Fairy Tale

April 4, 2008
By Laura Femia, Schenectady, NY

Where’s that noise coming from? It’s like a bee in my ear. It just keeps buzzing and buzzing. Maybe I should follow it, maybe I will.
This buzzing just keeps going on and on.

I’m at this lake and it just so beautiful; there is clear, glassy water, rich white sand and the warm sun on my body. I jump into the water and swim. I just float all day in the beautiful blue water and I don’t have a care in the world. I see someone walking up by this house. I decide to go up and talk to him find out about this place. I ask him where this place is, he doesn’t respond. He just whistles, but it kind of sounds like a buzzing bee. I think maybe he can’t hear me so I yell “where are we?” all of the birds on the grass start to chirp and they all flutter of at the same time making this big boom. Then when the noise stops I’m on this big boat floating out to sea. I look around this big white boat and I see there is no one aboard. So I look over the edge and see big waves crashing ahead. I rush to the steering wheel and grab a hold. I swing the boat the other direction towards a little island. Then I see a big wave and I panic. But I hold the wheel steady and get through it. I finally get to the island and dock the boat. I get off and look around there’s no one there. I walk around a little no one. But I still hear that darn buzzing noise in my ear. Buzz, buzz, buzz. I can’t stand it I need to find out where it’s coming from. It’s ringing in my ear like a telephone or a bike bell or a whistle.
I open my eyes and I’m next to a palm tree on that deserted island, but it’s not deserted anymore there’s people, people everywhere. I don’t know what happened to the quiet little island I had before but now that’s gone so I might as well make the best of it. I walk up to this girl who was dancing but there was no music everyone else was just sitting there watching staring. I asked “why are you dancing?” she said “well because I love to dance.” “But there’s no music,” “so you don’t need music you just move.” She pulled me up and was gesturing me to dance but I said “no, no, no I can’t there’s no music” but she said” “of course you can all you have to do is move and follow the music” So I did, I spun and twirled and the next thing I know I was dancing with no music in front of people and I was dancing. “Do you hear that?” “No what is it?” “Is that music, listen, you can’t hear that?” “No I can’t hear it why don’t you follow it.” “What should I do?” “Follow it, just follow the music”
So that’s exactly what I did, I followed the music and danced into the forest. But all of the sudden it got dark very dark. Then after a while of trying to follow the music it faded and I didn’t know which way to go. So I just followed this road that lead into this beautiful castle. After hours of walking I finally got to the big beautiful castle. I knocked on the door but no one answered. So I pushed it open and I yelled “Hello is anyone home?” no one answered. I yelled again “Hello is anyone home?” no one answered. So I walked up the big swirled stair case and saw this door that said “The golden room” I pushed the doors open anxiously and inside there was a big bed with gold sheets and gold curtains. I jumped onto the bed and when I did I sank, right down into a jungle. With big swinging vines and a tree house that was made out of sticks and leaves. Then once I was done looking around I hear “buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz.” I wanted to find out where this buzzing noise was coming from so I followed it. I started to walk, then I started jogging then running then I was sprinting, and then boom… I fell into this trap. I looked down and there was a man with a rope in his hand I said “hey you let me out of here, now” but all he said was “I am going to tame the beast in you.” I said “there is no beast in me” but he just said “stop roaring” I put my hands to my face and saw my hands weren’t hands anymore they were paws. I just wanted to get out I wasn’t a beast I was a tiger. And I liked it so I ripped through the net with my sharp claws and dropped to the ground.
I opened my eyes to my white plain ceiling, my white plan sheets, the buzzing of my alarm clock and my mom saying “come on get up you have to get ready for school.
The moral of this story is to never stop dreaming because if you do you would never have any color or spice in your life.

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