I Gotta Change

March 29, 2008
By Joseph Iredia, Alvin, TX

Cassius was a young boy, thirteen years old, who had many successful dreams for his future. He thought that he was on his way to a great life, but what he was thinking was all false, unless he could change. He wanted to be a well-known athlete and a get enough money to support his family. Everything was going well until he started his freshman year in high school. He began hanging around his so called “clique”. Cassius began hanging around the wrong people. His relationship with the wrong crowd affected the way he dressed, the music he listened to, and the way he acted, from being the top in is school to being the one that was known for being bad. His grades began to decrease drastically, from high A’s to low F’s. With these grades he would never be able to complete his set goals for life. His friends were soon able to peer pressure Cassius to take drugs, harmful drugs. The people that loved Cassius the most kept telling him “anything worth doing, is worth doing right”. Time after… destiny was shown. As Cassius was going out to party with his friends things took a turn for the worst. While Cassius was in the car, one of his so called friends pulled out a gun. As Cassius watched his friend load the gun, he became scared like little kids on Halloween. The friend pointed the gun at Cassius in a quick second, sweat poured down Cassius face like it was above one hundred degrees outside. His friend tried to influence him into taking heroine which he had never token before. Cassius had heard that the drug could kill in a short amount of time. The car began to sputter, the suddenly stopped. The boys locked the door Cassius again started shivering and more sweat started dripping down his body. Cassius kept telling the boys “No” he wouldn’t take the drugs. Something in his gut told him to just run away. He quickly opened the door and began to run. The thing in his gut was right; when he ran he was lucky because the police later discovered that there were no bullets in the gun after Cassius called them.
The next day, he woke up a new man, he began to act different. He thought of all that happened that day and immediately said to himself, “I gotta change”. He got a hold of himself and began making better grades, from low F’s to high A’s. After he graduated, he became a professional football player, has three kids, and is supporting those children and his wife. His life is now on the right track and he is now sharing his story with other people, and influencing them to do right.

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