A Night of Realization

April 6, 2008
By Catherina Yang, Syosset, NY

It was 10 o’clock and the starless murky sky hovered over. Six adolescent teens sat in front of the luminance waiting for the next move and anticipating the answer to their futures. The blazing blue and orange fire entranced the minds of its audience; it was as if it possessed god-like powers. Intense hot heat traveled from the natural ground to the hopeful hand. Only silence and suffocating smoke inundated the air. Branch after branch, paper after paper, the fiery light kept consuming until it found more to leech off of. Like the lives of these teens, the mesmerizing and bustling orange fire kept growing and desiring more. However, one girl broke away from the seduction and realized 2 hours had passed already. Ready to let go, the teenagers refrained from feeding the ever so fragile and upbeat fire. Slowly and gradually, the light dawned down to its glowing ashes. Red light kept overwhelming the brownish wood into dark nothing. Overhead, everyone observed that it looked like a large industrial city on fire. A random pattern of lights and chaos beamed from one side to the other. It was a long and unhurried extinguish. Five, four, three, two, and one ash was left. In a period of ten seconds, the expectation and eagerness that filled the environment was smothered. In sync, a deep disappointment sank into six innocent hearts. A relaxing wind brushed against the loose remains and traveled up toward the never ending sky. But, nothing was destroyed. The silvery white smoke from the ash remains progressed vertically upwards. It mixed with the light emitted from the other side of the dark green trees. Interested eyes followed the transparent sheet of gray to behold nature’s masterpiece. The shadow of the trees created different shaped holes and lines across the cloudy plane. The whole picture looked so mesmerizing and tangible; nature’s spectators stood in awe. As green and natural as the environment could get, this was the way nature instilled acceptance and faith. Six changed perspicacious individuals left side by side to confidently recognize their titles as the future of society.

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