An Excerpt From its Glory Consumed Him

March 24, 2008
By Jonathan Davis, Flower Mound, TX

At only 14 years old, Alexander was the youngest person to ever attend the Upper Greek Academy. There was nothing impressive about his stature. He stood at only 5’4, and weighed in at about 135 pounds... very common for a Macedonia in those days. He wasn’t built like a strongman, or impressively cut like the narcissitic models who paraded their physiques around for sleezy audiences. Yet he carried himself like a king.

Alexander had an infectious charisma about him. He was the kind of passionate person who could talk for hours about any subject, no matter how dull, and make it come alive. He was always willing to listen, and he listened well. He walked with commoners and royalty alike, soaking in all of their problems, hopes, and dreams. He didn’t listen with a critical ear... he didn’t listen to interject his own cheezy advice. Never once did anyone ever hear him say "Just keep your head up" or "It’ll all work out in the end." He just listened, with a kind of sincere empathy that can’t be falsely projected. You could feel that he was there for you, that he cared about you, and he made you feel that way without saying a word.

But when he did speak, it was something to behold. His speeches had all of the erudition of an aging Greek Senator, perfectly intermixed with the vibrance of youth. He lectured often in nature, speaking about anything that was on his mind while the birds sang in agreement. He spoke about politics, Macedonian history, the importance of science, love, religion, morality. He was absolutely brilliant. But more importantly, he didn’t speak "at" the crowd. He spoke with them. His tone was conversational and down to earth, not detached. He was funny, he was empathetic, he was inspirational.

This young genius grew older. Then an amazing transformation began to take place. His inward glory moved outward. His once lanky frame began to stretch out, giving him a solid muscular build. He grew upwards to, until he stood around half a head taller than the vast majority of those who adored him. He had light green eyes and tightly curled hair... glistening white teeth and olive colored skin. His biggest fans were the droves of women who would pour out of their homes just to get a glimpse of him. I still laugh years later as i think about the crazy stunts they pulled just to see him, to touch him, to have him.

He was a leader, a genius, and a warrior. He was also my greatest friend. I had the honor of walking with him for several years. It was with me he shared his darkest secrets, his most illogical fears, his boyhood crushes. The accomplished 20 year old stud who spoke so passionately before the Macedonian Elders that they nearly cried, that man was once a fearful little boy. He had his doubts about his purpose, just like the rest of us. Yet i had no doubts about his purpose, from the very first time i felt the power of his magnetic personality. When that skinny little kid first stood up in our spring courtyard, few turned their heads to notice. But as soon as he opened his mouth, he had our attention. The strength of a lion was somehow conveyed through that meager little body. And as i slipped into his stories, and listened to the laughter of the crowd, the inevitable became more obvious everyday. And i knew, without any doubt whatsoever, that this kid would someday rule the world.

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