Evil Amber

March 22, 2008
By Taylor Parkinson, Lehi, UT

I was terrified as her car pulled up in the driveway of my parent’s house. I had only one reason to be so scared of this person I had never met, and that was all because an inept oaf who loved to tell stories. He had told me that Amber was the worst babysitter ever. She had tortured him, grounded him, and even starved him until his parents had gotten home, (so he said.)

I quickly brushed my fearful thoughts away when the doorbell rang. I dashed upstairs, memorizing any good reason why my parents were so irresponsible. They had left over an hour ago for their week-long vacation to Detroit and totally forgot to hire a babysitter. Of course, I knew I could handle my 3 younger sisters, but they insisted on a babysitter. They called around while waiting at the airport and soon became desperate, and were given one choice, Amber Alcott.

My hands shook violently as I reached for the metal door knob. I slowly opened the door to find a beautiful lady standing at my door, just standing, not doing anything at all when suddenly I realized who it was.

I stepped out of Amber’s way as she let herself into our house without welcome.

“Hello, I am Amber and I will be your new babysitter for this next week,” Said the voice of the old lady. The moment her whisper reached my ears, a chill of terror ran down my spine. There was something in her voice that made my senses tingle and my knees start to wobble.

“Have your parents gone?” The old woman queried.
My head started spinning and my hands became clammy. It had almost been like her words had a double meaning--and I was terrified. I had practically forgotten her question as I closed the door in fear of this being the last time I would ever see sunlight.
“They left over an hour ago.” I answered in hesitation. The moment the words were out of my mouth I regretted them. A sly smile stole over her face as she glared at me and my innocent siblings.
“Good.” She replied with her evil grin growing, “Now let me tell you the rules around here.”
“We already have rules.” I whispered in fear.
“Don’t speak when you are not spoken to!” Her new-found temper flared, “Now listen to what I have to say! Every morning you will wake up at 6:00 and get ready. At 7:00 you will eat breakfast, at 7:30 you will do your chores, at 12:30 you will eat lunch, at 5:00 you will eat dinner, and at 8:00 you will go to bed. No TV, no phone, no going outside, no computer, and no candy. If you follow these rules, no one will get hurt. Now go get ready for bed.”
I was terrified yet amused with the way she organized in such a way that everything happened at the exact time she wanted it to. I lay in bed just thinking of all the horrid things I could possibly do to this woman, and came up with a brilliant idea.
I jumped up, turned on the light, grabbed a piece of paper, and quickly sketched my plan.
The next morning I got up at 4 a.m. and slipped into Amber’s room. There she was, sleeping on the gests bed. I tip-toed my way to the side of her and slowly oozed the yellow honey all over her body and hair. The moment she was covered in honey I dashed out of her room and down to mine. I hid all the evidence of ever leaving my room and acted like I was sleeping.
The next thing I heard was the loud scream of Amber’s voice and it was like music to my ears. Of course none of us would admit that we did it and were grounded to our rooms all day (Which was extremely boring). But it did give me plenty of time to think up some new pranks I could pull on this babysitter. What else could she do to us besides grounding us? That’s when I found the perfect plan.
I knew that the next day she would have to go buy us our weekly groceries with the money that my parents left with the list of things to buy. If I went up stairs at night and switched the list with some ridiculous types of food, that might not even exist, she would surely be gone for twice the time it would normally take. Meanwhile I could bring everyone I over to my house and tell them that my parents are gone and I’m having a huge party.
I was positive Amber would quit after this. But I was terribly wrong. The moment she got home and found my surprisingly huge party she was furious.
That very night I regretted all that I had done just to get rid of Amber and I was wishing I had just gone along with her stupid plans of keeping me in the house all weekend for doing absolutely nothing. I had to clean the huge mess that was left by my friends who were forced to leave when amber arrived at my house with all the ridiculous items I had thought of. When I was finished cleaning I was sent to my room with no dinner and was to stay in my room until breakfast the next morning, no matter what. So I fell asleep, big mistake. All that night I was tortured by my terrifying dreams of Amber with her silver hair, horribly beautiful face, and her sly smile.
When I woke up the next morning I could smell eggs and bacon cooking in the kitchen. Wondering who was cooking, I peeked into the kitchen to find my mom, back from her trip and ready for the day. Come to find out she had never even left the house, it was all a dream.

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