"Dude, Watch Out"

April 2, 2008
“Dude, Watch Out.” These would have been the last words that I would ever hear for the rest of my life. It all started on a very cold, quiet New Year’s Eve in Times Square. The streets were empty. Suddenly I heard some one speak.

“Can I help you?” came a voice from behind me.

Without turning around I responded, “Who’s there?”

The man began to speak again, but then there was a faint pause and he then said “serial killer.” in a tone that appeared to be a whisper. I quickly grew scared and I considered running away at the very minute but then it came.

“Move and you’ll have ten bullets in your chest.” said the man.

“How could that happen if you’re behind me?” I questioned.

“Don’t ask, because you would not wish to know.” he replied.

I grew even more scared every passing minute. I looked at the clock in Times Square, and the time read eleven forty five. Just fifteen minutes until midnight and from what I could tell it would be the time of my death.

The man then began to speak again.

“Turn around,” he said.

I then did as I was told. That’s when I saw this hideous and very disturbing figure standing before me. I couldn’t begin to describe this sight without scaring you. He dialed a cell phone and tossed it to me.

“Hello, who is this?” said the woman who answers.

That’s when it hit me that this was the voice of my mother. I was shocked to even wonder how he got this number, but I didn’t ask and I spoke.

“Sorry wrong number,” I say and hang up.

“Why didn’t you speak?” he asked.

“I wished that no one knew the state I was in,” I replied.

“You are a very courageous man and for that, I respect you,” he said.

I stand there in complete silence and take a glance at the phone where the time now reads eleven fifty-three. As it grew closer to my death time, I began to give up hope. I spot no sign of help. Then in the corner of my eye I catch a quick glance of a glare coming from a dark alley. I regain hope, and I begin to think of ways to stall this killer.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked.

“Why do you care?” he answered.

“Well, it would kind of be nice to know the reason why I would die,” I replied.

“A worthless piece of scum like you doesn’t deserve to know,” he said angrily.

Now I begin to doubt myself again, and I look at the time again which now reads 11:56. I am nearing my death. I look up at him, and I quickly take a glance towards the alley where I believe I had seen a man and also where that glare had come from. I did not see anything, and I now gave up all hope. I thought to myself of what I could have possibly done to prevent this from happening, but I could not think of anything. I grew bored and very upset as I had given up my last chance to talk to a loved one just before a man was about to murder me.

Suddenly, out of nowhere I heard a beeping that began to grow louder and louder each second. I then realized that it was the phone alarm alerting me and my killer that it was midnight. He raised a gun to my head and that’s when I heard it.

“Dude, watch out!” came that same voice.

Within a matter of seconds two shots were fired and the course of my life would be changed forever. The man saved my life and with in those seconds took the two bullets that were intended for me. I greatly appreciate this man as he saved my life and helped the world to relieve itself of this serial killer.

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