The Abominable Snowman

April 1, 2008
By Saqeeb Hasan, Ashburn, VA

What little Annie saw made her heart skip a beat. There, standing before her, swallowing an entire turkey leg in one single gulp was the Abominable Snowman! She screamed at the top of her lungs, but only for a second. As soon as she did, the abominable snowman’s ears perked up, and he grabbed Annie across the waist. He clamped a cold, fuzzy, hand across her mouth, while at the same time, dragged her into their basement. She looked around desperately. Her eyes were momentarily blinded as the darkness engulfed her. After a couple of seconds, her eyes adjusted to the darkness and what she was shocked her. There in the middle of the basement was a huge hole about four feet in diameter. The snowman grabbed Annie and went into the hole. It was a tight fit, but after losing a few snowflakes, the snowman and Annie were through the hole and outside in the back yard. A blizzard was raging in the area and Annie was soon freezing cold.
All of a sudden the snowman started running. He ran faster and faster with each step. Soon the snowman seemed to be gliding on the air, with invisible ice-skates. Annie clung tightly to the snowman’s shoulder for fear of falling, but in her mind she knew that with the grip the snowman was hanging on to her with she was not going to fall. After about twenty minutes of gut-wrenching traveling, the arrived near the summit of a mountain. It took her a while but then she realized that they must be in the Himalayas. She yelled as the Snowman grabbed her around the waist and walked around the edge. On the other side, was a huge hollowed out cave. Annie yelled as the snowman hurled her into the cave, and Annie fell quite unceremoniously on her behind.
At this time, Annie was suffering from the freezing cold weather. Her skin was starting to turn a pale shade of blue. She was also struggling to breathe due to the limited air at that altitude. Suddenly the snowman grabbed two sticks and some strange looking material, and in a matter of seconds he had built a fire. Instant relief spread through Annie’s body as her body absorbed the heat. Almost as soon as Annie was starting to feel human again, the snowman grabbed her and began tying her to a big log. Annie fought and retaliated, but it was futile. The snowman was too strong. After she was securely fastened to the log, the snowman propped her against two rocks putting her a couple of feet above the flames. So many thought crowded Annie’s head. The strongest of them “Oh my gosh I’m going to die!” Her skin soon started to burn and crisp like KFCÒ chicken. She began crying and screaming, when without warning the rope gave away and Annie fell into the fire, instantly being consumed by the inferno. The snowman had not expected the rope to give away and was saddened at the loss of his much-anticipated meal. Then, almost gently, the Abominable Snowman began to cry.

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