This Was Looking Bad...

April 1, 2008
By Garrett Rodgers, Anchorage, AK

This was looking bad, and I was starting to wonder how much longer I could take this. I was running out of options, and I wasn’t sure if I could hold back Shima's attack for any longer. But if anything, I had to make sure Moon stayed safe, that’s all that mattered right now. “Run Moon!" I pushed back a little bit on Shima's sword. "Run before it’s too late and we’re both dead!”
Shima pushed me back down. “I’m not leaving!” Moon screamed. “You mean too much to me for me to just abandon you here, after all we’ve been through!” I tried looking at Moon but Shima was too strong for me to loose focus.
“But you have to leave! I care about you too much to see you get hurt. If you don’t hurry I don’t know what will happen.”
“So what! You think that just because you’re the one with this problem that this is all about you! I wanted to come too, so I deserve to be here just as much as you!” I felt her love in my heart and it warmed me up a little bit.
“Well, I didn’t want it to be like this. I just wanted to have a normal life like every other kid. But, apparently, it’s too late for that now.” It was getting really hard to hold Shima back now and I knew I was almost done for.
“I’m sorry Drake. I never should’ve brought you into my world. I should’ve just left you alone! I'm so sorry.” I couldn’t see her directly but I knew she was crying. I could feel her pain.
“Moon listen carefully because I don’t have much time.” She looked at me with tears in her eyes. “I don’t regret anything Moon. And I don’t want you to think you forced me to come here. If you remember correctly, I was the one who chose to come here and I’m glad I did. If I had never met you, Moon, I never would have know anything about who I am or why I’m different from everyone else. Thank you, Moon, for everything, and I’m sorry.”
Then Shima spit in my face. “Quit your talking and get ready to die!” At the moment Shima broke my guard and I felt a cold sharp feeling in my chest. Everything was getting blurry and I could hear Moon crying. I kept wondering why she was crying, but then I looked down to see Shima’s sword pierced through my chest. I never felt anything like it before. It wasn’t painful just numbing, as if falling asleep. But such a deep sleep that it felt like I’d never wake up. Then I remembered my parents. And I remembered my friends. I remembered all the fun I had and all the pain I went through. Then I remembered the first time I saw Moon at the rave and just how beautiful she is. I never thought that going to that rave would ever change my life this much. It changed my life and probably caused my death. But at least I wouldn't live the rest of my life in pain and confusion. Reality was starting to slip as I lost sight of Moon and the sound of Shima’s laughter. Everything was getting dark. Then there was nothing; nothing but cold harsh darkness. I was starting to fall into that long deep dark sleep. This was the end for me; I couldn’t even...

“Are you truly that weak?”
“Are you so weak that I have to help you when you get this close to death?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well I guess I owe you for finding Moon and keeping her safe. Let's just say this is keepin' it even."
"Okay., thank you."

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