A Closer Look

March 31, 2008
By Aaron White, Ramsey, MN

There were red and blue lights flashing all over the place, Detective Roberts had just arrived on the scene. A young boy by the name of Brandon was killed without a sound. Blood was everywhere. He got up close to the body and there was a piece of his flesh burned off. “Has anyone found out how he was killed?” Roberts asked a cop standing by.

“No, you were the first detective on the scene.” He replied. He returned back to investigating the body. The burns seemed to make out a skull, he looked closer. There was something in the eye of the “Skull” it was a heart with the name Stevens….

“Officer?” said a voice from behind him. It startled him.

“Yes, Sir?” Roberts said to his sergeant.

“What have you found so far?”

“Nothing yet, just a skull with a word reading Stevens in its right eye.”

“Right, back to work then.”

Later that night, he was surveying the body trying to find any other sign of evidence. Right now they had three suspects, all being interrogated and none had said anything yet.

“Nothing……” He muttered to himself. All of a sudden his phone started ringing. “Hello.”

“Where are you? What are you doing? You said you would be home an hour ago,” said the voice. It was his wife.

“I told you this is a big case I need to work on it.” He replied.

“Get home now your family is more important.”

“I can’t.”And then he hung up and got back to his work.
Over the next few days he couldn’t get a hold of any leads to the murder of young Brandon. Then one day he was driving through town to get some milk and was passing by all the stores. Then he noticed something. There was a small store called Stevens. It had a large sign “For Sale.” This was the lead he was looking for. He rushed out of his car to get the information about the sale. He got a number 763-753-6023.

Once he got everyone he needed, he began to track the call. Ring….Ring……. Ring……”Hello?” asked Roberts.

“Hello.” Said a deep voice “You finally found me detective Roberts and I know you have tracked this call. You have five minutes to get me…..”

That was the end of the call. Roberts was already out of this room and assembling two swat teams. They rushed into the car.

“Go! Go! Go!” the sergeant called. They rushed into the house. One team went down stairs and the others went up. “Down here we found him!” one officer called. Roberts came rushing in he saw him sitting in a chair with his back to him. All the walls were white with red stains on them. It was humid and then his deep raspy voice said “You found me but will never get me.” And then he pressed a button and the house was incinerated……

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