It Was Taylor's First Night at Home...

March 21, 2008
By Leira Sanchez, San Sebastian, ZZ

It was Taylor’s first night at home from boarding school. She was up in her room unpacking. Boredom was driving her crazy. She turned on her laptop and got into St. Victoria’s Catholic School for Girls’ myspace profile. There she found the cure for her boredom. Some Carrie girl was having a party. A house party. Everyone was invited. She wondered why her sister, the most popular girl in school, didn’t go. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t. She wrote on the message board on her bedroom door, “tired, jetlag, sleeping, DON’T DISTURB. See you in the morning”, she locked the door, put some pillows under the covers of her bed and out the window she went.

She paid the cab driver and stepped inside the white town house facing her. Music blasted out of the built-in speakers throughout the house, drunken teenagers were bowling with some crystal vases. People were making out in every corner. The dance floor was packed. She wandered around the house and found the kitchen. She took an unopened cold beer from the fridge and drank. On the kitchen stairs there’s a couple fighting. The girl - this 5’8’’ brunet goddess- run out the back door. Instinctively, Taylor followed after her. She found her sitting on a swing.

“Hi!” Taylor approached her. Tears came down the girl’s beautiful face. She was startled by Taylor. “Hey,” she said, wiping her tears away.

“Are you okay?” Taylor asked.

The girl scoffed.

“Stupid question, right?” Taylor said. “I saw you arguing with a boy. I assume he’s your boyfriend. Is he the reason you’re crying? You want to talk about it?”

“Who are you? You don’t even know me!” answered the girl. “Why would you assume I’d tell you about my problems? It’s none of your business!”

“Well, because you need a shoulder to cry on. Someone to hear you. To help you through the pain. And I won’t judge you. I’m already on your side, not his,” she sat next to the girl, on the other swing. “Want some?” She offered her some beer.

“Beer? Eww!” she said. “Some wine would be good.”

“Okay,” Taylor chuckled. “I’ll get you some,” Taylor stood up to leave.

“Wait!” the girl stopped her. “I’ll go with. Maybe we can find a nice, quiet place, with a roof, to talk.”

After they got the wine they went upstairs. On a deserted hallway, they went into a room. It was the library, they thought. There were book cases, filled with ancient books everywhere. There were pictures, also. On top of the fireplace was a family portrait. The parents and a girl, smiled down at them. On the far end of the room there was a mini bar. They sat on the couch facing the fireplace.

“Want me to lit it?” asked Taylor.

“Umm…okay.” Taylor stood up, turned on the fireplace and sat next to the girl.

After some awkward silence Taylor got the girl talking. She told Taylor everything that had happened. How she had found her boyfriend with another girl. Hours passed and the girls drifted off the conversation and into a new one. It wasn’t long before they were drunk and laughing. Out of the blue, the girl’s lips brushed Taylor’s. It took her by surprise but she kept kissing the girl. She sat on the couch and the girl sat on her lap, facing her. Taylor kissed her lips, her neck, her cheek. She slid her hand under the girl’s skirt. Then Taylor’s phone started to buzz.

Great timing!

“Crap! I’ve got to take this.” Taylor tried to untangle herself from the girl’s embrace. “It’s my sister.”

“Hello,” she answered the phone.

“Where the hell are you?!?!”

“Uhh…in my room,” answered Taylor, nervously. A million thoughts were running through her mind, Mom and Dad found out, I’m dead!.

“No, you’re not!” replied her sister.

“Do Mom and Dad know?” she asked.

“No, but I don’t think I can stall for too long. Mom wants to go in to say goodnight. So, hurry up. We’ll talk about this tomorrow!”

“Okay. I’ll be right there.” She turned to the girl, “I’ve got to go. But if you give me your number, I’ll call.”

They exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses and said good-bye.

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