The Serene Valley Stretched Forth

March 21, 2008
By Jessa Bates, Lehi, UT

The serene valley stretched forth. Her superior was dead. All her life she had been the ostentatious little girl. The one who basked in leadership, who was spoiled, breathtakingly beautiful, and amiable by all. She thought back about her grandmother, having raised her as her own, when her mother had passed away, in the terrible battle, Grandmother had always been there for her. Now she was dead.

Fear ran through her young veins. She was royal, she would stay young, in her twenties forever, for all time and eternity. She had no clue how to run the greatest planet in the galaxy. People everywhere now looked up to her decision. Her grandmother had always been commanding, superior to everyone. But yet somehow never pompous.

It didn't matter now. She had to stop thinking of what was. Her country was at war. A war with the worst planet made known to man kind. Beasts roamed around the country side, tearing it and other beings, limb from limb; on this planet. There was no mercy, none. She had the whole weight on her shoulders. A tear ran down her face. She dropped the picture of her grandmother, the delectably fair babe.

She ran, faster and faster through the rushing castle. It was extremely busy today, no surprise. When anyone saw her they bowed, quite deeply. After minutes she had made it to the garden. Her eyes scanned the landscape. No one was there. She breathed deeply, and then whispered, “Relsimeah.”

Instantly she was stolen, stolen into another demention. Time sat still here. She knew this was the answer it would be here. You see she had traveled to her family's fountain; the ancient place where she could communicate with her relatives. She glided to the fountain. It read asdjotle, which we translate to the human words, DO NOT TAMPER. The young girl ignored this rather gruesome sign. She was too impatient to wait for them to come to her. Her hands cupped to the running water, drinking.

Momentaniously her mothers thoughts - feelings ran though her. “It Will be Okay young one, you must survive. Listen! You were meant to be the one to beat them, I do not doubt it. I love you. You must ride to where I died. You must now be Superior to All.”

She opened her eyes. Her mothers thoughts swirled around her. They confirmed what she had to do. She had to beat this gruesome planet. No more could her realm sit in defense. Her mind wrenched. It was insane. But what could she do? She had dreaded coming to this. “I must, mother even said I should, alas it is.” Suddenly she raised her voice, as she spoke her ancestors spirits rose out of the water.

“Yes my dear descendants, we are riding to war!” Light filled the garden. No longer a girl, she stood, she was a women, superior to all.

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