Fun Saturday

April 1, 2008
By Mary Kate Yates, Hendersonville, TN

“How exciting!” she yelled with joy.” I really get to go to my first Duke Basketball game?”

“Yes, you do,” answered Addi’s mom.

Addi was 14. She had the typical 14- year- old issues with friends, boys, and her parents. She was always fighting with her parents and arguing with them. To get away from them, she would go and exercise or talk to her dog, Duke. She was a die-hard Duke Bluedevils fan. She loved to watch the men and women play. She also loved to play basketball. She played point guard and off guard just like her favorite player #4, Abby Waner. She had looked up to Waner since she had come to Duke and started playing. Addi loved the intensity and excitement of their games. And now she was getting the chance to go and watch Duke play!

Today was the day. She had arrived at Cameron Indoor Stadium. It was a bright sunny day in March. She walked inside the gym and it was just like she thought it would be. There were jerseys hanging from the rafters. Some of her parents favorite players like Christian Laettner. Her dad’s favorite player was Chris Duhon she liked him too. There was tons of blue and white everywhere. The gym was so much bigger than her gym at her school where she played basketball. There so many seats around the gym and some where up very high. She was loving her first time at Duke it a lot of fun she thought.

“This is so fun!” said Addi to her father. The game had started and Duke was in the lead, but it was a close game. Addi was enjoying all the popcorn and soda she could eat. Then the band started to play they were really good and loud.

“This is a great way to spend a Saturday.” Said Addi’s father.

Now the game was under one minute and Duke was down by three. Abby and the center on the team number 21 had a really good lob pass down the court a made the lay–up. Addi is getting very anxious and thinking they might lose. “Let’s Go Duke!” yells Addi. “Yes!” yelled Addi with much relief. Abby just shot a three and hit nothing but net. Addi wished she could be just like Abby Waner they even had the same number. Duke took a time out Addi sat down and pictures herself playing at Duke one day. Then she sees herself hitting the winning basket. “Wow!” she said quietly to herself.

“Go Devils!” the crowd starts to chant. With the clock running down fast Addi’s stomach starts to tighten. Abby gets the steal and passes to #23 and she makes the lay-up. Duke’s up by two and Addi is in this world of excitement. “3-2-1!” chants Addi and the rest of the crowd as the clock runs down. “They won, dad, they won!” exclaims Addi.

After the game Addi got to meet her favorite player she didn’t know this was going to happen. Abby was still in her uniform and very sweaty. Abby was smiling really big to get to meet one of her fans after a big win. “Hi, Addi,” said Abby Waner.

“Hi!” said Addi stunned and in shock.

“Addi would you like my autograph on a Duke basketball?” asked Abby.

“Yes that would be awesome,” answered Addi.

“Do like to play basketball?” Asked Abby.

“Wow that was the best day of my life!” Addi thought on the way out of Cameron Indoor Stadium.

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