Lesson from the Dinosaurs

March 30, 2008
By Andres Xu, Brooklyn, NY

It was a day just like any other day for the small herd of triceratops grazing on the plains. Everything was calm and nothing could be heard except for the sound of chewing and an occasional rumbling sound whenever one of the triceratops moved.

“Ah, what a beautiful day,” mumbled Tracy while chewing a mouthful of grass. “I wish everyday was like this.”

“RAAAWWWRRR!” And just like that, the silence on the plains was broken and the sense of bliss and serenity the triceratops felt just a moment before was gone.

“T-Rex, RUNNNN!!!!” shouted the leader of the herd as he began running away from the source of the noise. The rest of the herd followed their leader’s order and also began running away from the source of the noise.

Pushing herself to the limit and running as fast as her legs could carry her, Tracy conjured up a picture of the fearsome tyrannosaurus in her mind. Standing at thirteen feet tall and weighing over six tons, the tyrannosaurus was the most fearsome creature that roamed the land. With its powerful jaws containing two rows of deadly razor sharp teeth and powerful claws, the tyrannosaurus was designed to kill. Tracy knew that trying to fight the tyrannosaurus alone meant certain death.

Looking back, Tracy spotted her best friend being attacked and ripped apart by not one, but two tyrannosauruses. Tracy knew there was nothing that she could do for her friend and continued running while trying to hold back tears.

“Ah, fresh meat,” said Barney, the larger of the two tyrannosaurus as he bit into the carcass of the triceratops. “Don’t you just love the feeling you get after killing?”

“Don’t you think this is wrong?” asked the other tyrannosaurus. “Taking the lives of weaker creatures to satisfy our own needs?”

“Nonsense,” roared Barney. “This world was created for us. We can do whatever we damn want. Everything in the world was created to satisfy our needs. We are the rulers of this planet and this fact will never change. Millions of years from now, tyrannosauruses will continue to thrive and still be known as the most dominant species in the world.”

Millions of Years Later…

“Ah, what a beautiful day,” mumbled Ty, the lion as he chewed on the carcass of a deer he had recently hunted.

“Yeah, everyday should be this great,” said Ty’s best friend, Thomas
“BAAAM!” And just like that, Ty’s beautiful day ended. His instinct took over and Ty began to run away from where the bullet was fired. Ty looked back and caught sight of Thomas, lying on the ground, now a bloody pile of fur. Ty, with tears running down his eyes, continued running because he knew that his friend was gone.

“Hahaha!” laughed a short, bulky man as he stepped out from behind a bush to examine his kill.

“Sam, is it dead?” asked the man’s companion as he stepped out from behind the bush a moment later.

“Yeah it’s dead alright,” replied the short, bulky man while poking the dead tiger with the butt of his rifle. “I am going to make myself a nice rug with the skin.”
“I don’t feel right about this,” muttered the man’s companion. “We hunted and killed a living creature just so you can make a rug?”

“Why Not?” bellowed the short, bulky man. “God created this world especially for us, humans. We were destined to rule this world. Everything else in the world was created with the sole purpose of serving our needs such as this dead lion. From now until forever, humans will always be the master of this planet and everything on it.”

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