Love Then 2 Now

March 23, 2008
By Brittany Cain, Anchorage, AK

Then Love to me was going thought battles and hardships and fights and times where all you think is that someone and can't get them out your mind or heart these are some ideas I believe in before I knew what love what.

Now love to me is someone who loves you for what you really are not oh what you look like under all that makeup or hot clothes, who you can relate to as a friend or a Best of Buddies, who will help you during the hard time and great times. Also someone who will be a friend and a lover at the same time, someone who you know ever face, ever mood, and can about say what they’re trying to say or going to say. Someone who will love you know matter what, someone you can go thought fights with then after the fight run into their arms and cry or say you’re sorry and you love them. Someone who u look after no matter what, someone who you do your best for, make them happy all the time, bring them joy, bring them happiness. Also when there in a bad mood or their feeling down you can bring up and make them laugh or smile. Someone who well be committed to you for the rest of your life. Have a happy wonderful marriage or a have a happy wonderful marriage with kids. Grow old with and still love them even if their winkled and walking around with a cane or with no hair. Someone you can deptence on, working for our Family, future or even house.

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