It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

March 30, 2008
By Marcus Grinkley, Leesburg, VA

It was a dark and stormy night. The only street light in the small town of Blackboard was flickering on the corner of Main and 7th. The street corner was never occupied and nobody really walked by it that often. The General Store and Downtown were located by the 4th street, and the houses and schools didn't appear until 10th. It wasn't really even necessary to have a 7th street nonetheless a lamp post. It was unknown why the light was there but there must have been a reason. Everybody believed that it was innocent tow, nothing ever went on. As far as it was known, nothing had ever happened in the town, not to anyone except dear old Mrs. Smith, 50 years ago:

On a normal Tuesday morning Caroline Smith thought it would be a lot of fun to spend the whole day outside. In order to make it happen, she left for a walk around the block. During the walk she thought of many ideas of how to murder Mrs. Smith and not get caught. Her best idea was having her drink a Diet Coke which had mashed up peanuts in it which she was severally allergic to. At around 7 o'clock she carried this plan out as she was baby sitting Mrs. Smith. As usual at about 7:15 Mrs. Smith would want her diet Coke, which is exactly what she got, with a twist.

Caroline set the glass of Diet Coke next to Mrs. Smith with the sweetest smile she could. She picked up the book and continued reading. The book was stupid Mrs. Smith's favorite. Out of the corner of her eye, Caroline saw Mrs. Smith lift the glass and slowly gulp it down.

The next morning Caroline woke up excited and refreshed. Old Mrs. Smith was finally dead! Now she just had to bury her. But where? Where could you bury a body in this sleepy old town? What about that deserted 7th street? No one would even notice. Smiling grimly, Caroline lifted Mrs. Smith up and dragged her out of the house, leaving a trail of destruction behind her that Mrs. Smith's heels pulled up.

She didn't realize the trail and continued on to 7th street. She chose to bury the body in a vacant lot. She buried the body without anybody noticing. After all that work she decided to walk down to Robek's before going home. After she picked up her smoothie she was really tired and couldn't wait to get back to her house. She took a short cut to get there faster, never noticing the trail she left behind.

A couple of days later some kids were gathering to play a friendly game of baseball, when one of the kids noticed the trail and followed it. Of course it lead straight to the body and frightened the kids after they dug it up. They called 911.

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