Baby-Sitting's for Wussies

April 4, 2008
By Sonja Winte, Mount Shasta, CA

The day started out just like any other. Janey got ready, ate her usual breakfast, and drove to school like she always did. The day would have continued being a relatively normal one, except for the fact that Janey had to baby-sit that evening.
Janey baby-sat often, but on this particular occasion she would be watching the demon children from hell: Mariah and Chris Kingston. They weren’t simply annoying like most children—instead they made Janey want to stab herself in the eye every time she baby-sat them.
After filling her backpack with everything she would need as slowly as possible, Janey reluctantly left for the Kingston residence. Once she arrived, Janey was greeted by Mariah and Chris’s parents, who then left in quite a hurry.
When Janey walked inside, she saw Mariah watching pro wrestling on the TV. However, Chris was nowhere to be found. Assuming that he was probably wreaking havoc somewhere in the house, Janey set out to find him.
Janey checked everywhere possible: the bedroom, the kitchen, even outside, but Chris was nowhere to be found.
“Great,” sighed Janey, “And this is just the beginning of my night of torture.”
Suddenly, the power went out. Janey could faintly hear Mariah complaining about the fact that she had missed some guy beating the brains out of another, but she had no time to worry about this though—Janey had to find Chris.
Janey felt her way through the house, stumbling over numerous toys that had been strewn across the floor. She tried calling Chris’s name, but it was no use.
After reaching Mariah and Chris’s room, Janey sat down and massaged her bruised shins. Moments later, the light flickered back on, but Janey wished they never had.
There on the floor lay Chris’s three pet rabbits, all with slit throats. Their blood had soaked the carpet; one was still twitching.
Because she had been entranced by this horrific scene, Janey hadn’t noticed that Chris was standing in the entrance of the closet. However, she quickly realized that Chris was there when he said, “I’m scared, Janey.”
But it was Janey who was truly scared, for Chris had a malicious grin on his face and a bloody steak knife in his hand.
“Put the knife down,” Janey said. Chris refused and came closer to her, slowly raising the weapon. Janey bolted for the door, but she was too slow—Chris had stabbed the jagged knife into her arm. Fortunately, the adrenaline rush kept Janey from fainting when she saw the tip of the knife sticking out from the other side of her arm. Chris tried to rip the implement back out, but Janey kicked the six-year-old in the stomach, causing him to double over. After painfully pulling the steak knife out with bits of flesh and muscle hanging off its edge, Janey ran to the living room.
Mariah had smashed the TV on the ground and was now glaring at Janey with demented eyes. “I missed my show,” Mariah said, “You’re a bad baby-sitter.”
Mariah jumped over the couch and onto Janey, who fell over from the force of the impact, as well as from the inability to endure the pain of the wound in her arm. Mariah began tearing at Janey’s leg, eventually ripping it to the bone.
Out of the corner of her eye, Janey could see Chris with a steel crowbar. She screamed in terror when Chris slammed it on her head, cracking the skull.
Janey had to endure the pain until she slowly became unconscious, but that didn’t stop Mariah and Chris’s malicious acts.
Needless to say, this was the last time Janey would ever have to baby-sit those demented children again. And to think, she had almost decided not to come.

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