A Way Out

March 27, 2008
By Lauren Sunter, Kernersville, NC

Isabelle is a pretty girl who comes from a horrible home life. Her mom is a drug addict and a prostitute. She is never home and doesn’t seem to care about Isabelle. They live in a two bedroom apartment outside of Denver. Isabelle is a junior at the small, local high school. Unlike most of the other juniors, she walks to and from school because she can not afford a car. She works at the local grocery store to earn money for food and clothes because her mom doesn’t give her money.

She doesn’t have many friends. She has long, blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She makes straight A’s in school. She honestly hates going home because she hates having to watch her mom degrade herself as she gets ready to go to her job on the streets. She doesn’t have people come over for that reason. Isabelle is a very hardworking girl and doesn’t give up. While her mom is “working,” she practices singing. She has an amazing voice and is determined to become something and leave her old life behind. Her mom has no idea how hardworking and determined she is.

Isabelle met this guy named Braedon Papray. She has known him for a couple of months and feels really comfortable around him, but they are just friends. He is the only one that knows about her mom, life, and that she sings. He usually gives her rides home and hangs out without her. He loves being with her and listening to her sing. Braedon has a friend that they call BigMac. BigMac’s dad is very wealthy and has a recording studio in his basement. He and his friends are always down there messing around with beats and lyrics. Braedon introduced Isabelle to BigMac one day. He told Isabelle about BigMac and that she should really think about going over to his house and recording a demo CD. Isabelle agreed because she really wants to get out and leave the life she has now behind.

The next couple of days, she worked on a demo song and it turned out to be amazing. The song was about her life and her mom. It gave Braedon and BigMac goose bumps. They told her that she really needed to go to a record label and have them listen to it. At first she was hesitant about it and didn’t think she could take the rejection but then she thought about her life and that she wanted a way out.

She took her song and other writings to a record label company named J.M.A. Records. She played the song to the producers and was extremely nervous. They were speechless and immediately wanted her to join their label and make a CD. She was so excited that she agreed and ran up to Braedon and BigMac and thanked them for encouraging her to do this. She told her mom about it and said that she is getting out and never coming back. Her mom didn’t understand why she hated her life. Isabelle told her that she didn’t like seeing her mom on the streets at night degrading herself. Her mom just blew her off and said that it was the only way she can make money. Isabelle told her it wasn’t the only way and that she was leaving. She told her mom that if she desperately needed her, to call her phone. Isabelle packed what she had and went to Braedon’s.

The next day, Isabelle and Braedon went to J.M.A. Records. She recorded a couple of songs that day that she had written. Isabelle was extremely excited about her album. Over the next month, she finished her album and they released it on April 11. Her album titled “Never Looking Back” sold over two million copies. Isabelle became huge.

Through the years she did concerts, shows, bought a house and got the life she never thought she would have. She even married Braedon. But the one thing she worried about the most after getting everything, was her mother. She wanted to talk to her or see her but didn’t know how to contact her because her mom had moved, which made Isabelle upset because her mom didn’t contact her and tell her this. Isabelle knew her mom loved her and that’s all she cared about.

One day while Isabelle was at home, her cell phone rang. She didn’t recognize the number but answered it anyways. It was her mom. She was excited but confused at the same time. She wondered why her mom called her now and why she waited forever. Her mom told her that she moved to Boston with her husband. She said that Isabelle opened her eyes and the day that she left was a day that she never forgot. She told her that when she left, it broke her heart and that she didn’t understand but now she does. Isabelle told her mom that she never meant to hurt her and her mom said that she knew that. They talked on the phone for hours. And before they got off, Isabelle’s mom told her that she was proud of her and that she could call her anytime for anything and that she would be there for her no matter what. Her mom told her that she loved her with all her heart and that Isabelle found her way out and she was proud.

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