Human Friends Instead of Twig Friends!

April 1, 2008
“You do know that you are not supposed to carry around a stick while you’re on the school ground, right?” I scowled at the second grader.
“…” the second grader didn’t reply. She just glared at me and my friends.
“Who the heck is this person!?” I asked my friends. I wasn’t very happy. Ignoring me is one of the best ways to annoy and frustrate me.
“Well, this little girl’s…” Lacey started
“Excuse me, but I’m not a little girl. And I didn’t appreciate when you called me that!” the little second grader interrupted. She seemed to be pretty mad.
“… AND AS I WAS SAYING, her name is Becky. She’s in second grade. I thought second graders were all cute and everything, before I met this seriously annoying kid. Trust me--you do not want to talk to her. She’d probably just insult you and tell the teacher about how you annoy you and made her upset, when you didn’t do anything to her. And by the way Becky, it’s not very nice to interrupt people when they are talking to another person!” Lacey explained.
“So? I don’t care if I’m rude to you or not.”
“Thanks Lacey,” I said, “Anyway, Becky do you even know that you’re not supposed to carry a stick around, or not?” I asked Becky kindly.
“I don’t care about the stupid rule okay?!” Becky yelled at me furiously. And that got me mad as well. I mean, I didn’t do anything mean to her. I was just trying to help her, but I guess she just doesn’t want any help from a kind grade seven.
“I was just asking, and I take your answer as no. And you didn’t really needed to be angry about it. And we’ll take that big, dangerous stick away from you, and put it back to the ecosystem. Do you realize that you are damaging the ecosystem by taking away the habitat of the little bugs and micro-organisms and things like that?! If there aren’t enough bugs, it’s going to affect the whole food chain! This stick would become part of soil later and become nutrition to the trees and plants, but you are taking that away from them, too. Anyway, give that stick to me, now!” I said as if I had to take the stick away from her, although it was none of my business. But the part about how Becky was damaging the ecosystem was true. She really was taking the nutrition for the trees and plants away from them.
“Go away! I don’t need your dumb help! This stick is mine, and you can’t take it away from me!” Becky wailed and held her stick close to her very tightly.
“Well too bad, because I’m going to take that thing away from you by force if I have to. And if I can’t somehow, although it’s unlikely that I won’t be able to take it away from you, then I’m just going to tell on you to some random teachers. I’m actually being nice to you right now, because all my friends would have just told on you. I would have done like that, but since the teachers on the field today are all mean and cruel, and I know that they won’t really be mean to you. They’ll probably just tell me to stop acting as same as grade two and solve the problem on my own. So, it’s also for my own good. I really hate those teachers! Now give that stick to me!” I spoke while glaring at Becky. I tried to take it away from her with only one hand, but I failed. Becky was clutching the stick with all of her strength and energy. Then I put my other hand on the stick. Then I was able to pull the stick to my side, and a few seconds later, I was dragging Becky by the stick. Becky looked sad and miserable, but surprisingly she didn’t give up. Becky was one stubborn second grader.
I realized that it would be extremely hard to get the stick away from that Becky kid, so I called out to my friends, Lacey and Amber for help, “You guys, someone needs some help over here! This Becky girl is extremely stubborn, and I really don’t think that I can handle this problem by myself by using force! I seriously, desperately need help! We need to show that loner girl, the reason why she needs human friends, not some kind of small, abiotic, thing, like a twig!”
“You’re not that desperate Tina. We all know that you aren’t pulling the stick as hard as you actually can! But oh well, we’ll help you anyway. That’s what friends are for, helping each other, right Tina, Lacey?” Amber laughed and said enthusiastically. Then Amber and Lacey came to help me. They grabbed each of Becky’s hands, and started to pull her fingers off the twig, one by one. Then about thirty seconds later, both of Becky’s hands were fully off of the stick.
“I hate you people! I’m going to tell on you three to the teachers and my mommy!” Becky shrieked ferociously at us. Then she started to cry on the very spot she was standing when she was struggling desperately to keep her twig. Lacey and I weren’t really affected by Becky crying, but Amber seemed to be feeling a bit guilty about Becky crying.
“Just ignore her you guys, like she ignored us before. She just wants some attention from seventh graders and some other older graders in the school. I mean, everyone knows that second graders don’t really fit in the crowd of grade 7’s. I think even my little brother that goes to preschool knows that. And Becky, I seriously don’t care if you tell your parents or your teacher or anyone on us. If you’re trying to frighten or scare us right now, then you should come up with some threats like million times scarier, frightening, and more mature than your last threat. Or… maybe it wasn’t even a threat. I don’t know. But anyway, telling on us to your mommy was really childish. And I’ll give you a piece of advice for you here. If you want to fit in with the grade 7, then you should find a better way than to just looking for our attention so desperately!” Lacey talked as fast as she could and extremely crucially. Talking fast when she was mad was Lacey’s thing. I was Lacey’s best friend for last few years, and this was my fifth time I saw her being mean to someone so bad. Even though Lacey was my best friend, I was actually feeling sorry for Becky somehow. I thought that Lacey was maybe a bit overreacting for an annoying second grader. But I knew why Lacey was so mad at Becky.
Last year, Becky tripped on Lacey’s foot and fell. Then she told the principal and the counselor that Lacey tripped her intentionally just because she refused to share her chips with Lacey. And that Lacey also tried to crush her fingers by stomping her feet on her fingers, but she managed to dodge Lacey’s attack. After hearing Becky’s story, the principal suspended Lacey for a week straightaway, without even hearing Lacey’s side of the story.
So I guess Lacey does have a proper reason to be so mean and cruel to a little girl. I was on Lacey’s side, but I decided to solve this problem in a nice way. I gave some advice to Becky. “Becky, I think Lacey’s right. I think that you don’t really fit in here with a bunch of people that are at least five years older than you. But there is a probably place where you fit in and get attention without even trying. I suggest that you should just go back to your own second grader friends. Look, they’re still waiting for you to come back to them. Do you see your friends waving at you right now?” Then I pointed to the group of small girls on the left side of the school field.
“I do…”
“Then why don’t you go to your friends and have fun for the rest of the lunch, although it’s almost over…!”
“Sure… I guess…” Becky muttered and darted towards her own second grader friends.
“Wait, you still have that stick don’t you?! Give it to me now! You realize that you might accidentally hurt one of your friends with that? Just give it to me and the world will become a bit safer place!” I yelled after running to Becky. But Becky just merely looked back at me and smiled brightly.
“You didn’t really mean all that, or did you?” Lacey asked me.
“Not entirely, but I did for most of them,” I replied.
“Are those girls on the field really Becky’s friends?” Amber questioned me.
“How am I supposed to know? But I think Becky did see her friends. See, she’s hanging out with them now,” I answered back, as if it was really obvious.
“Anyway, so why were you being nice to that kid and giving her some advice? I thought that you were also mad at her, like me,” Lacey asked.
“I don’t know. I just felt like being a bit nicer to her. But it always makes you feel better when you help a person and they’re happy about it, doesn’t it for you guys? Anyway, that’s one wierd, but interesting kid. She has friends, but it’s like as if she doesn’t want them to be her friends. That’s kind of kids that you don’t see everyday.” I spoke.
“I guess…” Amber and Lacey answered back my question unwillingly.
“Oh well, just forget about what happened right now, it’s confusing us too much right now. Who want to go to Dave and bug him?” Amber cheered us up.
“I do! Hey you guys want to go and bug Luna?” Lacey said
“Who’s Luna?” I asked Lacey.
“Luna’s Becky’s twin sister, she’s as annoying as Becky.”
“Nay,” Amber replied.
“Whatever, lets just go and bug Dave.”

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