Stickman Sam

March 27, 2008
“Stickman Sam get up!” yelled Bob. “It’s time for your training.”
“Awwww it’s 5:00am can’t I sleep for another 6 or 10 hours?” replied Sam. Then out of nowhere a bucket of ice fell on Sam. “Cold!” he yelled, “Why did you do that Bob!”
“Because, your training needs to start.” Sam got up, discussed that he had to get out of bed for some training. Meanwhile Bob was setting up traps for Sam. Then Sam stepped in; “Dong!” a wooden plank hit Sam right in the face.
“What the heck was that for!” shouted Sam, yelling madly.
“That, Sam, was a part of your training, staying alert at any given time. But you’re slower than my pet turtle.”
“AND?” said Sam with attendion to care.
“Because…” began Bob, But then…

Meanwhile at Professor Nick Isabodick’s layer, Nick was creating a weapon to end all meat products in the world. “It’s almost done.” sang Nick, “Muhahahaha, nothing will stop me now!”
“Ding, Dong!” the doorbell rang. “Package for Nick Isabodick.”
“One moment” said Nick. The package was the final piece for his weapon of doom.
“Sign here.” Said the package man.
“Ok, and done.”
“Thank you.” Replied the package man. As Nick was walking back to his lab, he tripped. Down and down he went on the floor like a turtle on its back. Nick couldn’t get up the weight of the package was pinning him down.
“Why are you on the ground? Dumbly asked Eirgor
“Because, I’m pinned to the ground!” screamed Nick. Ten minutes passed… “By golly Eirgor, you can’t do any right.” It was about noon when Eirgor finally got Nick up.

“The Food!” Yelled Bob.
“What?’ asked Sam.
“The food Sam, it’s burning!” Both of them were rushing to the kitchen, to stop the breakfast from burning; Bob forgot that there were traps on the way.
“SAM! Duck!
“Duck? Were?”
“No! Not duck, I mean put your head down!”
Swoosh, came falling a log.
“Whoa, that was close.” Coughed Sam.
“ But there’s more Sam.” Bob said. Right after Bob said those last words 3 ninja’s came out of nowhere.
“ Right hook, left slab, kick, punch. Their goes one of them.” Puffed Sam. Soon came another ninja he was a little harder but still easy enough to take him out in one hit. Next came the third ninja,
“Whoa, aren’t you sure that you don’t belong in the circus?”
“NO!” yelled the fat man. Then Sam quoted these words
“Dang, you’re fatter than a sumo wrestler at a all you can eat buffet.” Sam ran up to punch the fat dude but his arm got stuck in his belly.
“ Let go of my hand!”
“No” the fat man laughed. “ Muwhahaha, I got you now Sam!”
Ding! Sam had an idea
“His fat right, then he must love food.” Reacting quickly Sam pulled out a Twinkie, being his only hope Sam threw it and then saying,
“Go fetch fat boy!” At that very moment the fat ninja chased the Twinkie and then fell into a pit of darkness. Then out of nowhere
“TIME!” said Bob,
“Time?!?!” said Sam.
“Yea, that was a new record one minute flat!”
“Yes!” Happily cheered Sam, “Bob?
“Yes Sam?”
“Were is the food?”

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