A Diamond is Forever

March 25, 2008
By Katie Nevels, Republic, MO

A dark, desolate alley in between three buildings so tall if He wished God could reach our and touch the top. Staring at the buildings, Bella Micain thought of her life, particularly the past year. When she turned 16, everything fell apart. Her parents divorced, becoming another couple that divorced after their daughter or son turned 16. She also lost the only boy she loved, and all her friends. Now in the safety of her alley, no longer visible to anybody else, she sat thinking about everything and nothing at the same time. When it was silence Bella needed, she went there. Nobody ever came here, why would they? It was dark and cold. Nobody likes dark and cold except for Bella. A dark figure interrupted her silence. A hard thump came dragging along the ground made Bella curious. The figure turned out to be an old man who was tall and thin with grey whiskers. He looked at her at Bella with a sorrow filled face sprinkled with caution. The old man held Bella’s glance for what seemed like hours, but it only lasted a few seconds.
“Don’t be afraid,” the old man’s voice was small and quiet Bella had to stain to hear.
“I have something for you.”
The single statement sent Bella in a wild set of emotions that were too intense for her. She shoved the thoughts out of her head as fast as she thought them.
“Little child, do not fear me. I mean no harm.”
“I don’t understand” Bella’s voice was weak with fear.
“I have a necklace for you. And will you please hear me out. I have a special necklace that can take you places. It can take you back before you were born, or can take you in to that future to fix anything you may want to fix.” His eyes turned friendly.
“Your eyes give you away. You are asking so many questions you won’t ask aloud.”
“Please tell me more; I could go to the future or past….”
“My dear child, you must know the rules. There are three diamonds to take you to the past and future. The middle diamond stabilizes the other two.”
Bella examined the necklace unlike the necklaces she’d seen. The necklace had three sparkling diamonds. These beautiful diamonds sparkled in Bella’s eyes.
“These are beautiful. But wait, I could see what I look like in ten years, twenty years…”
He grabbed the necklace from her hand so fast it startled her. He dangled it in front of her while speaking to her.
“You’re thinking the unthinkable! You can’t see yourself, you’ll ruin everything I’ve came come to fix!”
“I came to fix this. Please try and understand.”
Her heart started to race. The alley started moving before her eyes. This was too much for her. The old man stared at her in defeat.
“You need to realize what you could ruin if you went to the future and mess things I’ve set up”
That ran through her mind. She became zombie like when she thought about his sentence.
“Who are you?”
“I’m your…I am just someone from your future.”
He opened her palm and gently placed the necklace with its new owner.
The curfew clock chimed and Bella stood to her feet involuntarily. 17 years of the same clock is almost as natural as breathing by now.
“Go now, please us it when you have to make a huge decision.”
“Which mistake? Where? Why?”
“You’ll figure it out. By the way I’m Edward.”
In the four minutes till curfew came in effect, her new bicar was going faster than she ever went before. She couldn’t her emotions to slow it down. Why did this ‘Edward’ come back to tell me this. What mistake? Where? When? She thought.
In a split second was spinning, spinning like a top. A top so out of control nobody could stop it. Nobody even would try. The spinning made her ears hurt. The necklace made a sharp pain in her neck. The chain got really tight, so tight she couldn’t breath. When the necklace stopped hurting she opened her eyes. The air stung her nose. Her lungs ached for the weighing in her chest. Why am I here?
‘What was my mistake?’ flashed in her mind.
“My mistake? That’s why im here?”
She instantly grabbed her necklace and bowed her head. She examined the necklace that lay on her ice cold body that felt new and strange. She saw the back o f the pendent that read BELLA MY LOVE. Who was this Edward?
“Hello, miss. Are you okay?” The voice was lovely just like the diamonds.
“Umm, I think so, where am I?”
“Silly child, you’re in Minnesota.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, Bella, you’re in Minnesota.”
“How did you know my name?” confusion filled her tone.
“Your necklace, it says, ‘Bella my love’, I assume you’re Bella.”
This strange boy was so beautiful; Bella could only think simple thoughts. This boy had short, shaggy hair that was a red brown with red accents. Amazingly dark eyes with gold rings accenting them perfectly. Bella was in awe at this boy. Bella could see the difference in time and style wherever she was; she was different.
“Excuse me, miss. I’m sorry, but how did you find this place?”
Bella hadn’t even realized her surroundings. There was a thick forest with green everywhere. She had never seen so much green, the forest reminded her of the old times in the history books. Many questions bubbled up to her throat but didn’t pour out.
“You look confused. May I help you find something or someone?”
“What year is it?”
Her question obviously took him off guard.
“2071. Why?”
“What happened to all the buildings and roads?”
“The Great War came and cleared all the buildings. The war was a silent blessing. All the trees were dying. Our grass wasn’t coming back. We were losing our oxygen supply.”
The way he spoke and how he presented himself left Bella in a daze.
All that came out of her mouth was a muffled ‘oh’.
“This may seem a little forward but I feel like I know you. Are you from around here? Where are you from?”
“I’m from….out of town.”
She felt a sudden wave of guilt, she was lying. She hated to lie to people.
“Well, Bella, I feel I must tell you something, I can tell what people are feeling by looking into their eyes. I can tell what you’re feeling. Your feeling extremely confused. I would like to help you, Bella.”
“I don’t even know your name and you want to help me. Don’t get me wrong, I need your help. You probably think im unstable. I’m really not, I promise. I’m just really confused about why I’m here.”
“My name is Edward; I was born in 2052. I have a mom and dad that divorced when I turned 16. I just turned 20 yrs. Old. I could keep going, anything else you want to know?”
That’s weird; I would have just turned 19. This is only two years ahead, that didn’t take long. It only took me two years to make my big mistake.
“Are you going to let me help you now?”
“Don’t you want to know anything about me?”
“Your name is Bella, You’re no from around here or even in this time realm.”
“Okay, which way?” Bella sighed; it was all she could say. She was surprised to hear that he knew.

On the way to town she had a world lift off her shoulders to find Edward. Edward. OH! Oh my! EDWARD! The old man’s name was Edward. This was Edward.
“You’re the one who gave me this.” She couldn’t help but to fiddle with her necklace.


“Yes, I was told about a girl who would come to this spot around this time. I’ve been coming for a month, I was about to give up. Good thing I didn’t” Bella started to blush as she quickly turned away. “When you showed up you were really confused why you were here. I hid till you seemed comfortable enough so I wouldn’t scare you. An old man told me my future would come here. I would help her find her way, the way to herself. She would want to see herself. ‘Let her see herself, but don’t let her lose her necklace.’ The old man said to help you. I’m here to help.”
“He told you to let me see myself? He told me not to…”
“He told me that you would do the opposite of what he said.”
“Well, that changes things.”

They walked into town carrying a whole new burden on both of their shoulders. Bella took a good long look at her future world. How could two years bring so much change?

“How long was the war?”
“Two whole days”
“That’s it?”
“Yeah…I know where you live”
He was blushing as he looked down. Nobody ever blushed as a result of me. A wide grin brushed across her face. The smile felt weird upon a somber face. Her face was so serious, in past year she hadn’t smiled in a long time. The smile felt good, it felt right. Being with Edward felt right.
“I know what you mean”
His words were like a slap in the face.
“We’re even now.” A triumphant smile grew large on his gorgeous face.
Bella fell hard, hard for someone she just met. This didn’t happen to her. Nothing like that happen to Bella. She enjoyed the attention she was getting from Edward.
“I know we just met but I feel like I’ve known you forever”
“Me too”
With two words came many things. The walls that she built fell down into dust. Her smile came through and didn’t feel the sadness in her heart, eyes, chest, and body.
“We’re here”
The two were in front of a house as beautiful as she felt with Edward. The house had a white picket fence with green grass and an old swing, tied to an old tree. Bella was wondering what was so wrong with this.
“Go ahead, knock on the door”
Her knock was more like a tap on the door. There were a series of loud clanks and thuds; the door only opened a couple of inches.
“Hello, you don’t know me but I know you. I’m bel- Becca. This is Edward.”
Once Bella said Edward’s name, the older Bella did a double take toward Edward,
A woman came out with long wavy hair. Her honey blonde tresses gave a hint of youth. This woman was as beautiful as a sunset over the ocean. Her eyes told a different story. Her eyes held a sadness Bella had seen in the mirror for the past two years. This was her, without Edward. A beautiful shell, a bare inside.
“How old am I here?” Bella whispered to Edward.
“25” He whispered as they walked through the door.
“Why are you so sad?” Bella felt the question slip through her wary lips.
“My dear, would you like to know my story?”
“Yes, I would”
Edward and Bella took a seat on a dark, blue couch. The couch was small, so they sat close, this greatly eased Bella’s mind.
“It all started when I was 16. My mother and father divorced and all my friends left. Everybody left me. I was on my own, so I decided to make it somewhere, somehow. I wanted to be beautiful so nobody would leave me. I was blonde beautiful and young, then the war started. Everybody forgot about me again, until I met a boy named Edward,” she snuck a glance towards Edwards’s direction. “He was my rock, my safe harbor, my sun. He was my everything; then I got greedy. I wanted to be wanted again. I loved Edward more than anything but I grew up with little and I just wanted more, more, and more. I pushed him to the side, later I needed him back. He was torn and hurt, but he had moved on. I lost everything again, because I wanted everything.”
Tears were streaming down her pale face. Her face lost its color after she said Edward. Sobs tore in her chest, making her shake. This frightened Bella greatly. She reached out to touch the grief stricken woman but was caught by a secret struggle that pulled on Bella’s heart.
“We better get going Becca.”
Edward took her hand on the way out the door. Once they were out of sight she couldn’t keep her façade any longer. She hugged Edward’s muscular shoulders and cried. Really cried; cried for everything that’s happen in the past and for today.
“It doesn’t have to be like that. We can change the future. Stay with me. Don’t go back; stay with me.”
Edward’s eyes were watery.
“She won’t exist, will she? If I stay she won’t be like that. The sadness won’t be in her eyes. No greed. The greed-.” She couldn’t finish her sentence.
Edward held Bella like she would suddenly disappear.
“We could make it Bella! I can’t lose you, not after this. Bella, I...I...I love you.”
“I couldn’t, I would be changing the future. I can’t do that. I want to Edward but I can’t stay. I have to go back.”
“You’re not going back Bella”
Bella opened her eyes, at the familiar frail voice, and saw white. This is new.
“This is your potential mistake. I’ve come to tell you to think it through. This is all I can say. Follow your heart. What does your heart want?”
Trees came into Bella’s view.
The spinning stopped.
“Bella! Bella, are you okay? Oh Bella you came back!”
“I’m fine…I...”
“You disappeared for a second. I thought maybe, well maybe, you went back.”
Edward’s face had dried tears on his face. A single tear ran down his cheek. Bella smiled and wiped away the tear.
“What happen to your necklace?”
Bella felt around her neck and in her pockets, instead, she found a note.

My Dearest Bella,

Your future is changed now, im sorry for not telling you. I took your necklace,
I can’t live without you in the future. I realize I’ve made a mistake and made you come to the future to see yourself, so you won’t turn into that person. Out of the goodness of your heart you didn’t want to hurt me, so you would have left. The reason I came to give you the necklace changed when I felt the feelings I had for you. I need you. I’m the greedy one now, I need your love.

Yours forever,

Despite being tricked, Bella smiled.
“I don’t have my necklace anymore because Im staying. I’m staying with my rock. My safe harbor.”
Bella took Edwards hand and drew him closer and kissed him.
In less than a day, Bella went fell in love and had somebody who loved her. Edward was her world. Bella and Edward, for now, forever.

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