He Ran Through the Streets...

March 29, 2008
By Andrew Fitzgerald, Clarkston, MI

He ran through the streets as fast as he could, the city guard following him closely. He passed a fruit stall, but as he passed he whipped out his sword and cut the support beams of the stall. Fruit spilled across the street. He turned into an ally, and scaled the wall, getting on top of the building. He had lost the guards…for now. After an hour of hiding he heard a voice “Ronjak?” the voice called.
“Yes. Bareg?” Ronjak replied
“Yes, did you complete the task?” Bareg asked
“Yes, Arem captain of the city guards is dead” Ronjak replied
“Good” Bareg said as he tossed a large pouch towards Ronjak and walked away.
The young assassin picked up the pouch and climbed down off the building. He had just assassinated one of the most important people in the city. He felt good, after this assassination but he knew now the guards would be looking for him. He was known by many in the city as the best assassin in the city of Ajolk. Ajolk was a large port city; it was not a poor city, but one of the richest in the entire world. Ronjak lived in the guild house of his most constant employer, Karlte, the head of the mages guild. He took jobs from other guild masters, such as Bareg, the thieves guild master, but Karlte needed his services the most of all.
When Ronjak returned to the mages guild he saw Karlte, waiting for him. He knew that he had a task for him.
“Greetings, Ronjak” Karlte said as he noticed Ronjak enter
“Greetings, master Karlte” Ronjak replied
“I wish for you to watch the lord of Ajolk for now. Do not kill him yet, I will have one of my mages contact you when the time is right.”
“The lord of Ajolk? Why would you wish him dead?” Ronjak asked.
“He has ordered the city guards to execute Contar tomorrow, If you could free him after the assassination that would be most excellent.” Karlte replied
“Who is Contar?” asked Ronjak
“He used to be a mage here at the guild. He was a great wizard and we wish to have him back.”
“I see” said Ronjak “I will get on the job as soon as possible” Ronjak replied
Ronjak hurried up to his secret room, in the attic of the guild. He put on his black robes, and pulled his dagger out of his drawer. He opened the window and climbed onto the roof of the guild. He climbed down the side of the building, and walked towards the lord’s house.
He arrived at the lord’s large house and scaled the side of it, peering through the window at the lord. He heard a voice in his head telling him it was time. He jumped through the window and leaped atop the lord, covering his mouth, and quickly killed the man. He jumped back out the window and walked to the execution center. He blended in with the crowd as he walked up to the executioner. He kept walking as he slit the executioner’s throat. No one even noticed. He walked onto the stage and cut the bonds that held Contar. He grabbed Contar by the collar of his shirt and pulled him away.
“Who are you?” Contar asked
“I am Ronjak, I was sent here to free you so you could return to the mage guild.” Ronjak replied
“Oh” the man replied startled
The two ran to the mage guild and returned to find Karlte waiting. Something seemed wrong to Ronjak thought. There were usually many wizards walking about this place, but now there were none.
“Hello, Contar, didn’t think you would see me again now did you?” Karlte said
“Umm. No I didn’t” Contar replied looking around nervously
“Ronjak you have served me well, I am truly sorry” Karlte said
“Sorry for what?” Ronjak asked, but as soon as he asked he saw what he meant. Two arrows came flying his way, one stabbed through Contar, and the other barely missed Ronjak. Ronjak dove backwards, pulling out his sword, and he turned around.
There were about a dozed guards waiting right behind him. He ran to his left and dove into the dining room.

There was no light; he couldn’t see at all, he ran to his right, trying to remember where the exit was. He found it and he ran outside, and closed the door. He had no idea where to go now. The guards were after him and so was his employer Karlte for some reason. He ran to the city docks and climbed on a boat. He found his way to the cargo hold, and hid inside a large crate. He did not know what to do when he would leave the crate. He heard several men climb aboard the ship. He noticed the ship was moving. He climbed up to the deck, and several sailors were there.

“Where is this ship heading?” Ronjak asked

“We are heading to Macklin” the captain replied “But more importantly why are you here?”
“I was chased here may I board with you?” Ronjak asked and tossed the captain a bad of coins
“Well yes my fine sir” the captain replied

Ronjak went to Macklin with sailors, but when he arrived he was caught by some guards. It seemed to him that all the world was against him.

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