March 22, 2008
By Sara Gervais, Watertown, MA

Glaring down at the figure writhing on the floor in drunken exhilaration, she shook her head. Once, she’d actually thought that she knew that boy. “Apparently not,” she grumbled dejectedly, scanning the room for someone at least partially sane, maybe even sober.

“Hey,” came a came a voice from behind her, “disappointed?”
Raising her eyebrows in surprise that someone could read her mind so easily, she turned. “Yes.”
When he only responded with a satisfied smirk, she elaborated. “They’re just all so desperate,” she sighed, motioning to her peers.

“Desperate for what?” he asked, cocking his head questioningly.

“Attention, popularity, love…I guess,” she murmured, suddenly acutely aware that she had no idea who she was pouring her heart out to. “Who are you anyway? I’ve never seen you at school.”

“You’ve seen me,” he explained, smiling sadly, “you just don’t recognize me.”
Before she could question him further, he’d backed away, disappearing into a mass of crazed students with a wink as a farewell.
Normally, she would have let him go but, as it was, he was the only sane person she’s spoken to all night. Whatever her reasons, she hurried into the crowd after him, hoping that her attempts at human interaction wouldn’t turn out to be in vain.

“I see you don’t know me,” he whispered from somewhere above her, “goodbye.”
But she did know him. She knew that voice. She knew the pain he had caused her. She knew him. She knew him.

“Wait!” she cried, needing to be heard, needing to be understood, needing to be forgiven, desperately needing to forgive. Because somehow she knew. Somehow she knew it was him. She knew him, knew him oh so well. “I know you! Please!”
The ghost didn’t grace her with a response.

It wasn’t your fault
It wasn’t mine
It was a horrible, horrible mistake

Believing you were the cause of my tragedy,
You took your own life,
Only causing more pain, more heartbreak

Lie peacefully now,
Knowing that it wasn’t your fault
It was a horrible, horrible mistake

“Thank you,” his voice embraced her from the Heavens, “thank you for giving me peace.”

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