One Day...

March 26, 2008
By Becca Maxwell, New Ipswich, NH

One day I, Leslie Greenlive was walking to the store because we needed milk. My family isn’t any ordinary family; I go grocery shopping and my mom Lindsey Greenlive would stay home and take care of the baby. I have a baby sister and her name is Lacy. People say it is weird because we all have names that start with the letter “L”. When my mom got pregnant with Lacy my Dad Larry got shot walking down the road by these to people who were drunk I was standing right next to him when he got shot. I went running home trying to get help but it was too late by the time I got there he was dead and the police already was there. I had to give them a description of what they looked like. People say I look just like my dad. I have brown hair, hazel eyes and nobody would be able to tell the difference if I was a male but I am a female. If my dad grew out his hair it would be curly and that is the way my hair is. When people bring up the subject of their dads I freak and everybody understands. I never thought I would be able to live without him there in my life but I did. Somehow, because he was the only one that understood where I stood. I have an older sister her name is Leonie. She would be thirty three tomorrow but she died in a car accident three months ago. She was driving and this truck didn’t look both ways and she got hit. It was down the road from my school. Now that she is died there is nobody to stay home with the baby besides my mom, or go out shopping. My friends’ parents take me and I work in all my free time and if I have to study I study at the same time. I am only fifteen years old right now my birthday is in three days. My mom is letting me be off from work and skipping school with my friends and going to the mall and to the movies. I have a boyfriend his name is Robby. He works to but he gives me half of his pay so I can still pay the rent. Someday I know I will be able to move out but not right now. I have a place I can stay in, but my mom needs me so I chose to stay with her. I was still on the way to the store to get some milk and I stop by the bank. There is a guy behind me and he says that people need to hurry up. Then when it is his turn he doesn’t have the money in his account and he pulls a gun out of his pocket and says to give him the money or everybody will die. I was able to get to the fire drill and I switch the switch and then everybody leaves all soak. The firefighters come and police and the ambulance. They said who hit the drill. I admit to it and they take me to the side and ask how old I am and I say fifteen almost sixteen. They say why did you do that I say because there was a guy with a gun and was about to shout. They ask me which man I point to this guy across the street. He pulls out the gun and tried to shoot me but the gun powder was soak from the water. The cops chased him and put him in jail. I finish up at the bank and go to the store and walk back home and finish my homework then I have only about thirteen minutes till I am late for work. My mom is sleeping the baby was crying so I write a note saying that I took the baby to work with me and you could come and get him when you wake up. If not whatever. Love Leslie. I leave for work and tell my boss that I needed to talk my baby sister. My mom fell asleep. I have had a rough day I tell my friend Kelly she works with me. We are talking about boys and how they are so cute. She doesn’t have a boyfriend yet but she will have a date by prom which is in two days a day before my birthday. I was planning to go to prom but I have nobody to go with. I was think that I would go with a guy named Robby. I like him but I don’t think he likes me. Kelly wants to go out with this guy named Dan. But she knows he is off limits he is my ex-boyfriend. But I said she has the green light but she won’t take it. So she might not date Dan. I have to take orders. Work is over it is midnight and I leave work and go home. My mom is still sleeping. I put the baby in the crib and go to bed.

Chapter 2

It has been a few years. My baby sister is three years old now. She can walk. I come home from school one day and I find a lot of police in my house trying to find out what happened to the baby. They know who killed my mom. It was my neighbor Jenny. Why? I ask myself in my head. All I have left in my family is my baby sister Lacy. But where is she I think in my head. What if Jenny had a friend kidnap her and kill Lacy, I am thinking of a whole bunch of questions over and over again in my head. Like why, why kill my mom, why kidnap my sister, why not take me, and why not kill me. I ask the police how they found out who did it. Then they say that Jenny admitted it and she couldn’t figure out where the baby went. Now I know Jenny doesn’t have a friend that took Lacy because they find Lacy across the street playing with the dog. I run across the street and grab Lacey and said don’t ever cross the road again. Lacey was smiling at me and said I looked both ways and ran and didn’t get hit. I think that she is a smart-alic. I think we all are smart-alics at one point. I have a choice of giving away my sister or keeping her and livening in my college room. I chose to keep her and get a college room. My college room partner had a three year old baby sister to. I un-pack all of my stuff and set it in my half of the room. I ask what happened to her family and she said her mom got in a car accident and her dad left them when their mother got pregnant. Then she got stuck taking the baby and needed to move her here. My mom’s funeral is in a few weeks so I got to get it together. I haven’t even cried yet. I haven’t broken down. I think my life is so used to this it doesn’t affect me anymore. The next night I am alone in my dorm room and my roommate took my sister and her sister out to play so I can rest. I start crying. I guess I was wrong about it not affecting me anymore well, I was wrong. I don’t stop crying till they get back. I am beginning to think I am cursed. They get home and I wipe my tears and put on a fake smile. The phone starts to ring and it is the police. I have to be packed and ready to leave by three in the morning. Right now it is midnight. I guess I am leaving by morning. I start packing, I go down and talk to the principal and tell him and he understands. This black car comes and he registers in as a Walker Greenlive. The principal comes and gets me and my sister and say my uncle is here to come and pick me up. I grab all my belongings and so does the principal, I push the cart with my little sister in it and we go in the elevator. I look at who is supposed to be my uncle; he looks like nobody I ever met before. He helps me put my belongings in his black car. I get in the back and then he gets in. My little sister is crying, I am trying to calm her down. I get yelled at by my so called uncle. He screamed at me and my sister to shut up and he pulls a gun out of his pocket in his coat.
Chapter 3

I say don’t all I get is a smirk. He says shut up or else I will kill both of you. Then he mumbles something, I think he said like the rest that wouldn’t shut up. I am not sure if that is what he said. But I am pretty positive about that. I am thinking what if my sister starts crying what he will do. I tell her really quietly to not cry no matter what, even though she can’t really understand. I have my cell phone, maybe he will let me go to the bathroom and I can call for help. I tell him I have to go to the bathroom and he says here I will stop at this gas station you and your sister run in and ask for the key for the bathroom. I will get some gas this will take a while till we get where I want to be. I run in with my sister and ask where the bathroom is and he tells me down the hall and to the right. I say ok. I run to the bathroom and Lacy is following me shortly behind. I go back and grab her hand and she says pick me up. So I pick her up and then continue walking. I feel like we are being watched so I turn around and all I see is this man that is looking at the gum section. But I continue walking and bump into this man who is just reading the magazine rack and I say sorry and ask where the bathroom is. He says right there. I say thank you. We walk into the bathroom and I take out my cell phone and call my principal and tell him my uncle has pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot if we talk. I am in the bathroom of a gas station on 47 Taco Road, Learning Vermont. My baby sister Lacy is with me. Nobody is hurt yet. Can you come and get us and bring the police. He says yes and he says he will be here soon and stall as long as you can. Bye I say and he says. I shout wait so loud I can’t believe it. I didn’t realize how loud I was, but I guess it was really loud. I ask him if we can stay on the phone with him till he gets here, he says yes but my cell phone might die and I say it is ok. I hear a gunshot and I get down with my sister Lacy underneath me. We are crouched up in a corner next to the toilet. My principal asks if we are ok and we say yes and he says well, I am only three minutes away and the cops are behind me. Lacy and I say thank you so much for doing this. We hear the cops so we get out of the bathroom and see the principal emptying my belongings out of his car. I run up to the principal and give him a big hug and say thank you so much for doing this for me. He says that it is ok my students come before my life. We have a choice to stay at the school or go to the shelter and we chose the school and to have the principal as our father. We are so happy to have a father again even though nothing can fill in the place for my real dad. I am fourteen years old now but I love having a new father. The cool thing is that he lives in a palace with his girlfriend Kayla and they are getting married next week. There theme for the wedding is deep blue sea. A few years later our lives are back to normal. I don’t have to go to collage because my dad is going to teach me so I can live with him for my life well till like 20 then I will move out.

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