After That...

April 3, 2008
By Alexa Dealy, Braintree, MA

After that, the three of them left the flat together, which was something they had not done for months, and took the tram out to the open country side of the town. They had the tram, filled with warm sunshine, all to themselves. Leant back comfortably on their seats they discussed their prospects and found that on closer examination they were not all bad- until then they had never asked each other about their work but all three had jobs that were very good and held a particularly good promise for the future. The greatest improvement for the time being, of course, would be achieved quite easily by moving house; which had been chosen by Gregor, one that was in a better location and, most of all, more practical. All the time, Grete was becoming livelier. With all the worry that they had been having late her cheeks had become pale, but, while they were talking, Mr. and Mrs. Samsa were struck, almost simultaneously, with the thought of how their daughter was blossoming into a well built and beautiful young woman. They had become quieter. Just from each other glance and almost without knowing it they agreed that it would soon be time to find a good man for her. And, as if in confirmation of their new dreams and good intentions, as soon as they reached their destination Grete was the first to get up and stretch out her young body.

Grete turned to her father and said “the only reason why I’m turning into a young lady so fast is because of Gregor. He showed me how to care about someone, and what I needed to do to become successful.” She paused for a brief moment, took a deep breathe and sat on the ground with her head in her hands. Sadly Grete said, “I feel like our whole family took advantage of him, especially you dad. You had your own funds that you had been saving and you still had enough courage to take most of Gregor’s check that he worked so hard for.” Mr. Samsa stood there looking straight ahead with no facial expression. Grete stood up right in front of her parents and said, “I no longer want to live with you I need to get out on my own which I should have done a long time ago.” She gave both her parents a quick hug and headed back towards the flat. Grete went back to the flat and gathered up all of her belongings and some objects which reminded her of Gregor. Grete took the poster from Gegor’s room that showed a lady fitted out with a fur hat and fur boa sitting straight up. She said to herself, “I’ll always remember seeing Gregor staring at this poster, smiling.” She gathered up all of her things, and walked back to Gregors room one more time. She stepped inside his door looked around and closed the door with a smile.

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