March 29, 2008
By Kayla Jeong, Burnaby, ZZ

All I remember is me running in to the washroom and Kelly crying, “Sabrina watch ou…” and then black out.

When I opened my eyes I was surrounded by light. There was a white light, a welcoming light. My body wanted to go there, but my mind told me to go toward a different light. This one… I couldn’t tell the colour, as it was a colour that I had never seen before. That light felt unwelcoming, but magical. I entered it and “WWWWEEEE!” I heard the siren go. All that happened so fast and the sound of the siren came suddenly as if they had just turned it on. But we, or at least I, was already in an ambulance (well I think it is an ambulance) driving at almost full speed. I wanted to open my eyes, but every time I tried to think my head throbbed. So with out even looking at the situation I just slept.

I woke up again. With a swarm of questions, like a swarm of bees. First I looked around. A hospital. It’s a hospital alright. There was a needle thingy in me and there was a button above my head rest and the rest of the room was white. I tried to sit up. Ouch! My head felt like it was going to fall off. Okay, I thought this over. I slipped in the washroom, and then I was a light. A light that was it! I was going to die but I’m one of those lucky people that survived death. But I choose that… that… weird light. The other death survivors ran away from the light. They ran away in to darkness. I went into a different light.

Just as I was thinking this was weird, the light, the same as the weird light, was appearing at the foot of my bed. In the light walked out a person. The person had wings. The person was an angel! I didn’t know what to do. Was the angel here to take me back? To where I’m supposed to be? No, that wasn’t it. An angel wouldn’t come to get me. I made lots of trouble, and I’m not Christian either. So I held my breath and waited.

“Sabrina Kim. You have chosen to enter the world of magic. Now that you have passed through it, you will be presented with a gift. This gift will give you happiness or misery. This gift has been last given to a woman named Georgina seven hundred years ago. This gift gives you the ability to make anything happen. All you have to do is take this bottle, fill it up with any type of liquid, and drink one drop as you’re saying your wish in your mind.” As the angel said this, she handed me a bottle.

As soon as I took the bottle the angel disappeared. I held the small bottle up to my eyes and examined it. It was in a shape of two pairs of wings. It was as wide as two loonies, and as high as two loonies. It was as thick as my finger. It fit right in my palm. The glass didn’t look like glass. It was purer. The reflection behind the glass didn’t twist. It was better than looking though a window. There was a very delicate hand worked carvings on it. The feathers were delicately carved on.

My head throbbed again. I grabbed to the glass of water beside me. I filled the bottle with it. As the water entered the bottle the bottle seemed to make music to the swishing of the liquid. I put the cork in place, looked at the water for a while, expecting the liquid to change colour or something. It didn’t, it just stayed the same. Clear and pretty. I pulled the cork out and took one drop. The drop of water seemed to drop slowly. When the drop of water almost hit my mouth I remembered to make a wish.

“I wish my head was now okay,” I said in my head. Then the drop of water hit my mouth. I swallowed. Wondering if I should have not. Instantly the throbbing in my head was gone. I went to my jacket and put the bottle into its pocket and made myself comfortable on the bed and pressed the button above my head rest. A few nurses and a few doctors rushed in. they saw that I wasn’t in pain and was surprised. A nurse came to me and explained that I had an injury so bad that it was a miracle I had survived. A doctor showed me an x-ray and there was a crack in the skull. They took another x-ray of me and the crack was completely healed.

The next day the doctors said I was well enough to leave the hospital, but told me to be careful, I didn’t need to be careful. I knew that I was fully healed. When I got to my house I knew that there was no one in the house. I lived alone.

Just one month ago I lived with my brother but even he died with cancer. He wasn’t nice to me anyway. My dad was a drug dealer, my mom worked at a wine store hiring girls to “play” with the customers, and my brother. Let’s just put it as he had no life. Well I was different. I’ll never follow my parent’s path. Although my parents really did get a lot of money out of it I wouldn’t follow it.

My dream is to be a pop star, or win the American idol and then become a pop star.
With my talent I think I’ll win it alright.
It is the time when people start auditioning. And they’ll definitely come and look here because I live in LA.
I took the bottle out of my pocket and took one drop and my wish was, “I wish I was the best singer in the world.” Then another drop, “I wish this bottle only worked for me.” Then finally, “I wish if other people but me say this bottle that they would not be able to touch it.” And those were all the wishes for now.
The next day I looked though magazines and looked for the time when the judges came to LA. It was surprisingly today. I hurried to the addition place and got in line. I waited for almost forever. And yet only three people came out with the golden ticket. I was fourteenth in line when I got really tired of waiting. I took the bottle out took one drop as I made a wish, “I wish I was next.” When the drop of water fell into my mouth and I swallowed it, the next person in line stood up saying, “What’s the point of this I don’t even have anyone to congratulate me,” and left. The next person’s cell phone rang and when she answered it she stood up in shock and ran outside. And the rest of the people in front of me left just like that. When the judge opened the door and let another person out sobbing I was next. I stood in the middle of the room. The three judges looked at me as if saying, “Go on.”
So I said. “Hi, uh my name is Sabrina and I’m going to win the American idol.”
“So Ms. Um…” the first judge said.
“Jeong,” I said.
“Ms. Jeong why do you want to win the American idol?” the judge said
“Um I guess because it’s been my dream and I want to prove to my family that I don’t have to live as a wreck,” I said feeling punched in the stomach. But luckily for me they didn’t ask me about any more private stuff only things like age where I live and etc. When I started singing they didn’t stop my singing although that’s what they usually do because it takes too much time. But when I stopped singing they flinched out as if they just woke up during class time and said amazed, “I’ve never heard such singing.” The second one said, “I agree. This is I say perfect.” The third one the picky one said, “Perfect this is the exact singing I was looking for. All these years I’ve been looking for that voice!” I was pleased, my wish worked. I got the golden ticket!
I couldn’t wait! I packed my bag as soon as I got home. And the first thing I packed was my bottle. But before I put things on top of the bottle I took it out again and took one drop as I wished, “I wish that I will win the American idol.” Then I put the bottle in the bag.
“Today is a big day,” I told myself. I came to Hollywood. My dream home. It was my dream to come to this place. I exercised my vocals with a friend I had met at the audition place. We paid half and half for our hotels. My share of the bill was $30, and all that for six nights.
There were tons of people that got the first golden ticket. I was positive that I will get all the types of the golden tickets. It was finally my turn for the second audition. I sang a song I made myself. The title was I live in this mixed up world it went like this;
Hey you there
You think your life is hard,
Well think again!
I liiive in this mixed up world!
And so on. My friend, Silia sang a song she made too. I have to say her lyrics were bad. It went like this;
I~ remember when you~
Pushed me off a cliff
And ran away
But not to call someone, but to get an alibi.
I can’t believe I trusted you.
I think you are a *** ***

And so on. The stars were bad words not to be mentioned in this book. Well you see the song had violence, betrayal, revenge and etc. Well I don’t blame her. She’s been in a more mixed up world than I am in today.
She told me that she had parents like mine, but her brother was a gangster and got caught by the police for murder. The crime was so obvious that even their lawyer couldn’t say anything but give more prove that he did the crime. The victim had Silia’s brother’s finger prints all over him and the knife that was stuck on the victim had Silia’s brother’s name on it. Just two days after Silia’s brother came out of jail, he was found dead at a park. Silia said that at that time her brother probably was killed by the people that he owed money.
But like me, Silia wanted to show her parents that she wasn’t like them. Her goal was to either pass university and get a real job or win the idol. Since she failed high school she decided to go for the idol.
And Silia failed at the second step. And I kept going up and up. And in the end I was one of the top two finalists. I sang my perfected song called If I’m born as your lover. The song was so perfect it could break people’s hearts. The other finalist sang a song almost equal as mine. But I still won. I used the money that I won to become a singer. Silia congratulated me and I felt like I ruled the world.
Then it just hit me. Why just feel like I rule the world when I could rule the world. I took one drop from the bottle that was now only half full and I wished, “I wish I could rule the world!” and it happened just like that. With out me knowing how I came to rule the world. I mean the history.
It was perfect for me. No war five hundred servants, on my gosh it’s paradise.
I would love to brag about how perfect this time was but I have to move on, it will take forever. One night I woke up, because of someone calling my name. I sat up from my bed as I said, “Who dares to call me by my given name!” But I saw the angel that had given me the gift. She came to my bed side and said, “You have been greedy. You haven’t shared the gift. You haven’t made a wish for others. You kept using the whole bottle for your needs. This is a sin and I must take away your gift!”
I grabbed hold of the bottle beside me so the angel won’t be able to take it, but is just disappeared right in my hands. And the angel said again, “Half of your wish would be undone and half will stay. The half that will stay is till the time when you won the American idol. And use your talent for good or else the talent you’ll have will also disappear. All you’ll do is go back to that moment you took the exact drop that made the bottle half full but don’t worry only you shall have all this memory.” And boom I was just at the place when I won the idol. At the exact moment that is took the drop of water from the bottle that wasn’t mind anymore. But that bottle wasn’t in my hand at this moment.
And from that incident I learned my lesson. So I used my talent to help others and worked by children and visited school and donated a lot of money to the free the children charity. But no matter how much I helped and prayed the angel never came back. But maybe, just maybe, the angel might come to you. But remember my story and use the gift you get for good.

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