Once Upon a Time...

March 26, 2008
By Brittni Jenson, Leominster, MA

Once upon a time there lived a young girl in her very own kingdom. Even though she was just a princess and she lived with the king and queen, she still reined throughout the palace. Her name was Princess Brittni, and she lived in the kingdom of Razz Zazoo, in the Forest of Pizmo.
Now, unlike most kingdoms, this one was not enchanted. In fact it was pretty much the exact opposite. Her castle was quite simple, but unique. It had but only three turrets, forty rooms (all the more to party in), a drawbridge, and what more could go so perfectly with that than a moat.
With her mother being the queen, her father the king, and brother the prince (of course) she had a pretty nice life. She got to hang out with her friends mostly whenever she pleased. On those rare occasions that she couldn’t, she went to her court jester, Randi, for entertainment. This wasn’t very hard, considering they were best friends. Not to mention that they were cousins. They spent almost everyday together.

Even though she spent most of time with friends and declaring royal decrees, she spent a lot her time reading and writing with the royal mascot. He was an owl named Aristotle. He was white with brown speckles and large golden eyes, which seemed as though they could read your very thoughts and emotions. She always felt she had some sort of connection with him. He stirred up all her inspiration for her stories. Aristotle conjured up all the power he needed to give her the boost of confidence she needed. No one thought that an ordinary owl could have that affect or power over a person, but they were wrong.
Through her trusted advisor, Kristi, she learned not to care about what other people thought, whether it was about her appearance or her owl. She convinced Brittni to be herself no matter what. That’s why she made one special rule. Rule number three states that everyone has their own style and mind and will not be judged on it.
Being an animal lover and an animals’ rights activist, she made rule number one saying that only vegetarians were allowed and that no animals were to be hunted on the kingdom grounds. Once you stepped foot outside the kingdom walls, you could do whatever you wanted. Then, of course, you had to have a krispy for a pet. A krispy was this little mythical creature that looked like this small, fluffy bat. It was so tiny it could fit into the palm of your hand and its personality was said to be almost exactly like yours. You didn’t choose your krispy either, they chose you. That was rule number two. The fourth rule was really quite unusual. It was that everyone must have at least one kooky pen. No one really knew why that was a law, but, oh well. The final law sort of explained itself. The last one was “get over it”. She originally made this law in case someone came to her with a problem and she didn’t know how to solve it. Everyone knew she loved to help and she always hoped her advice worked out well.
One day, however, something terrible happened. It was said that while delivering a message to a friend in another far away kingdom, Aristotle got lost and never came home. When word of this news got to Brittni, she wouldn’t stop crying. Wouldn’t you if you lost one of your best friends? She sent out search parties to look for him. Her closest and dearest friends even offered to help her look for him. She was frantic, looking all around her kingdom and everyone else’s kingdoms as well. She prayed to God every night, morning, and afternoon that he would come home.
Then, one day, a miracle occurred. She was writing in her journal in a forest, trying to clear her thoughts. She heard an owl that sounded exactly like Aristotle. She thought it was just her imagination from thinking of him a lot lately. But, then, she heard it again. She looked up into the starlit sky at the setting sun. Brittni looked all around her and saw nothing. She agreed with herself that it was just her imagination playing tricks on her. Brittni heard that same faint hooting sound again. This time she looked up into the old oak tree she was leaning against. Brittni noticed a nest, which she never saw before, with six little owlets in it. Then, she noticed a female owl flying in to her babies. Flying in close behind her was an owl that looked strangely familiar. He was a large white and grey owl with brown spots all over his body and wings. It couldn’t be, she thought. Brittni got up and took a few steps back from the tree. She studied it closely. This was the tree that she always sat at to get inspiration when Ari was out doing something. She had this feeling that there was something more to it than that, that’s when she realized that this was the same tree she had found Aristotle in. That owl was Ari, that was his wife, and those were his children. She ran all the way back to the kingdom and gathered everyone to the tree. They had a vote and decided to take the six owlets, the mamma owl, and Ari back to the kingdom to have eight royal mascots instead of just one. Aristotle was beloved before and is even more loved now that he is home with his family. Now, I know I said that Brittni’s kingdom was not enchanted with fairy godmothers and trolls, but it was enchanted to her. She had the best of friends, the greatest family, and a pet/mascot/friend that was unforgettable. It was enchanted with everyone’s love for one another. And, so, every one lived happily ever after.

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