My Side of The Truth...

April 3, 2008
By Melissa Gold, Wilmington, MA

Just an ordinary day; my best friends, Jane Mary and I were at the amusement park. We planned to stay until dark, and then have a sleepover at my house. They were on a roller coaster that went upside down… I don’t do roller coasters. So I waited for them to be done. It seemed like forever. It was getting hotter, the sun beaming on my head, almost like it was pounding on me. Suddenly I felt dizzy, I looked for a place to sit, but there were none, I wished I had something to drink with me, but no.
Things went black and the next thing I knew I was in a dark building. There was light, but far less then what I had just been in, perhaps that initial shock of coming inside after being out on a painfully sunny day. Someone must have brought me in here, but whom? The building was very modern, almost futuristic, lots of metal, no wallpaper. The metallic walls were so clean they acted like mirrors, and it was almost dizzying to look down the hall ahead of me.
I was sitting on the floor, still hadn’t gotten up. Suddenly a strange man ran down the hall towards me, shouting things. I have no idea what, but he sounded rather angry. Then I heard hat sounded like Mary yelling at me… to get up? At least it was a familiar voice in this odd place. I got up and looked behind me, it was Jane and Mary. Jane motioning for me to run that way, “You want to get killed?” she inquired. I didn’t. I ran towards them and asked, still running but now with them, why exactly we were running from that man, and who exactly he was. Apparently I had stolen something from him. I told them I didn’t steal a thing, but they laughed. They tried to tell me what it was called, but it was a long and confusing word. I hate those. Much prefer words that are small or at least pronounceable.
So we ran throughout the halls of the metallic building. The hope that this was in fact a dream was getting larger, as I got more frightened. Never had I been so confused, in my entire life. Ok, so I get confused rather often, but this was definitely towards the top of the list. After a bit of silence, I was informed that there was a big meeting where a lot of important people were in the room we were rapidly approaching. Apparently we had to warn the people to run.
But when we arrived we found that the evil dude who was chasing us had a partner in crime, and he was already there waiting for us. He had a weapon, it was similar looking to a flashlight, but I was told it actually lit people on fire. The people in the meeting already realized their danger and were jumping out the windows; it was their only way out. The man chasing my friends and I had arrived by now, and we were trapped too. Jane told us we’d have to jump out the windows too. The people in the meeting weren’t making it alive; I told her… she didn’t care. It was after all the only way out. The partner pointed this flashlight at us, and it emitted an orange-ish glow. I assumed it wasn’t working due to the fact that I wasn’t on fire.
We headed for the windows. Thank god, under the windows were at was where the latest mulch delivery had been dropped off. There was at least five feet of mulch on the ground. So we jumped. It was most definitely the most frightening thing that has ever happened to me, and no exaggeration there. Once I was down I realized it was just Jane and I on the ground, had Mary jumped? Then we saw her head pop out of the mulch. Sighs of relief were exchanged between Jane and I. But we weren’t safe quite yet. We needed to go somewhere for safety. Somewhere they would never find us.
My house was the vote… not mine though. So we ran. My house was a little less than a mile away. About halfway there Mary, the most easily concerned of the two looked at me and asked what happened to me arm. The entire bottom half of my arm was taken up by a large gash. It hadn’t really stung, so it was odd to notice this. I dismissed the comment and we kept going. Finally we were to my house. We still saw no sign of the two evil dudes having caught up with us. But by the time we reached my house, we saw them coming from the other end of the street. So we ran to my door, hoping so very much that it was open, and for once it was.
We went inside, and my grandmother greeted us. Then she noticed the two strange people, the evil dudes, who had just arrived at the end of her driveway. She went out, and told them to go play in someone else’s yard, and they did. Easy going villains. My grandmother wrapped up my arm, and cooked us some snacks. For the rest of the night we relaxed on the couch and watched TV.
Ok, so maybe it didn’t really happen like that. Maybe I fainted at the park, and got a half inch long cut on my arm, that easily covered up by a band aid. Maybe right after they got off the roller coaster and found me lying on the ground, they brought me home. Maybe there was no mulch delivery, or evil dudes. But I say my version is way cooler.

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