Annual Beach Trip

March 30, 2008
By ashley gombash, Cleveland, TN

Why am I here? This isn't where I fell asleep at? This is what I was thinking when i woke up in a strange place.

"Wake up girls!" a very familiar voice said.
I looked around the room now that the lights were on and saw that i was in my best friend brittany's room.
"I am so awake!" yelled brittany, vigorously rubbing her two little eyes.
"yeah, me too",I told her as i was searching frantically for my glasses.
" Girls, get ready to go to the beach." Mrs.Thomas told us.

We both screamed for joy, forgetting that we were going to the beach! it was the annual Thomas-Jenkins beach trip. We had been going to Franklin Bay beach every year since i can remember.

"Oh my lord...i cannot find my bathing suit!"brittany said as she threw clothes everywhere making her room look like there had been a tornado come through.

I helped her find her bathing suit and we got everything for the beach trip.We went into the kitchen to get the snack and man-oh-man did the frige smell horrible.

"eww...that's disgusting! I said holding my nose.
" hehe, you sound funny" brittany said holding her nose also.

wellwe wnet to the beach and felt the warm summer sand on our teeny tiny toes. it was overall a great trip.

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