March 13, 2012
By keroppi-612 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
keroppi-612 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Time ticks with every second passing, and all I could do was wait. I had to wait as events pass, and days go by. Yet all I could and did was wait. What am I waiting for anyways? So many events are worth the time. This particular waiting I was extremely excited, and it was on November 25, 2011.

In the beginning, it all started around one night in mid September. Like many teens do, I was on Skype chatting with my friend. We strolled through one of our favorite topics, K-pop (Korean Pop Culture). Also, keeping in mind it was basically just about music. In my opinions, everyone could find it enjoyable to listen to. However, one doesn’t have to translate the lyrics to understand it, but simply just understand it’s symbolic meanings.

Moreover, as we were chatting, she wrote to me about the day of November 25, 2011. My reaction was so sudden, I was speechless. Of course, I was over the moon happy. The problem was she already had tickets to go. Knowing just about minutes ago, now I had to obtain tickets also. I was a little shocked at the fact. Maybe I was surprised, who knew? My only thought was that I had to go. I wanted to go terribly, and if I did not attend, I would be devastated.

Continuing, I told my mom about November 25, 2011. She had no problem with me going, but the situation was the tickets. Though the MGM Grand arena was fairly large, I was uncertain of the amount of people attending. Since my mom works at a casino, she was able to obtain tickets somehow. Yet, to me, the casino industry is pretty confusing; therefore, I would rarely be involved. Days are passing and it is near October, only a couple of days away.

So far, a majority of my friends have tickets to go. I am still waiting on a final answer. I have mentioned about the tickets to my mom as frequently as possible. Even if I mention it a lot, I receive the same answers almost every time. Her repetitive reply was an,” I will do my best.” Which for most parents is common yet safe, therefore, the child is not disappointed. Yet again, all I could do is wait and hope at the moment.

In the beginning of October, I started researching about the stars I will most likely be able to see during the event. The more I read, the more excited I became. Not only did I research about that night, but I also kept looking at how many seats were left. As each day passes, more seats became unavailable, therefore, the less chance I have of going. It is the end of October, and I seem to be hearing more good news from my friend on Skype. Her sources told her a special guest that would be performing. When I heard, I almost collapsed in happiness. Probably not possible, however, I wanted to go even more.

Additionally, November 25, 2011 was gaining closer because it was already the beginning of November. Good news kept pouring in as the dates are closer. My mom reported that her friend has a good chance to collect the tickets. Well, he did work at the MGM, so the difficulty was decreased. I became severely nervous, though I had no specific reason to be. Most of everything was fabulous. For the next few weeks, I did what most of my friends did too, wait.

Finally, November 25, 2011 came around the corner, and I was ecstatic that day. However, those tickets were not in my hands exactly. In other words, my mom’s friend can only reply us last minute; therefore, I still had no clue yet. Many events were done that day leading up to that night. My mom promised to take her boss’s son out for the day, so we did. We played a bowling game that passed by fast. Then, we watched Breaking Dawn Part 1, which by the way was extremely awkward. Also, we didn’t finish the movie because we suddenly found out that my mom’s friend had the tickets. We had to leave the movie and go straight to dinner immediately. Our time was running late, therefore, our dinner was pretty much rushed and stuffed. After our stuffing dinner, we drove to MGM Grand. As we arrived, the clock was still counted down to ten more minutes. When those ten minutes were counted down, a voice out of nowhere suddenly spoke, “Welcome to the 2011 Billboard K-pop Masters.”

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