We've Heard This One Before

March 25, 2008
By Tara Abbawi, Richmond Hill, ZZ

It was a dark and stormy night in Asher Hills. As the wind whispered through the leafless trees, what seemed like thousands of voices flooded a dark and mysterious alley one cold autumn night. No one saw it coming, but a murder was about to take place in that very corner of this specific section in town. A man carrying a knife with the initials M.T. in his right hand had just tossed an empty bottle out onto a side road. Turning to see how far a strong arm like his could throw, it was then that he had finally locked eyes with just the type of girl he had been looking for.

That very same night, Kate was on her way to the local library. She had forgotten her chemistry textbook and binder inside one of the private study rooms just a few hours back, and she knew she had to try to get it back as quickly as she could, as her final was coming up early that week. As she hurried up the slippery steps, she thought she heard a loud crash, and instantly turned to it's direction. Fear caught her by surprise when she saw something move behind the bushes. Kate froze in stiff position, afraid to move a muscle in the heavy rain. After a few seconds of soaking in the stillness and silence, she tried to shake off the concern and quickly head towards the large wooden doors again. As she felt her heart beat faster and faster, in a hurry, looking back, she tried to open the doors, yanking hard with both arms, but her sweaty hands lost grip, and her feet dropped her down the steps like a tray full of spiders. She fell back and hit her head somewhere between the fourth and fifth steps.
As she fell, Kate thought about her mother warning her not to leave the house so late at night on her own. She thought of her best friend reminding her not to forget anything this time when they entered the library earlier that day. Different moments of her life flashed before her eyes, and suddenly, the 2 and a half seconds it took for her to go from conscious to unconscious seemed to stretch into hours of lost hopes and eternal regrets.
Kate had never been one to be fortunate with these kinds of things. In fourth grade, waiting to get on the bus on the class field trip to the chocolate factory, Ryan Orchard told Freda Quin who told Shelley Donchester whom Kate overheard telling Billie Krimson a nasty rumour about Kate. They said that she was going to save all her free chocolates to give to a boy in fifth grade, Bobby, her lover, to whom she was completely and utterly obsessed with and couldn’t do anything but stalk because he would not talk to her. Upon her attempt to denying the dirty lies she knew to be true, Kate elbowed Mrs. Kurdington in the stomach, knocking her down the bus steps and tripping her out the bus door with the help of a mysteriously placed backpack which was also Kate’s. After that day, Mrs. Kurdington made Kate’s parents sign a waver that made them swear she was never to go on class field trips without personal parental supervision until she had proved to be graceful with her actions, which further embaressed Kate, especially considering the fact that Bobby had it first hand to hear the complaint from Kate's teacher every year, as Mrs. Kurdington was Bobby’s mother.
So like I said, Kate had never been one to be fortunate with these kinds of things. So it was quite the blessing for Kate that the day she fell unconscious, she did not live anywhere near Asher Hills.

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Tara A. said...
on Oct. 30 2008 at 12:50 am
You're quite right. It is now the intro to my novel, haha. I forgot I submitted this!

on Sep. 8 2008 at 10:03 pm
huh? So, what happened? I don't get it, there isn't really a plot it's just someone's thoughts before they go unconcious, how is that a story? It sounds like the back cover of a novel. Like a synopsis, not a short story.

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