I Feel it All the Time...

April 3, 2008
By Leila Green, Calera, OK

I feel it all the time, it constantly surrounds me. It feels like I’m always getting hit by little droplets of water, but when I look around, I don’t see any rain, I see snow.
The people, they just walk on with the snow on them. They don’t seem to care, no. . . they don’t care. The people show no sign of freezing, nor does the sky show any clouds, but it keeps snowing. It never lets down.
I think I’m the only one in the world that can see this snow, like my own special ability or maybe my own curse. Whenever I talk to these snow covered people, their snow melts away. When their snow is gone, I feel. . . cold.
They take my warmth, and melt their snow, but the snow, it, it always comes back. I am nearly out of warmth, but no matter what, I always give it away. Sometimes I just wish that somebody else would be warm too.
I’ve been told I’m a cold person, but how could that be if I’m not covered in snow? How can people covered in snow not see there own cruelty?
I don’t want to be so warm, if in the end I’ll be cold. I need warmth too. I need somebody else in the world who isn’t covered in snow.
If I can find someone without snow, I might be able to live again, breathe again, love again. I want to. I really do, but the world is just getting colder and crueler.
I think it might be a little too late for me. I think it is finally time to say goodbye. Farewell. I hope the next time I come back I will be covered in snow, I want to be ignorant next time, I don't want to see the truth behind everybody's masks.

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