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The Hidden Secrets

In the past there was a secrete of the mysterious book that has been hidden for 14 years. The many of the people that have come together to form it was the two men and women that were Samantha Colandry, Fred Salisbury, Tanisha Rohde, and the famous Erick Huffle. They came together and called themselves THE SINISTER FOUR. They only had one thing to do is to become the all time rulers of the kingdom. As time had gone by they had taken over the kingdom until the only person could stop them who were the parents of a famous kid now named Briana Fully. She had been unknown until the masters had come back to which they had stud 14 years ago, but the rest of the group had never been seen again the only one left was Erick Huffle. In time she would figure everything out and more and more secrets will be reveled.

Chapter one

In the wild of the jungle there is a beautiful girl that had been born from the proud parents and suddenly the sinister four had came and took the parents from the baby girl. When Erick huffle tried to take the baby he had diminished into the mist. The rest of the group was never seen the only one left was Erick huffle. Then out of nowhere a friend of the head master of the witch and warlock school had appeared to take the young Briana to her relatives.

14 years later Brianna fully was all grown up living with her aunt, uncle, and cousin. Her grandparents had die a while ago before she was born and so she was stuck with her brutal and mind driving, aunt, uncle, and cousin. She had a lot of friends in her real school but they never let them come over to see her.

One night at 12 0’ clock, Briana woke up to a nightmare that is always threatening her in a weird sort of way. Like how a snake is worming up into a person to suffocate them and open the gigantic mouth and swallow the person whole. The person was her and the snake it as random as saying that she didn’t brush her teeth at a random time. Then suddenly she heard a bang coming from the kitchen. So she slowly crept down the stairs and cautiously sneaked into the kitchen, turned the corner and spotted the all powerful Erick

“Ha ha ha ha now this is the day, well night, I have always wanted to kill you off just you’re your stupid, dirty mother.” Erick laughed

“What do you mean? Who are you and what do you want with me? What did I do to you? I don’t even know you!!!” I Questioned

“that’s right you don’t know anything because I killed your mom right after your were born and I couldn’t touch you after that and cause my whole group to diminish but I didn’t go away that easily so that you don’t have anyone to protect you I can kill you now!!!”

“Why me?”

“You don’t know do you?” as he crept closer and she went back “you are going to be the best witch ever and I can’t have that now can I? No I can’t! Now come her for I can-
Suddenly a gust of wind came through and a 6 foot tall woman had stud in front of me and defended me for long. She fought the great Erick and made him wish he never tried to mess with her.
“Damn you both!! I could have had finish the job 14 years ago but no you had to show up and hurt my chance of doing it!! But I will come back and get you I will!!!!” as Erick diminished into the mist like it happened 14 years ago.
“Why, hello there Briana, how ya doing?” the woman spoke.
“Umm I’m ok and how do you know who I am? And who are you?” I spoke as I came out of hiding.
“Oh right my name is Perry, periwinkle. I am a good friend of the headmaster at the witch and warlock school called Winamue and the head master is waiting to meet you in her office. I am so glad to see you all grown up. Oh and I was a great friend of you parents and I was the one who brought you to you last relatives living and the same thing happened to your grandparents that Erick and his gang had done to them like you mother and father. I am so sorry. But right we need to get a move on if we are going to catch the 10 o’clock train to Winamue. We have to go shopping for all your supplies for school.”
“Wait I can’t leave, not right now! I still don’t understand every thing and I can’t be a witch, I can’t.”
“Well believe me; I will explain more when we get to the bank to get your money. So come, come.”
“Ok just let me tell my-
“No you can’t ok just let’s go pronto!”
“Ok I’m a leaving! I need my stuff!”
As soon as they start to leave Uncle Peter comes in with the family.
“What is this!? Disrespecting my rules? I’m so disappointed!! Now let’s get to your room and put all your stuff back now! Get a move one it now!” peter yelled
“Now listen here peter and rose I’m leaving with her and I’m going to show her what she needs to be doing you can’t keep her here and lock her in her room, make her do all your dirty work, and not feed her anything!! I have been watching you deranged people for 14years and I now know what you have been doing to this poor girl! She is going to do great thing soon and you aren’t going to stop her in her path! Rose you knew you sister as well did I but she has never told you that her own daughter will be the next great witch there is in the world! She must know who she really is! While your family has been out ignoring her Erick had attacked her and almost got you daring Briana! Also you didn’t even tell her who she really is all though you knew it from the start!” Perry screamed.
“Now you listen here Periwinkle I did know that she was a witch and I’m pretty sure she didn’t because she would of-
“What!? You knew I was a witch? How come you didn’t! Is it because you are afraid you would loose your best maid? Well if you felt that way I am defiantly leaving with peri and never coming back! And if you really want to have a maid, hire one for the maid services. I’m sure they would love to give you one!!!! I’m out of here!” I yelled and stormed out the door.
“Well you heard her so we’re off to the school! See ya never!”
“Nnnnnooooo!!!” peter yelled.
As they left peter and rose started to call a maid services to see if they can send them a maid to replace Brie. They had traveled only a few miles until a witch and warlock bus had picked us up to bring us to the shopping area and to the “bank”. In another exhausting mile they reached the shopping plaza it was huge. From wall to wall, the tallest buildings you can ever see! The shinny ones and the dull ones, that stick out for the witch and warlocks that don’t have enough money to buy themselves a beautiful home. Try to guess what the Bank looks like. It’s gigantic; it is a golden coated building. Inside the building there are little goblins that work there and they have a lot of paperwork and money bags. We quietly approached the check in desk to sate our names and they told us to take a seat and Mrs. D would be out in a few minutes to take us in. the goblins are somewhat cute but they are really short (no offence). They have lots of hair to cover there eyes. Some of their hair is golden brown, light pink, sea sand blonde, ruby red, and velvet purple. Most of them are nice too.
“Mrs. Briana fully, I am able to see you now please come in.” Mrs. D called
“Coming” I answered
“Well who do we have here? Lets see the famous Briana fully and periwinkle. Nice to see you both” she sighed
“Yes very nice to see you too. I am here for some business to take care of and to get her some money for she can go shopping for school which starts really soon” periwinkle said quietly “and I need to go to the vault that has never been opened before to get that one thing.”
“Ok ill get Mr. green to come let you go to that vault but I can take Briana to hers to get her the right amount of money for her. Then you two can go shopping together.”
“Ok just get him here now please! I need to get it before we leave!”
“Mr. green can you come her please?”
“Yea what do you want?” Mr. Green stammered
“I need you to take her to a vault that never been open you know that one? That has that one thing inside it?”
“Yes I do ill take her right away!” green light up.
“Ok now lets go to you vault to take out some money to go shopping ok? Now we have too get you key from the desk so wait right here please.” Mrs. D said happily.
Well I don’t know about you but I really want to know what is in that vault. But how can I get to it if I’m stuck here without Perry knowing? Darn I wish I had this job to do it’s so cool! And I wonder what kind of stuff I need to get?
“Ok let’s go I have your key and im going to take you there.”
“Ok how much money do I have in here? Do I have a lot? Do you think-
“Just let me take you to the vault and you can see for your self.” She stopped me as we walk to the vault “Everybody has a vault and it just so happened that you vault number is 011293. Some people have tons of money to take out and they still have tons of money left in the bank.” We reached my vault at 011293 and opened it to see….

Chapter 2
“Oh my gosh! I can’t believe that my parents left me this much money! How much do you think I have? I must have a lot! Can I take it all out?”
“Oh no you can’t take it all because come of the witches and warlocks her will steal form the rich and will buy themselves a brand new home and keep it for themselves and we will never see them again. That has happened a few times. With a few people I knew and they were left poor until they found a new job.”
“How can I get more money if I didn’t have a job?
“Oh you can get money because you are a famous person here. You get money weather you don’t have a job or not. Just because you parents kill them for you and you made Erick to leave but now he’s back you are in great danger that is why I came tot help you t get to your school and defend yourself against him. I am one of the teachers at the school. Well look at the time is almost 9 we must get all your stuff in an hour or less. If we are late to the train they wont lets us on then we would need to fly there which is really far.”
“Wait what you mean about Erick trying to kill me for I never knew I was a witch! And I am sure that I am but I don’t get it!”
Right I didn’t think you would because he wants to kill you before you knew you were the best witch ever! And you know that-
“Wait who brought him back to life? I didn’t think that was possible is it?”
“Well yes it is but some people aren’t able to cross the doors to the old life they had. Don’t worry you will be able to see your parents again soon but right now your not able to cast that spell, only advance witches and warlocks are able too. Ok but for right now focus on the important thing is the school that your attending to right now then you can make a bunch of friends and visit them all summer long while your out of school. Ok?”
“Ok ill let this one pass but were would I go? I can’t go back to my uncle, his wife, and his dumb son! Could I go with one of my friends if I meet some at school or can I stay with you?”
“Listen I will be with you for now one and I will make sure you’re treated with respect at home and ill make sure that you can have friends over too. Oh and I forgot that your allowed to do magic outside of school because your just practicing ok so don’t let anyone tell your other wise ok? Oh we need to hurry up now we have one more stop to go to which is the wand shop they have the perfect wand just for you, that was your parents wand its been lowered to your level. So you can control it better.”
We had stopped our conversation because we had to be quite while were in the wand shop. They had rows and rows of wands red, blue, black, brown, wooden, metal and even more kinds of materials there made from. This shop had bells on the door that make a certain noise to let the owner know we’re here to purchase a wand.
“Well, welcome to my wand shop who do we have to purchase such a fine wand here? AH it the famous Briana Fully! I have just the prefect wand just for you. Its your parents wand that the forces have been formed together to make one it’s the best one in here after the powerful Erick had came back and stole it from me again.” The man said happily as we walked down the aisles “we have a Neval, a Burt, a Samantha, and yours of course.” The great Briana was imprinted on it to stand out to me it was a shinny pink and red wand that was engraved that said “Briana Fully daughter of Anna Fully”. It was mixed color like a candy cane but with different color. I love it! It looks just like I pictured it but now I just need to know how to use it.
“Ok this is yours and every year comes here to upgrade it ok but if you want to have it upgraded now just let me know. It won’t be that powerful but it will be up to level two and you will be the only one to be a level to well in your class. So do you want to?”
“Sure I love to! But not too powerful like my parents only level two.”
“Ok you got it that will cost you 700 coins. That’s not a bad price for this wand.’
“What it’s that much is you kidding me? I don’t have that much money with me and I don’t have enough time to get more because I need to catch the train in time!!!”
“I’m only kidding here you go kiddo. Now go catch that train.”
“Ok thanks ill see you soon.”
“Bye girly”
“What was the deal with this guy?” I said as we start running “He is funny and he had a lot of wrinkles! How old do you think he is?”
“He’s about two hundred years old he owned that shop for a long time! He practically lives in it but for right now I think we might be flying to school. Now we won’t that train leaves in like three minutes we have time. Did you get a broom?
“Oh wow I wouldn’t have guessed that, yea I got the newest one they had I think it was called the jet setter three hundred. I think that was it. Is it a good broom?”
“Good broom? Oh yea it is! It’s the most popular broom ever! Ah look here we didn’t miss the train we have about twenty minutes left to wait.”
“What twenty minutes? I thought this train leaves at exactly ten o’clock?! Right?”
“Not right I just told you that for we can be early and I didn’t want to wait in long lines and we can get good seats right?”
“Sure but I ant sitting next too you, you can sit on the side of me ok? “
“Ok fine ill let your get a chance to meet a few people to be with but I’m not taking my eye off you!”
“Fine, fine but don’t be too close to me!”
“Hello my name is jenny, this is my first time coming to this school and I don’t have any friends yet so can you help me? Please?” jenny said to Brie
“Sure I’ll love to be your friend! I don’t have any either so you can hang with me If you want oh and this is my first time here too. And this is my protector Periwinkle.”
“No way! You have a protector!? That’s so awesome! You must be like a important person! Wait I know who you are! Your Briana fully! The one who lived!! Oh my gosh!!” she yelled
“Yea I am but I don’t too much attention!” as every one comes crowding her in. “every one please move away! I want my space please! I will help you out in a minute!!” Briana screamed
“Hey Brie can you sign my tee shirt?? Please?” a girl asked
“Now back up girls a boys form a line right now!” Perry yelled “right now you animals!”
“Ok now listen who every is going to school and it’s their first year raise you hand! Ok then that narrows it down to every body. So lets see let me be and I wont be so mad ok!” as Briana ran on the train to sit in her own seat in the front of the train.
Well as you know that Briana doesn’t want anyone to bother her she just wants to have a good year at school.
“Briana? Umm it’s me jenny can I sit with you?” she said in a quite voice
“Huh? Oh sure you can only if you don’t have too many people crowding me ok? I won’t yell again I’m sorry.”
“Hey Brie umm I’m also sorry because I Helped everyone to crowd you. My name is Zach, Zach Cromwell. I am also famous too. When they first seen me they went crazy but now I’m used to it. They are really crazy people here! Don’t you think? Oh and hello to you jenny.”
“Oh hey Zach what s new?” jenny asked
“Nothing much you?”
“Me too.”
Zach was a gorgeous boy he had golden brown hair that flared out to the side, and his eyes are also brown. He’s tan, and also tall. How cute does he look right now and that perfect smile, he is so lovely!!
“Um brie, are you ok?” he said to me as I was staring at him out in space.
“Oh yea I’m fine just a little bugged I’m not used to this because I was held captive by my relative that a really cruel to me.” I said as she came back to earth.
“Oh yea the ones that beat people up for no reason I know them. Your mom’s sister and her husband. I so glade you made it out of there a live!”
“Yea well I don’t either.”
“Can I sit with you two?”
“I guess you can it doesn’t bother me!”

As everyone started to board the train girls and boys ran to the front to sit near me and my new friends. So once the clock hit eleven o’clock the train started moving and then a lady comes around and asks if we want anything from the candy trolley. They had chocolate frogs, lickerish, chocolate bars, lolly pops, tootsie rolls, and more! We were in the front so we got to get anything we want because they come to the front first. Then the back has like the last picks. Zach got like one of everything on that cart I just got some chocolate bars for the trip to school and during school. I can’t wait till I get to school I wonder what they do to put us in classes?

“Oh hey Brie did you want to get any collectors cards? Because who ever has the most gets a prize but most of them you can barley find around only in special places.” Zach said in a quite voice.

“Ok, but how would you know that? Is this your second year or first?”
“Oh no it’s my first year my sister told me about it. She is in her third year now.”
“So you must know how they separate us into class’s right?”
“No I don’t sorry. She didn’t tell me that yet. She said “I’m not telling you that because I want you to get into trouble while were there and I’m not baling you out so HA!” so yea sorry I don’t know that much of this school my sister is about 16 and she can do what ever she wants in school. When you get to be 16 you can do what you want.”
“What that’s not fair! So when your 14 you go to this school for the first year and so on? So if I was 16 and first started the school I would be able to do what I want?”

“No you have to be 16 and on your third year to do what you want. And that isn’t fair to most people. Some are 16 and they can’t do what they want because the school thinks they don’t go to school until their 16 just for they can do what ever and miss classes and not pay attention and they loose their privileges”
“Wow they do? That’s so stupid!” I said as the train comes to a screeching halt.
“What’s going on? We aren’t there yet!” Perry asked in a scared voice. “brie just incase it’s Erick use a counter curse point at him and say “siskin akin” ok that will make him go away!”
“what? What if it isn’t him what if the-
A big bang came through the train and made the windows blow out and the mist appeared out of no were and there stud Erick of course and he laughed and stared right at brie.
“HA HA thinks you could get away from me that easily? I think not! So don’t try to use that lame counter course on me because it won’t work! Right periwinkle?” he said as he looks at Perry
“wha…. I... huh?” Perry said speechless
“ha you cant even talk! Now for brie and her friends!”
“Gustine Tinian!” Zach yelled out of no were then a light had flickered from his wand, then a steam of blue and white light bursted out. The light had hit Erick and shot him all the way to the other side of the train.
“you bastard!” Erick yelled “how dare you do that to me I’m Erick don’t you know-
“yea I know who you are and my father and my mother does too, the only way they would know is because you killed them too just like brie’s parents so now who is the bastard? YOU!!” Zach yelled
“HA do you really think you can beat me? And Brie cant protect her self?”
“you leave us alone meanie! I’m not here to fight! I just want to- jenny stopped
“Setio Bolito!” Erick Exclaimed
Then jenny was thrown into the air and went through the window onto the other side of the rails, rolled down the big hill the slammed Into a concert barrier, by now she must be dead.
“No! What did you do?! That’s it MANTIO BOLINA!” I screamed
“Ah NOO you can’t get rid of me that easily!!” Erick said.
“that’s for hurting my friend!!” I said while panting
“Wow Brie how did you do that? And where did Jenny go? Tell them to check outside for a student! NOW!”
A student ran to the conductor’s cabin. Told them to get there buts outside to find jenny, and they did but no luck to see her alive. They carried her in the train to us and said “I don’t think we will be able to bring her back not like this, we simply can’t. I’m so sorry Brie, but we must let the headmaster know about this. We still will be having school this year and every other year just to let you know. I’m sorry once again.” He said softly as we started to cry. “Well I guess we could go without her but I will miss her terribly. Well let’s move on now. For now on we can be best friends or wee can find one more to be with us if that’s ok with you” I said sadly. We wrapped up jenny and put her in the magic box thing that will take her to a better place so that she can be happy. In another twenty minutes we will be at school to learn something (yeah) and we can find new friends. Maybe there we will go on an adventure and things like that and we might get in trouble, that will be so much fun don’t you think?
Chapter 3

As the train go moving again for twenty minutes we arrives at the school and the train again came to a screeching halt and we all shifted forward. We all forced ourselves out of the train and then the people that come to pick us up to bring us to the school and told us to put all our stuff inside the cart and walk next to it for we wont get lost. The school is huge! It kind of looks like a castle, but more like a mansion. There are weird people that stand here and watch us as we walked down the trails.

“Wait what about Jenny were is she?” I whispered to Zach

“Oh she is already her that is why we have too walk close to the carts to make sure that none of us are killed next by Erick.-

“The headmaster wants to talk to you two to get a interview ok so come with me!” a goblin came up to Zach and I. We were rushed up to the office but never mind our stuff and our classes they just moved us right to the office.

“Hello students” a woman’s voice came from the chair in front of us “now who do we have with us tonight?”

“Zach Cromwell and Briana Fully Headmaster” the goblin replied.

“AH yes the Cromwell and the Fully. I have been expecting you two for a while now. Please take a seat.” As said as she whipped her chair around. “now can you guys tell me what happened in the train this afternoon?”

“Yes I can.” I blurted out “Well as you can tell that of our friends were killed be Erick. You know him of course. And he was really after me and Zach because we are the most powerful students in this school I think and then Jenny yelled at Erick and he killed her.”

“Ok so now how do you think you can handle this event ?” she said

“We’re fine I guess and I will be here a lot to ask question I can assure you that.”

“Ok well ill let you get back to the rest of the students I’m sure they are hungry right now. So let begin the ceremony. Ok and you two can help me right?”

“Right we will! Right Zach?”

“Yup we will” Zach replied.

“Ok lets go!” she said and we were zapped to the great hall were we have our food and open presents on Christmas and other events. Especially when it is their birthday! They have big celebrations and everybody is like your friend and gives you presents too just like Christmas. We just need to get one present for a few people that we were assigned and we’ll get extra points towards the home award.

“Well welcome back or welcome to our lovely school of witches and warlocks, Winamue! We will have the best school year of all right? We may need to do some extra training too but that ok right?” the headmaster yelled

“YES WE WILL HEADMASTER!” all the students yelled.

“Great well lets put our hands together for Briana Fully and Zach Cromwell!! They came here today because they seen a potential of being the best witch and warlock ever!” she sad joyfully “As you all know about the lost of one of our new student, Jenny, this is why Zach and Brie are here today with me up here because they had fought off the great Erick! They had both lost three of there closest friends Jenny, Mr. and Mrs. Cromwell and Mr. and Mrs. Fully.” She said in a sad voice. “Even though they never knew there parents they feel so close to them as they get older and they will know more about themselves as they grow and the secretes that will be here hiding within the school

Chapter 4

Well what can go wrong now? That we are now in school and then nothing will go wrong right? Wrong there will be something wrong in this school. There is something wrong indeed, as the headmaster said there are secretes within this school and me and Zach are the ones to figure everything out.

“Now what do we do? We haven’t a clue on what to expect in this school. What if Erick comes here and tried to get us? He would be able would he?” I Asked Zach in a quite voice. “Do you think so?”

“Yea he can do anything when we are around so keep a watchful eye on everything because he can be anything in here or anyone. So be careful on who you talk to.” Zach replied.

“Right I will! Let’s just eat for now ok? We should know how to protect ourselves and after school tomorrow we should talk to the headmaster or Perry. Ok?”

“Right, now can we eat? I’m starving!”

“fine!” I said rudely and I dug into the food because I want so hungry. I made sure that no one is around me that I won’t know. I think tomorrow we will get our classes but we have separate rooms to stay in like a hotel and that room is the room that we stay in for the rest of the time we are here. But we do go home for the summer and we come back after the summer and go to our rooms that we were assigned last year and then when we are in our last year of school the new people will take those rooms that are now empty. There are about five years in this school you need to stay in or if you drop out of school you cant do as much magic as people that can if they graduate.

The rooms are like a hotel. They are big and roomy. The bed is a size QUEEN and the T.V. is really big. They also have computers in the room to email people home if need. Lots of people just use the computer to look things up for school projects and stuff but they will try to steal it sometimes. My room is right next to Zach’s room and his is the color is blue mine of course is pink, red, and all of the girly colors. They have the rooms to be set on a timer to when the color of the room will change. Zach’s does too.

“Hey Zach, how’s your room? Its not better then mine now is it? I think my room is to small and your room is just a bit bigger then mine!”

“Funny Brie, the rooms are so cool!! I wish me room was like this at home!”

“Yea I meant to ask you about your parents. You said they were killed by Erick too right?”

“Yea they were and I miss them a lot!”

“Were do you live now?”

“ I live in the house by my parents house was that is not visible to human eye. And magical house I made form myself and I get my food by going out to eat ands then I go home and watch T.V.”

“Oh how cool! I want a house like that! Can I live with you, because I don’t want to go back to my horrible aunt and uncle and their stupid son!”

“Well I guess you could if we make it out of this school alive. Well I guess I’m going to sleep so ill see you tomorrow ok?” Zach said and leaned over to me and kissed me on the lips. It was so sweet. I was taken away in the dream like state. I never wanted to come back to earth!!

“Well I guess I will to and I will see you tomorrow ok? Bye!” and I slipped out the door and waited. Wow I can’t believe I was just kissed by the hottest guy ever! Man I wished he was the best guy I could ever have for a boyfriend! Why did I come to think that I was going to go out with this boy and I thought that every one else is going to be jealous because of it. Then I slowly crept into my room and I waited to see if any one would come into my room to tell me that I’m not allowed to roam the halls at night but no one did so I guess were allowed to, and I slowly went to sleep. Then at twelve I woke up to a screeching noise coming from the room next door and I ran over to Zach’s room and woke him up.

“Come quick I think there is something wrong in the room next too me! Hurry!” I yelled

“Who” as she yanked me to the other side of the hall.

“Right here, there is a noise in this room do you hear it?”

“Yeah like some one yelling! Like if we cant get in there or there wont be anyone in there when we do.”

So me and Zach race to get into the room. We kicked and punched the door, but the door wouldn’t budge. The yelling got louder and louder until we finally got into the room, and there was just a little girl about my age crying in the corner.

“Are you ok? Why are you crying?” Zach Asked

“Oh hi, I’m crying because someone just attacked me he said his name was Erick or something like that. My name is Alyssa and it’s my first year here. Please help me I’ll do anything!”

“Ok umm just let me see what he did to you. Did he try to take you out of school or something?” Zach asked

“no he just said that if I don’t let Brie and Zach try to find me he wont hurt me and if I did then he will kill me and thankfully you two came and helped me out for I wouldn’t of been killed.”

“Ok then did he say what he wanted to do with us?”

“Yea I think he wanted to make you go to his side, the “Dark side” I think and he also want to get you two to kill the headmaster.”

“Really? Ok well I guess we should tell the headmaster about this!”

“I have an idea! Maybe one of us can act like we are going to go on his side and then we could make him wish he never was alive!! Do you want to do it? or should I?” Zach asked

“Umm you can because I’m not like that!”

“Okay but if I get too mean just tell me!”

Then a gust of wind came through and out came Erick! He was uglier than he was before!

“Hey Zach I just heard you want to be on the bad side right? Great now I can get my good looks back! Let’s GO!!!”

“Wait Just a second! I never wanted to go with you! I’m going to be bad but not on your side! I was just going to-

“Come were leaving!!!” he yelled and pulled Zach away from me and I wasn’t able to catch him! Then Zach disappeared and Erick Didn’t.

“NO what did you do?” I screamed

“Well if you want to see Zach again you must know were to find him and I wont be telling you! Ha. Good luck trying to convince your headmaster!!!” he laughed and then he vanished.

“I knew this was a bad idea! Now how am I going to let him free?”

“Umm Brie, I do!” Alyssa said quietly

“You do? How? You must help me!”

“Well Erick is… Well he’s my father, and I’m so sorry if he killed your parents and Zach’s parents. I didn’t want him to do that to you and he is just scared you are going to be better than him! So that’s why he is out to get you. He has a big weakness which is me! I something happened to me he would kill himself. So that’s why I want to help you! Ok?”

“No you can’t. You are my friend and I cant let you do that! I just Can’t!” I yelled

“Yes you can and if me father killed himself he would never come back to bug you or Zach. He just thinks he can do what he wants just because he is all powerful which he isn’t! He barely has any power left to him. When he is by himself like he is now he slowly looses his power but now he has Zach he will get more power and can kill anyone he wants including you! So are you up to the challenge?”

“Challenge? I guess I am. And I will miss you when your gone!”

“Hey I can come back and he won’t be able to right? So you’re good”

“Ok let’s go! But lets go to sleep first then we can find him tomorrow!”

Now that Zach is going I can’t think anymore. I miss him a lot and I can’t seem to cover for him. In the morning we got our classes and I told the headmaster what happened to Zach and she said

“What do you mean Zach is right here? He never left to go any were right?”

“What how did you get away from him? Did you kill him?” I asked under my breath.

“NO he’s still with us. he didn’t know that I left and he will be coming after me soon so don’t think I can get away from him that easily.” Zach Answered.

“Ok well what are we going to do? Alyssa You and I can fight him. Me and Her mad a plan of how to defeat him.” I said and we leaned over and kissed again. We can now say that we are together and stuff like that. He is so cute and I love his hair!

“So what is then plan?”

“I’ll explain to you in class! Ok so lets go.”


As we are walking down to the corridor I explain every thing to him and how to kill him.

“Wait. Alyssa? I know her now. I just remember that she was the one who killed my parents! She is just leading us into a trap, to get us both. She is the worst girl ever!! How about we play it? that will get her to think not to mess with us! Should we?”

“Yes totally. We can defiantly make her think that she never should mess with us!”

“Ok but one thing, were is she?!?!?!”

“I don’t know I thought she was next to you? Wasn’t she? She’s right-

A scream came out from the class down the hall. All the girls and boys came running out of the room. We all crowd out to, and of course me and Zach ran to the other people to ask what happened and their we seen Alyssa and a girl that was trapped in her reach.

“LET HER GO!” I yelled

“HA you think you can stop me by just saying let her go? Yea right! I’m not here to just kill people like my stupid father. Of and brie thanks for telling me that crap about my father killing your parents. It ant true! I’m the one that kill them. I was with my father when he went on a killing spree. He was too stupid to kill you! And it was me that name was Samantha Colandry, Right Zach? You were there too! Right Fred?”

“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about! I will never kill people! I’m not like my parents that were with you two! Fred was my father and Tanisha was my mother!”

“Wait so your parents killed mine? Then where was you when they did that?” I asked

“Me? I was with my grandparents. But then you killed my parents! And right now I’m so confused!”

“NOCA MORA!” I yelled

Then Zach and Alyssa went flying in the air to the other side of the class room. Then they got up.

“Why did you do that for? I’m not going to kill any one unless you want me to!” Alyssa yelled.

“No I don’t but I want to know what the hell you are going to do!” A mans voice aroused from the crowd. We all turned around and there stud a 6 foot tall man, with a brown beard and it was as ugly as you can see. It had a nest for like mice to live in. his voice was really deep and sounded like a trombone “What is going on here?”

“UM well sir we are in a fight and we got a little out of hand.”

“Right. Sure you did.”

“Guys this is Dan he is a teacher of the defense magic class. We really need him here to help us with our magic.” Perry explained.

“That’s right and will you three come here to talk to me!” Dan yelled. We three scrambled over to him. He was really scary to me and I don’t want to get into any trouble here. “Well what going on? Why are you guys acting like fools!”

“Well we were fighting and Alyssa here was treating us with other students and Zach and I are confused on who killed who’s parents- I started to explain

“That is totally wrong I know who killed my parents and who didn’t! but I’m confused on what Alyssa was saying about me being Fred my father! She’s the one who- Zach yelled

“I’m the one that tried to take the students out of Brie’s arms! And then she- Alyssa finished

“What?! You’re the one that had the girl! Right people?!”

“YEAH” the crowd yelled

“Well Alyssa your come with me and I will deal with you personally!” Dan said then they walked away without saying another word about the incident.
“What are you going to do with me? I didn’t do anything!” Alyssa cried. “Please don’t hurt me!”

“Shut up! I’m not going to do anything to you! Its me Erick!”

“But how did that lady know you were Dan? Is he really a school teacher?”

“Yes! He’s over there. I locked him up for he wont spoil my plans!” Erick laughed in an evil way.
Chapter 5
“What are we going to do Brie? How are we going to beat Erick now? And I’m sorry about that whole killing my parent’s thing. I know it wasn’t you! Alyssa said that stuff to make me turn on you! I wonder why he hadn’t came back to get me? Do you agree with me?”
“Well I forgive you and I know who killed your parents but for right now I want to know for sure who it was that killed both of our parents! Where did Dan do?”
“I don’t know but were ever he went he left with Alyssa.” We both looked at each other. “You don’t think that Dan is Erick do you? I mean he just appeared when me were fighting and that what he likes to do.”
“Well he could be him but I don’t think he would go that low, Yeah he would but people would have noticed it was him, wouldn’t they?”
“I don’t know!”
“Lets go tell the teacher!”
We ran over to Perry and told her first. “What? Do you really think so? I don’t think he would do that, well yeah he would but no one will believe us!” Perry whispered.
“Its worth a try!” then we ran right to the headmaster and told her but all she had to say was that….

“Ha you think that Erick is Dan? Ha you’re funny because he really is and guess what. I am your mother Zach! I never died! I just left you long time ago and brought you to a house a didn’t bother with you! Oh and Brie your mother ant dead! I know were she is and if you help me I will tell you. We all stopped Erick before he could do anything bad like kill all the people in the world and make a new one! If he wanted to kill everybody then I would have gave you up Zach and I would have had to start new with one of those creepy people! And for Alyssa her father is actually Erick and he has her and he never killed her and he is going to kill every one else! For one thing it looks like your not believing me but I am telling the truth! Only my Zach would know the real me. Please help me I’m trapped without any powers and I need them to help you beat Erick! By now he must be more powerful!”

“Ok but we need to know if- I started then Zach jerked me away

“Listen Brie this is my mother! She doesn’t really look like this! She looks way better with her powers! And if we don’t get them back to her then she wont be around any longer! Please give her a chance and if she isn’t my mother then we can take back her powers! Please?!”

“Fine ill help but you must promise me that what you said is true. Ok Headmaster we’ll help you just because your Zach’s mother.”
“THANK You; I love what you are doing! Oh Brie I know you mother. She will be happy for you! Zach I’m sorry if I won’t make it through with the plan but I want you to live with Brie and her Mother. Ok So first lets go Save Brie’s mother!!” The Headmaster yelled.
We all ran out the door and he grabbed our brooms and set off to find Brie’s mother. It wont be long before they will get into trouble but they will find Erick and Kill him once and for all.
Chapter 6
We all hurried to Zach’s mothers house and we rescued my mother. She was so happy to see me all grown up.
“Sweetie! I miss your so much! I am so happy you came to be a lovely girl. Was my sister treating you right? Well I bet not I know that already! Well lets get a move on we need to stop Erick!”
“Yea duh! I missed you so much I never even seen you before! Now I have a mother to live with!” I cried and the tears rolled down my cheek.”
“Yeah me too. Ok but we need to get a move on now!”
“Yes let’s go! Come one Anna we won’t get him in time!” The headmaster yelled
“Coming Sara, I’m coming!” My mother yelled back. We all hopped on our brooms and floated off into the distance. It was a great trip! I had seen the Statue of Liberty in New York, The Empire State Building and more in New York. I think we are on our way to Florida! I never was to Florida before and I want to see what it looks like! Oh my gosh this trip is going to be the best but then it looks like it is going to rain of course and I don’t want to get wet!
“Brie! Come here please! Try not to get wet in the rain put a rain coat on or something! And we are almost to Florida! There we will meet a guy named Jeff he is going to help us with our trip. Perry is very skilled and knows a lot of tricks to help us. We need you to help to. So make sure your wand doesn’t get wet. Oh and I hope you did clean yourself dry of you money you will need it to buy new things for our home! It’s a beautiful house.” My mother yelled to me.
“Ok! and no I didn’t take all the money out.” I yelled back. We are close to the border now. I think we will be there in like ten seconds! It’s so awesome! I am getting to fly and I can do my magic without being in school and I’m getting a lesson on how to use my magic! I can’t wait to bet Erick on his own Game!
“Brie we are going to take a turn at the statue over there and we are going to land in front of it so make sure you are not seen!” Zach yelled he was right next to me and we stuck out our hands and we held hands together! Wee would stay together and we would always be with each other only if he was killed I would be really mad and sad at the same time. Only time will tell on what is going to happen to us. my mother is in between Perry and Zach’s mother. They keep fighting on who is going to knock on the door. The suddenly my mother was knocked off her broom but good thing she was caught. Then we looked up and seen Alyssa! She was more powerful then before and bigger I mean a taller way.
“HAHAHA, I’m back did ya miss me?” Alyssa yelled
“No we didn’t! And I know what is going on know! So try and stop us Alyssa! You will be stopped too like your father!” I yelled back
“Yeah right!” she laughed and flew right to us and tried to knock my mother off again. Then Zach dodged the next strike and me and him combined together to make us more powerful and blew her right away, Then Erick had came into the picture!
“Hey Guys you miss me? I bet you didn’t. I was wandering what was going on between you and Zach? Boyfriend and Girlfriend I think, Right? Any who, I don’t care because one of you are going to die and it ant going to be me!” Erick Yelled.
“yea you are right about me and Brie! I know for sure we aren’t going to die the only person that’s going to die is you!”
“Your Damn right Zach and I am going to help!” A girls voice called in the distance. We all looked back to see Jenny floating right before us. She had cuts and brushes all over her face but most of them are stitched up. All the little cuts had bandages on them she was so happy to be alive with that big smile on her face. She grab a broom and flew right towards Erick and she made him fall off his broom to the darkness below, but then he rose up again and he tried one more time to kill her but he didn’t succeed.
“You wimp think you can beat me? How did you comeback if I kill you on that train?” Erick yelled
“My own secrete! I will never tell you!” she yelled back “but here I’ll tell you this NOCA MORA!” she yelled with all strength.
“What? NO! Damn you kids!”
“Ha that’s for calling me a wimp!”
“That’s it Jenny For that you get this natia nomora!”
“NO JENNY!” I yelled
“Crosio Molina!” Jenny yelled and a shield jumped out of her want and blocked the attack and bounced back to Alyssa and she killed herself, and she fell into the wind and took her away.
“Was that it?” Jenny asked we all just stud there and looked confused.
“Wait how did you return? I know you were dead! HOW?!” I asked loudly
“Well I was never dead in the first place! I was just knocked out. Then they took me to the hospital and I woke up. They kept me there for a while and they told me I was going to be fine. Then I left and heard you in the sky and wanted to help, so here I am helping am I right?” Jenny replied.
“right.” I said with a confused look. Then we all flew back to the school. When we reached the school everybody ran out to greet us and Jenny and helped her into the school. The headmaster got a room for her next to us (the room Alyssa was in). Jenny also got more friends and we do hang out with each other sometimes and for me and Zach we are boyfriend and girlfriend to the end (unless we get married). Then mw and him kiss once again and we walked down the hall
“Ha those kids think they can beat anybody huh? Well they are wrong they don’t know who they are messing with! Profess death That’s who!

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