The Haunted Job

March 26, 2008
By brandee johnson, Colchester, CT

When would you go in a home that is engraved with ghosts, when they would never leave, and they can’t cross over to the next world? How would you handle it? I wouldn’t be able until we moved in.
It was year 2001 when we moved into our new home. It is a small home and a quite neighbor hood. I almost get all my things unpacked then I hear a noise come from the room next to me. A loud thump. Then it got louder and louder until I reached the door and it stopped. I thought to myself. Am I over reacting or was it my imagination. I checked the room and made sure that there was no one in it, so then I left and then I heard it again. Thump, thump, thump and then a CRASH! I ran to that same room were it came from and there was no one to be seen or heard. Suddenly my mother came down the hall and asked. “what are you doing to make all the noise? What did you break? If it was something of mine don’t show it to me. I don’t want to hear it from your sister if she found out your putting your stuff in her room! This house was just built. Well that’s what the agent told me, and I want you to put the stuff you don’t want into the boxes so I can bring them down to the charity. No more goofing off!” she replied
“Fine.” I sighed and finished unpacking.
I didn’t tell my mom that it wasn’t me because I know she wouldn’t believe me. My dad didn’t live with us anymore so it’s just me my mom and my sister. My sister didn’t believe in the paranormal stuff like I was.
It’s been 3 days since that little incident happened. Things around here didn’t get quieter yet. Every night I would have a dream about a ghost and I wouldn’t tell my mother because she would say it’s only a dream. But I have researched and it tells me that a ghost can reach a person while they are asleep. So the n I looked up how to get rid of ghost and it said you have to find out why they are here, how they died and what their name is. I found this thing called a Quigi board and I asked the sprits a question. And if they are with you they will move the little dowel thing. The board has a Yes and a No. it also has a series of letters A-Z. Then if the sprint will tell you his or hers name they would spell it out for you. The my mother told me to through the board in the fire and burn it because it will give us bad luck and it can kill us. So since she did that now the house got even louder and the doors were slamming and the windows were always locked and we could never get it open. I told my mom that when she through the Quigi board in the fire she brought one all the sprits and let them loose in our home and we pack all our stuff up again and we moved to my grandmas house until 2004 is when we found a new home in Colchester. We settled in pretty good and we had a better home ever since.
I wanted to go back to that house and help the sprits. So I did. The house wasn’t very to happy I was back to help them. I thought that I had a special power to sense if there is a presence inside a home or were ever that I could help the sprits and lead them to the right place. So I help the ones I could to lead them into the light and show them that they belong there and told them it would be really good for them. Most of the sprits crossed over but the demonic souls stayed to haunt forever.

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