"Why Are We Going So Fast?!"

March 24, 2008
By Zachary Hollenbeck, Eleva, WI

“Why are we going so fast?!”

“What’s going on?” Nigel McKnight says right as a car speeding behind them blows up. A bright blue laser shoots out from the darkness of the London sky line and barely misses the speeding car. Chester McDonald, a life long military captain in the British Royal Navy and former S.A.S., weaves in and out of cars trying desperately not to get in a car crash, or worse, taken by the aliens.

One Day Earlier


Nigel, Winston and Rodger all sprint to their lockers getting done with the final school day for the year. Excitement is everywhere and there is mayhem everywhere. The three boys meet up just outside of there school to wait for Chester, their life long neighbor, and family friend.

“What are you going to do this summer Nigel?” asked Rodger.

“Ummm…I haven’t really decided yet, probably just sit home, hang out with you guys and play video games.”

“Sounds like a good plan!” Winston jumps milliseconds after Nigel stopped talking. Approximately two minutes later Chester pulls up in his black BMW 3L-1 looking like it just came out of the car wash.

“Hop in! Lets go!” yelled Chester franticly as if someone was chasing him. As the kids got in they smelled a vanilla sent which came refreshing as the kids have never smelled it before in the car. He quickly accelerated before the boys even got their seatbelt on and sped down towards the highway.

“What’s this? This isn’t our way home!”

“Where are we going!” the kids protested.

“I have something to show you,” he paused.


“Immediately!” he quickly interrupted. They drove onto the highway. It was taking awhile so the boys started to fall asleep. 20 minutes later Chester started to slow down, but there weren’t any exit ramps insight. Chester came to about eight mph and stared to turn, this would be fine except there wasn’t a road there, and they were heading straight towards a very large boulder. Inches before they hit the rock he sped up and a door opened on the rock. A red light came on and a female voice came overhead.

“Rank, name, and position,” Came the voice demanding. The kids gave Chester a look kind of like “wow,” and “ooooooo.”

Chester spoke into the speaker, “Major, Winchester, Lead Weapons Management and research.” So this is what he does with all his spare time Winston thought.

“Access granted.” The red light suddenly turned green and the car started to be lowered in the pitch black. It stopped about what seemed to be thousands of stories below. A large garage type door opened up to a warehouse Hundreds of feet long, then they could exactly why they needed all the space. Right in front of the car was a UFO. It was a dark blue color and red markings over the cockpit. The middle had mechanical type valves and spicks sticking out. Right away they had millions of questions.

“This UFO was found at Roswell just 30 minutes after the landing. There were 20 aliens aboard, scouts we assume. Only 3 were found alive. So far we have been able to keep them alive and healthy. As far as the language, they pick up very fast. It’s remarkable what they know and understand about the human race and the way we live. They know our history up to one million years back. They have known we were here along time before we could even imagine. There weapon systems are……amazing to say the least.” Chester explained. The kids couldn’t really do anything but stare at the aircraft.

“Can we see the live aliens?” asked Nigel. Chester looked to find the director. He kept glancing around. Finally he caught the eye of a very large African-American man. He looked to be about 40 years old and just starting to grey. He wore a black suit with a red handkerchief sticking out of the pocket.

“Major? Would you introduce me to your friends?” He talked with a very powerful voice, almost like he would be the voice of God in a church play.

“Yes sir, this is Nigel, Rodger, and Winston.”

“I see.”

“May I show my friends the aliens’ sir? The live ones I mean.”
“We could arrange something.” The director led them around the UFO and brought them to a very small door. The door didn’t look like the director would be able to fit through. He swiped a card, had his eye and hand scanned and finally he had is voice checked by a computer.

“Access granted.” It was the exact same woman’s voice. They all started to walk slowly towards the door anxiously waiting for it to open. When it opened the room was small but separated the little space inside the door from a very large whit room. There was a woman in a sterile outfit and a clip board, she pointed to a metal cabinet.

“Boys…” the directed added. They were all very exited as Chester has never seen the live ones and nor have the kids. They got the uniforms on and stepped into a shower looking thing. A mist was sprayed and then a door opened on the opposite end. They headed over and then the director said “This is very top secret, the president doesn’t know. The only ones who know are all in this facility. We also remind you that they are very dangerous, they have sent out many radio waves but we don’t know from where. We have caught messages but have not been able to intercept them. The men downstairs are working on it right now.” He lead them to a dark room and told them that they had to wait for clearance with control. Two long minutes pasted by and he said “alright, lets go.” He walked into a black room. There were two walls covered in thick glass and down a corridor to the left was a metal door with bars on it. “The four are in this glass cage over here. We have speakers all around so they can here you if you talk to them.”

The aliens were a dark red color. They were tall and skinny, but didn’t look dangerous at all. There was one with some sort of scar on his right cheek which reminded him of the letter “Ж”. A letter he learned while studying Russian. It was a sort of green shade with a little hue of purple.

“They may not look dangerous, but let me show you what they will be in about five to six years, what they are really like, and not so nice looking,” the director said. He had them go to the metal door. It was all scratched up and worn. Like the ones you would see in a horror movie. He took his key and unlocked all 10 locks that were on the door in random places. They walked in as the door creaked open. There were six men with heavy assault rifles and one with a pistol and a machete. They wore ACU cameo with a red patch that resembled an alien head and a saber. There was a metal cabinet on the other side of the room that had an “explosive” sticker and the word “ammo” on it. The director pointed to walk over towards a wall. He pushed a button on it and the wall came down. Standing there in chains was the same thing as the other 4 but he had blood all over, he was much more muscular and had claws and teeth of a wolverine. He tried to move towards them but got caught quickly by chains.

“NOW YOU ARE USING ME AS A…A…ATTRACTION!!!” He yelled. “THAT’S THE FINAL STRAW!!!” he ripped out of the chains and yelled a very eerie yell and started running towards them. The men with the machine guns started ripping him to shreds and he fell instantly. Then they heard the glass breaking out side. They ran towards the men and grabbed them and ripped them into two pieces. Blood got all over the five men and started to run towards the ammo cabinet. Nigel grabbed a G36C and cocked it. They all then grabbed a gun and started heading for the door to shoot the aliens. Tat- Tat- Tat- Tat- Tat- Tat- Tat- Tat- Tat- Tat. They all shot and layed the aliens out. Then they heard explosions and gun fire and some sort of laser type sound. They hurried over the the elevator that brought them down and through the room to the main hanger. The UFO was off the ground and shooting all over the place.

“Let’s go!!” yelled Chester running towards the exit. He grabbed his car and started speeding out of the facility and remembered he forgot the kids. He stopped quickly and grabbed the kids. When they got out side all the cars were either exploded or in the ditch. Blood was every where and they body’s smelled awful. You could just smell death. They quickly went to London to see if the UFOs got there yet. They did. UFOs were firing every which way and exploding everything.
“Why are we going so fast?!”

“What’s going on?”

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