March 31, 2008
By Crystal Russell, Clinton, TN

Hazel eyes, tempting to look at, to look into, taking my breath away. Onyx black hair, enticing to rub my fingers through, making me want you more and more. You can interprete that sexually with your own erotic mind, but for me it's a little deeper. You are my obsession, a fragment of my imagination, set free to run wild. But your disobedience sent me into a frenzy. You teased me, letting me think I was in control. I loved you, a little to much. Lust was a big factor on your part. I feel a different kind. I climb into your lap, and lay you flat on your back. I carress your face as the life seeps out. What you thought was an idea of corruption, turned out to be a murder in progress. You turn pale as the life seeps out. Crimson red falls down your chest. I was the dominant one, in control for once. Your pain overcomes you. It was more than just you, it was deeper. It was your pain that was my obsession.

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