Big Man on Camus... Kinda

April 1, 2008
By Chris Bavis, Ashburn, VA

John sits quietly in the corner and sips some water. The party is rocking. Girls, guys, music, and food: what’s not to love? Sam, a girl at his school, asks him to dance. His pale, white face gets as red as a cherry tomato.
“No thank you,” he says embarrassedly.
“Oh,” Sam says with a big sigh of relief. She walks back to her friend who is quietly watching. “I told you he would say no. Why was he even invited?” Sam says distinctly.
“Maybe Fred felt bad for him. I really don’t know” her friend replies. John takes out his brother’s old telephone from his shirt pocket and calls his mom. At 7:30, thirty minutes after the party starts, a blue Honda Accord pulls up, and John is on his way home.
He fumbles up the stairs to his bedroom. Well, his and his superstar brother’s. He goes to his side of the room, the one that isn’t filled with soccer posters, and pulls out his favorite book. After fifteen minutes of calming reading, his brother walks in, fresh off a date. “Hey, Bro, you want to play some ball?” With a shake of his head, John’s brother walks off. Two hours pass and it is time for bed. He walks into the bathroom, brushes his teeth, and removes his large sliver rimmed glasses.

The weekend passes uneventful: mainly homework and one losing game of P.I.G outside to his dad. John puts on a mustard-yellow t-shirt, and heads to the bathroom. As he tries to comb his greasy brown hair, he thinks to himself, “What does Dan have that I don’t?” He ignores his own question and continues the battle with his hair. Running and fumbling down the stairs as usual, he takes his lunch from his mom and tears out the door. Sweating, he barely makes it on the bus and sits downs next to a petite freshman girl. As the bus pulls away, the freshmen coughs, turns, and quickly reaches for the window. She didn’t turn back around until John was almost off the bus. The day passes with AP History and English, Tech Ed 3, then lunch. John quickly gets out of class and rushes to the cafeteria. John sighs as he sees that his table in the corner is still open. He sits down on the hard, metal chair and opens his backpack. Eating his peanut butter and banana sandwich, he looks around and realizes that he will be eating lunch alone once again.
As John stands by his locker he pulls out a blue, three-ring binder. He takes out two papers of Trig’ homework. The homework was only one page. Then standing six feet three inches and two hundred fifty five pounds, Riley, the captain of the football team walks up. “You got da paper?” he says. John hands him the homework and receives two Lincolns. He waits a minute, looks around, and heads to class. After ninety minutes of watching Riley sleep, John finishes the notes just as the bell rings. First on the bus as usual, John takes out his book.
Two minutes later the same petite freshman steps on the bus. As she passes John, her pace quickens as her jacket ‘accidentally’ covers her nose. John speed walks home and starts the weeks homework.
“Is this the life. I really want to live?” John ask himself. “Mom, what's wrong with me?” John says to his mom.
“You're perfect in every way,” his mom said.
“But Mom, seriously. Don't give me the typical mom answer. Give me a real answer from the heart.”
“Okay, okay. I think you should get out more, and meet new friends. I think it'll be good for you.” His mom said.
“But how?” John replied.
“I don't know we'll think of something. But here for starters let's watch the football game. The Giants are winning 14 -- 7. Who do you want to win?” His mom asked willingly.
“Honestly, I hope Giants go to the Super Bowl, and they kill the Cowboys. No one likes the Cowboys. Except maybe Isaiah, but he doesn't count.” John replied.
“I agree, I really do not want the Cowboys in the Super Bowl that would be terrible.

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