A Fictious Travelers Tale

March 21, 2008
By Haiden Van Rumund Van Rumund, Becket, MA

"This is both ture and untrue." A tall man standing in front a flickering fire balanced on one leg and surrounded by blanketed kids states.

"How can it be both when it is only one story?" Challenges one kid sitting particularly close to the fire.

"If you listen you will see!" The man glares at the kid with mock anger.

"It all started when I was just a boy..." He looks impatiently at the lauging kids. "It was the first time the Traveler limped into my village. Most thought of him as an outsider with no business at our town, but us young people! We would spend hours at the local inn listening to tales of having to get by thieves, knights, and even a fire-breathing dragon!

"The tale I'm about to tell you is one of his tales. It is both true and untrue.

"The Traveler was on his way to alert the king that the village had been raided by an allied kingdom when two score of the same knights seemingly appeared from teh mountainside."

"Go back down to your village, peasant!" Shouted a knight. But the Traveler was no peasant, and wasn't going to give in to their taunting.

"Why should I go back to where nothing good ever comes from?" The knights stare at him, puzzled. "I am no peasant from that village. I am here to kill the king! But as you see I am unarmed."

The knight who had spoke up before motioned to one of the other knights. He gave him a sword.

"We are glad to fight alongside you for we too are going to slay the king!" The Traveler took the sword and nodded his thanks. The knights and traveler continued their trek up the mountain.

When they arrived at the top the Traveler snuck away. None of the knights noticed though because they were intent on overthrowing the king.

The Traveler strode majestically into the kings chamber from a back entrance and told him of the approaching enemies. The king sent out four score of his knights to take care of it.

When the knights were back the king went up to the Traveler. "There seems to be one enemy left. He claims you have his sword. So the Traveler went over to the balcony and looked down at the knight.

"Here is your sword!" And he threw done the sword with such accuracy that it chopped off the knights head. The End.

"So what is untrue about it?" The kid is now almost in the fire.

"He didn't throw the sword with good accuracy, he hit the guy in the leg. The knight who he threw the sword at wasn't even an enemy at all!"

"Who was he then?"

"Me! I was standing near the knight who lost his sword!"

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