The Theory of Universal Progress

March 29, 2008
By Alex Richards, Clarksten, MI

What causes progresses in technology? Who decides how our technology is going to advance? I believe that a war answers both of these questions. Who writes the history books? Whoever wins the war. Who has the most resources? Whoever wins the war. Who is in the best position to change our world and everything in it? Whoever wins the war!

In today’s society, wars are often caused by discontent among the people. If enough people are discontent, then they will begin to organize, and form political parties and, sooner or later, war is bound to break out. After the war is over either A: the discontent people will be destroyed or B: they will be totally successful and seek to pursue an answer to their discontent. However, by finding the answer to their discontent, another group will become discontent and the whole process will start over again. In this period between wars, the winners of the last war can put their resources wherever they please and therefore, change the course of the world.

Sooner or later there are going to be two nations or coalitions of nations that will have the war to end all wars. Once this war is finished, the victors will have complete and total control over the world, and, if they play their cards right, they can create the much sought after utopian society. Once in this utopia state, war will no longer be a factor and the population will begin to soar. Having no other choice, the world government will have to explore the final frontier: space.

The Universe is just too vast and huge for us to be the only sentient beings out there. Aliens will be not only in a galaxy so distant that we don’t even have the measurements yet, they will speak another language, may be hostile to us and war will once again break out because of some misunderstanding between our two species. Once the war is over and we decipher their language or they decipher ours, we will be able to live in peace and harmony.

The government will have almost limitless resources on its hands or in the case of an alien government, appendages. We will continue to explore the universe and continue discovering new species. The process will continue until there is a great empire and we have no more room to grow. At which point, there will be some kind of apocalyptic event and we will cease to exist except in the ruins that we leave behind. This process will be repeated, except with a different species and, hopefully, they will learn from whatever mistakes we made.

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