The Elvin Prince

March 26, 2008
By Bryce Guymon, Bountiful, UT

Far away in a land called Guacamole there was a man hated by everyone, even though he was a prince. He was told what to do, like, “Go clean the floor,” or “Do the dishes.” His life was horrible. The weird thing about all this was he didn’t even know he was a prince, and one day would sit on the throne fit for a king. Lying down one night he thought of how horrible his life was and wished for it to be better. He remembered once when he was a little boy, this lady just came up to him and told him great things would come of him, but so far nothing had happened except servant duties. When he woke up it was already past 10. He had slept in 3 hours late. He now was going to be punished with 5 demerits.

Once he was finished with his extra work he started his daily stuff like: cleaning the castle, feeding the dogs, fetching food from the garden, and taking care of all the animals. His favorite part was picking the fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden, especially the Guacamole.

Prince Edward Franklin McNare the Third was his name. He was Elvin and liked to garden. He was pathetic. After all his work that day he went out to his garden and cared for his stuff.

After he had planted his new Guacamole he went back into the castle to see what he should do. His mother, Anita, was the head servant. She told him what to do. He was supposed to clean the walls, polish the carriages, care for the animals, and make a great feast with Guacamole as the main dish. He made an amazing feast, all with honey ham, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, Guacamole, carrots, turkey, chicken, and cheese.

One day he was working and his mom told him he was a prince and then one day he would embellish his kingdom with greatness. He lived happily ever after.

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