don't think iv ever gone threw so much pain ever in my life again. i felt as if somebody slowly but forcefully tried to rip my fingers off strait from the hand its self. There for I let out a shriek. I screamed my lungs out, since that is all I could do since I wasn't allowed to see the procedure or be told whats happening. At about the longest 30 min of my life the doctor got so fed up with my screaming he all of a sudden stopped, put his arm across my chest and pinned me down and scolded me yelling that I need to keep my mouth shut. I thought to my self “What in the world is wrong with you, if you were in my position you would be doing the same!” I remembered very vividly the sweat trickling down his for head across a giant zit, it was truly disgusting and to this day I still make fun of him. The whole thing took about an hour and at the end I had no more tears and no more voice, they wrapped it up and all that torture was finally over. The doctor greafly told me I did great and in my mind I knew he was lying because he's the one who screwed up because no pain medicine or Anastasia was ever questioned in this whole ordeal.

As we finally left the doctors room we walked out into the waiting room and when i opened the door everyone started to clap and give me compliments. From the various voiced I hear “ oh thats the screamer!” “ what a brave little girl” “ o my god what happened to her” or “ awww I hope she's okay”. These comments sort of made me feel better. The office lady then gave me many lollipops and all now that was left was to let my open wounds heal. I was so revealed to go home and go sleep for the next 10 hours.

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