The Dream Girl

April 3, 2008
By Wilson Smith, Northfield, IL

The fog was heavy as Nixie moved along her father’s wheat field. Her blond hair matched the wheat’s color, but she was tall for her age and was able to look over the entire field.
As she walked she saw a figure of a girl. She walked closer to the girl as she saw her picking flowers that weren’t there. She was humming a lullaby that Nixie knew from her mother.
“Excuse me?” Nixie tried to get the girl’s attention, but she continued to hum. Nixie moved closer to touch her, but the girl went away. Nixie looked around to see what happened to her. Not able to find the girl Nixie continued humming the lullaby that the girl was humming.
“You can’t touch me.”
Nixie turned around to see a spitting image or her standing in front of her. She wanted to speak, but couldn’t think of any words.
“It’s ok,” The little girl changed the setting into a flower field instantly and gave Nixie some flowers.
“Thanks,” Nixie took them as the girl once again disappeared and reappeared behind her. “Are you me?”
“I’m just me. I’m not you.” The little girl moved smoothly between the flowers as she observed Nixie. “My name is Juliet. What’s yours?”
“Nixie.” Nixie wanted to touch her, but knew that she would just disappear again. “So, how are you in my dream?”
Juliet looked at Nixie and smiled. “What makes this your dream?”
Nixie wasn’t sure how to answer her. “Sorry?”
Juliet waved the question off as the place started to collapse to a loud noise. Juliet looked at Nixie and frowned. “You’re waking up.”
“But I want to talk more.”
“Whenever you’re asleep and I hear your humming. I’ll be here”
* * *
Nixie woke up to her alarm. She turned it off and went to her mirror. She began to hum the lullaby while combing her hair. As she did she saw a face behind her, her face, Juliet’s face.

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