A Dark Shadow

April 4, 2008
By Donna ....., Litch Field, AZ

A dark shadow ran over the body sprawled upon the wet gravel. "I wish i didn't have to do this, but you left me no choice," hissed a cold voice as he strolled around the body, examing his work. "I could have done better, but under the circumstances-" he was interrupted by a stirring of gravel. "Who-who's there?" he questioned the noise. He looked around, but nothing. Silence filled the air. He resumed to pacing. "Hmph, you thought you could betray me. Tsk-tsk-tsk," he clicked his tongue disaprovingly. "I thought you'd be smarter than that my love," he stated to the corpse.

A shadow fell across the man's face, he frowned. He was sure there was someone watching him. "Who's there?" dead silence, "I said, who's there?" nothing, "Show yourself!" he screamed frustratingly. "You shouldn't have done that to her Thomas," said a thin, distant voice. The man stood stock still. "She didn't love you, face it," the distant voice said, getting less and less distant. "W-w-who are y-y-you and why are you h-here?" the man managed to spit out nervously. "I won't oblige you and tell you just yet," said the voice, getting closer to the man, Thomas. "W-w-would you at l-least tell me what you are g-going to do to m-me, please?" Thomas squeezed out of his dry throat. "Hmm...I just might do that. First, I'm going to cut off your fourth finger of your right hand so you can never marry, second, I'm going to take out your discusting gray, dull eyes, so you can never admire another woman, then, I will cut out your tongue, so you can never kiss and "betray" another person. Just like you did to poor Jenny here. And if you struggle much, I might just cut off your, well lets just say you will never feel like a man again, and you won't be able cheat ever again," the voice snickered, now behind the petrified Thomas. "Sounds great doesn't it?" the voice stated casually. "P-p-please!" Thomas cried, "don't, please!I didn't mean to! She just made me so mad!" He dropped to his knees, "I'm sorry!I'm sorry! I never meant to hurt anyone. I loved her," Thomas now had tears streaming down his face, soaking his black shirt, already stained with scarlet blood. "Are you sure? Did you love her when you were cutting her poor body up? When you were murdering her?" the voice was now right in Thomas's ear.

He could clearly tell it was the voice of a woman."R-rachel? Is that you? Oh Rachel! I'm sorry, she-she-she wanted to be with you and I should have let go. I'm sorry! Just let me live. Please!" Thomas pleaded. "Oh Thomas, my sweet, sweet Thomas! Why, I'm not going to kill you!" Rachel laughed. "Oh Rachel! Thank you! I'm so sorry about Jenny, will you forgive me?" Thomas started to get up and turn around, but Rachels cold hand forced him down again. "Oh dear Thomas, I said I'd let you live, not let you go. Did you really think I was going to let you off so easy after what you did to my sweet Jenny?" Rachel laughed again.

"No,no Thomas. I'll no doubt do all the things I stated. But, I'll let you die all on your own," Rachel giggled. "A-and how do you s-s-suppose I'll d-d-die on my own?" Thomas stated in a high pitched voice. "Ah! Well, good question. You want to know how i "s-s-suppose you'll d-d-die on your own?" she immitated his stuttering voice. "Y-y-yes, I do," he stuttered again. "Hmm, well. After I torture you as you did to poor Jenny, you will plea for me to put you out of your missery. And i shall give you a gun to put yourself out of your missery. If you do not plea you will die from loss of blood," she stated cheerfully. "What if I shoot you instead," Thomas muttered to himself. "What's that you said?" Rachel questioned. "I said..." he paused thinking of something to say, "I'm so sorry and I never wanted to do this..." his voice trailed off in a whisper. "Hmph!" she exlaimed, "I'm sure you didn't. Now, moving on." She pulled him up to his wobbly legs. She tied his hands with a thin wire. "I wouldn't try squirming out of that. You'll slit your own wrists and I wouldn't have any fun toturing you when I know you can't feel anything. No, no i wouldn't," Rachel murmured.ok here goes nuthin
"Oh god, oh no, oh no!" Thomas screamed to himself as Rachel dragged him on his knees over to Jenny's cold, limp figure. He stared at her once beatiful face, her deep blue eyes now, red with blood and smeared on her pale forhead, her rosy cheeks upon her once tanned skin, now, pale blue from the lack of air upon a deep set white, and her once golden brown hair was now in red and orange clumps, stained from her blood. "Stop," Rachel hissed at him. "W-what am I doing?" a confused Thomas replied to the sudden outburst. "Stop looking at her like you actualy loved her!" she screamed at him, obviously distressed and upset. "I-I-I'm realy sorry, but I really did l-love her," he whispered looking down and stuttering on that last word, "love". Did he really love her? Or did he only think he loved her out of lonelyness? That's what Thomas was thinking at this particualr moment. He thought maybe it would bring his mind off the subject of his corpse. "Are you sure you loved her or was it just lonelyness and self pity?" she asked as if reading his mind. "I-I guess it was...That is why I killed her I didn't want to be alone," he said startling himself even more than Rachel with his sudden burst of truth. "You killed her because you felt sorry for yourself?!" Rachel screamed, outraged. "I-I-I guess I did," Thomas was too scared to say anything now. She glared at him. "Let's go," she growled as she pushed him. "Get up!" she commanded. He slowly got up, he stopped midway. "Sch," he winced. He placed his hand over his leg where the pain was. It was wet, he looked at his hand. "Oh my god," he sat down and rocked back and forth trying to ease the pain. "I said get up!" Rachel boomed after a few seconds of watching with curiosity. "I-I can't...My...leg," he painfully whispered, still rocking. "Get up or I'll drag you!" she didn't care about his leg, she'd be putting him though much more pain than that. Thomas didn't want to be dragged, but he couldn't walk the slightest bit. "Fine then," Rachel walked over to Jenny's limp body, she carefully scooped her up in her arms. She gazed at her ruined beauty and pecked her on the cheek giving the body the only warmth it had. She gently placed Jenny on a soft red blanket and wrapped her up. She layed Jenny in a bed of jasmines near the trees along the side of the abandoned gas station they were at . She gingerly blew a kiss to her dead love and reluctuantly walked over to Thomas. "You are such a pain," she mumbled to Thomas as she grabbed his injured leg and pulled a long, thin piece of green glass out of his thigh. "Is that what was hurting you? You might want to brace yourself for what's coming next if that hurt you that badly," she laughed at his weakness. She snickered again and pulled him by his leg to the gas station's store. She opened a big door hidden behind a stock shelf. As she pulled him in she thought about what she was going to do to him. Thomas squinted, a bright light was shone on his face as he lay on the cold cement. "Ugh," Rachel said in discust. "Wha-" Thomas stopped himself and pressed his lips shut. "I suppose you want to know why I'm discusted by you. Is that right?" she went to a corner and dragged a big black box over to his side. "Um, yes, I mean no. I mean I suppose I know why," he said confusing himself. "Yes, I guess you do. But in curiosity, why do you think I am discusted by you?" she said, her cold blue eyes staring deeply into his own dull gray ones. "Because I killed your only love..." he said softly and apoligizingly. "No! You've got it wrong!" a warm tear rolled down the soft, dark skin of her cheek and into her coal black locks, settling ontop of a strand of hair, then slowly sinking and moistening the strand. "I'm discusted by you because you had no reason to kill her! She could have been in my arms right now, I could have been hugging her, not her dead body, but you had to feel sorry for yourself! Why couldn't you have just killed yourself instead of stealing her away from me like that?!" she screamed at him, more tears flowing faster reached her black locks, deepening the black with moistier. Thomas silently let a tear fall, he really was sorry. Thomas watched the elegant curves of Rachel's body as she opened the box and slowly pulled out metalic objects that glistened against her deep blue eyes. "Ah!" she exclaimed as she pulled out a rather large knife with unusual symbols carved onto the sharp, admantium blade. Thomas gasped, admantium is the stongest metal used for blades and the rarest. How she could come to own such a knife was beyond his mind. "Oh so you are familiar with metal, are you?" Rachel said slyly. "No, I mean yes...No I'm not, but I know that that is a very rare and expensive metal...How ever did you come to own-" he stopped, remembering what she was going to do him with it, he gulped. She laughed loudly, "So you rememered, did you?" she laughed some more. Thomas admired her mouth, her teeth so pearly white, and her smile so wide and rich,her lips so full. He found himself wanting to press his dry lips against her soft ones pationitly. What was happening to him? Rachel was about to violently murder him and he was admiring her and wanting to kiss her. Thomas sat up and watched Rachel's deep blue eyes sparkle against the light. He wasn't sure why he was feeling this way torwards her, but he knew he was certainly was feeling it. She inched torwards him with a long steel blue knife. "I believe we are ready," she scornfully laughed. Thomas closed his eyes and tried to think of when he and Jenny were happy together. An old image of he and Jenny on the beach, it was their second year anniversary and he was about to give her a promise ring. "I have something for you," he remembered saying to her. She gazed into his eyes and grabbed his hands. "Yes?" she was on the verge of tears. "H-here, it's a token of my love and promise to be with you always," he took her left hand and slid the gold ring onto it. The promise had been broken. Thomas quickly snapped put of his loving memories to the faint glint of metal getting close to his shaking hand. Rachel stared at the finger she was going to remove, his hand was so gentle looking, so fine and thin. She shook out of her trance and slowly placed the blade on his trembling finger. Thomas winced as the cold metal broke through his chilled skin. She slowly circled his finger, making a ring of blood. She grabbed a pair of rusty plyers and squeezed his finger to the bone. "Aaaaaaagh!" Thomas cried in despair. "Now you will only marry death," Rachel cruelly whispered. Rachel couldn't help feeling sorry for him though, his eyes were so apoligizing, his twisted mouth showed his remoarse, and his tears were signs of regret. She continued mocking him on the outide and loving him on the inside.
Rachel hastily pulled an antiquely formed dagger from the box. Thomas thought he knew what was to come, but oh, was he ever so wrong. She slowly walked over to him and took his left hand. "W-what are you-" Rachel put her slender finger to his cracked lips, muting his choked voice. She placed the dagger in his dry hand and closed his fingers around it gently. "Do with it what you will, for I cannot do with it what I intended," Rachel said calmly, but had a slight quiver in her fragile voice. "I-I don't unders-stand," Thomas pondered at the meaning of these mindless words. Rachel walked torwards the entrance of the dim room. She mumbled, "Damn life and it's cruel plays on the world." Thomas caught the phrase and wondered in silence what was happening. "Rachel wait!" Thomas screamed for her. He realized now. She must have shared his feelings. For had it not been, he would have been as poor Jenny was then. He heard a faint click in the distance. It seemed strangely familiar to a gun preparing for shot. Suddenly, it all fell into place in his mind. He had to hurry. He might be too late. He dropped the knife. It made a loud clang as it hit the concrete floor. He struggled to stand. His leg was infected and his finger as well. He was still having slight spasms. He shook and julted his hand. The air stung against the wound. He limped toward the hidden entrance. He struggled to move the stock shelf. It was heavy and put pressure on his injuries. He finally managed to move it. He was frightened that he was too late. He stepped outside onto the gravel. It made a light crunch as his foot smuthered the tiny pebbles. He heard a whine and headed towards it.

He rounded a corner and spotted Rachel. He was careful not to scare her away. He acted as if she was a frightened dear and he was a skilled hunter. Her whimpers canceled out all noise made by Thomas. She was crying fiercly. She was squatting on the ground in the dirt. Her hair was disheivled and her clothes distraught. "Rachel?" Thomas whispered slowly. Rachel spun around in suprise. Her eyes widened when she saw who it was. "I couldn't do it Thomas, I couldn't do it," Rachel cried out. She both mentaly and phisically broke down. "You don't need to, I'm here now," Thomas attempted to calm her nerves. "But, don't you see? I have to now! I have to! I have to!" Rachel screamed out repeatedly. She took the gun she held and put it up to her temple. "Rachel, no!" Thomas screamed. "I love you!" He screamed again, but twas for shambles. He was to late. Rachel shot herself, but instead of her temple she missed and shot just below her cheekbone.

Thomas walked over to her shaking body. Her body julted and jerked up and down, left and right. She screamed out something over and over again. Thomas didn't quite catch it the first time. He got closer and listened. She was saying, "I love you too, Thomas! Help me! Put me out of my misery!" "I can't do it, Rachel! I-I love you so," Thomas screamed over her outburts. "Juh-uh-ust do-do it," Rachel cried and shook. "No!" Thomas screamed and grabbed the gun from her bloody hand. He took the gun and shoved it up his mouth. "I have nothing to live for now," Thomas screamed and pulled the trigger. “Thomas?” Rachel’s voice was cracked. Rachel received nothing in reply. She knew that his life was over. He ended it for her. She struggled to sit up. She looked up to see Thomas one last time. Rachel gasped. Thomas wasn’t there. Where could he have gone? The gun was laying there. She inched her way towards it. As she took hold of it in her weak hand she felt a presence behind her. A firm hand took the gun from her hand.
“Come Rachel, I’ll get you to the hospital,” Thomas’s voice was heard saying.
“T-Thomas? Is that you?” Rachel struggled out through clenched teeth.
“Yes, Rachel. I couldn’t bear to do it, I loved you so. I shot up instead,” Thomas explained his presence.
“Oh Thomas, I love-“Thomas interrupted her with a finger put up to her lips.
“You need your strength,” he whispered lightly. He carried her to his truck and gingerly set her down in the leather seat.
“I shall be right back, my love,” Thomas whispered.
“Where are you going?” Rachel asked in confusion.
“To get Jenny,” Thomas explained.
“No, leave her there,” Rachel begged.
“Why? You don’t want to give her a proper burial?” Thomas asked.
“I couldn’t live with it, just get in the truck,” Rachel looked away as a small tear fell from her eye.
“What you wish,” Thomas mumbled. They drove off to the nearest hospital. Thomas left her in the emergency room.
Just before he left he said to her lovingly, “I’ll find you, I will find you.”

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